May 28, 2012

Online Shopping: Review

Well everyone's skeptic about shopping online. It's always a hit or miss. I was too at first, but you'll never know if one online store is legit or not if you don't try it. So far, I've been lucky enough I've never had any bogus transactions. Although there are times when I had some misunderstanding with sellers. No, not to the point of arguing with them. Sometimes they don't understand my special instructions, well this happens with international online sellers. But all in all the shopping experience online is pretty much good. Plus the idea of just sitting at home and doing some "window shopping" and purchasing as well, is kinda convenient.

This review is long overdue.. Nonetheless, I have nothing to do and my time permits me to write a blog post about it, and so I will. I've been a fan of Korean/Chinese/Japanese clothing style, and I was glad to know that there are online shops that sell them for quite reasonable prices. After a few tries I've come to a conclusion that the pricier the item is the better the quality. I came across this website,, and they sell clothes in wholesale prices. Sellers are mostly based in China where everything nowadays is being manufactured.

I remember a quote a saw once: "If you're not made in by God, then you're made in China." Hahahahaha! Ok... going back... is unfortunately for me, is in Chinese... I don't know Chinese and I was having a hard time making an account and communicating with the sellers. Until I came across!

Man, this website is heaven-sent! I saw this option and quickly clicked on it and voila! It's a miracle! (ok im over-reacting I know! lol!) 

And it led me tho another webpage where they explained how I can purchase from and they'll be the one to process it! What a relief! It was the answer to my prayers! (I'm over-reacting again! bear with me on this! Lol!)

This is what it says: 

We offer the world's cheapest agent rate! only 5%!
As many of our customers requested,we ( now provide Taobao Agent services and Also Agent services from any other Chinese sites!! That is wonderful news ,isn't it?

Here are some common conditions that you may ask our powerful agent service to buy for you from taobao,etc.

  1. 1:Feel dificult to shop from any Chinese sites,such as taobao.Then we buy it for you and send it to you!
  2. 2:Like some goods at any sites from China,but it is too expensive to buy from them.Then We help you to get the cheapest price whit same quality.
  3. 3:Like any products from the pictures you have,but don't know where to buy the items ,Then give us the pictures,We help you to get it
How we charge?
We charge only 5% commission from the product price which you want to buy,(you need to pay shipping fee yourself).+1 usd Service fee only once a time,which means even if you buy 100 pieces diferent items from different stores,we only charge you 1 usd service fee for the 100 pieces.^^
Example: (tabao price +local shipping fee)+5%+1 usd service fee(only charge once an order)=Total product price we sell you .

Why choose us?
We doubte who else are able to charge such a low price as we do!And our powerful sourcing database can search out what you want with a rapid speed.Most importantly,we have the cheapest shipping rate and best customer service^^

If you understand and ready,please send the ordering form as below,you will be expected to get an answer within 24 hours.^
Ordering Form:
Item link:
Sending to e-mail :
Tips:It will be better sending in an exel if you have a number of in hand.

So I followed the instructions, emailed them and I received an email a few days letter, a couple of email exchanges and I'm all set to purchase online. They posted the dress and the price of the dress, plus the shipping costs under their "Tabao Agent" tab and from there I proceeded with ordering the dress. I think I was one of the few people who used this service from I purchased this around October to November of 2011. 

I really liked this dress from, and I wouldn't care if it'll cost me a little more than what I'm really  willing to pay. I think the price is $3-4 less (shipping still not included).

So here's the photo of the dress that I wanted:

But I bought it in Black instead, I was going to use it for an evening event, and I just thought that the other colors where kinda not appropriate for the event. Also, pleated skirts is to take off during that fashion season :) So I said to myself, I gotta have that dress!

A few days past and I received the dress! I was so excited while opening it! And didn't fail me! I loooove the dress to bits and pieces! And the quality is great! The materials used weren't cheap and it's complete with all the tags, care instruction labels and plastic packaging. I would have started  World War III if I received a merchandise of lesser value from what I paid... Thank God the item satisfied my standards.. Lol!

So here are the actual photos and how I accessorized the dress:

top part:

Here's the items I used to accessorize this dress (photo taken from my account that don't get to update.. hehehe...)

rings by Forever21

vintage-inspired earrings from Forever21

black lace JC-inspired shoes from Nava

I wanted a pin-up girl inspired make-up and Mark Mendoza of did my make up, genius! Love my make up that night, he totally achieved the make up look that I wanted:

So there you go... all in all the shopping online with was a success, so was the look I was aiming for, for this particular event. Now if you're to ask me if I'm to buy again at, yes I would definitely will! But then again this is just based on my opinion, yours might still be a hit or a miss. Either way, happy online shopping!

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  1. Hi! Na try mo na ba bumili sa Ask ko lang at kasi nag order kami days ago but even confirmed ang order at bayad naman kami na. Still wala kaming natatanggap na tracking number for the package also walang sumasagot sa customer service nila...

    1. sorry for the super late reply, yes naka order nako sa kanila thrice na.. so far wala naman ako naging problems.. sumsagot naman sila thru email

  2. Thank you so much for the review! I really needed to know about the quality of this site, also if it was a trustable one x).

    1. so far i didn't had any problems buying from them and so this other wholesale seller,


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