March 4, 2012

To Coron and Back (Teaser)

I haven't got the chance to write a blog entry for a while, well for months now... My reasons:  I don't have an idea what to blog about, and I'm just too plain lazy to write.. After being absent from blogging for a couple of months, I decided to check my blogspot account and was surprised to have gained new followers and and found that I have a couple of pending comments to approve. Wow! Some people are really taking the time to read my blog! I appreciate it, really! The last time I checked my site had like a 2000 views and now it doubled up to around 4000+ views! Cool! Whoever those people are, may they be just curious, followers (lol!), stalkers (LOL!) and even haters, thanks for visiting my site!

Anyway, I recently took another trip to Coron, my third time! I just want to share some photos for now, they're just "teasers", as you may know. I'll write about my latest Coron trip when I have the time and when the inspiration to write about it will hit me. I may have to look at our photos over and over to get that kick.  As for now, here are the photos that somewhat summarizes my first travel for 2012:

My caption for this shot: it's not the number of breaths you take but moments that take your of breath away...

my sand artwork: J hearts Coron (it isn't so obvious!)

Atop Waling Waling Island, just dont swing the hammock too hard and you'll end up God-knows-where:

my dream shot:

from RM's caption: Best tour guide/photographer/cook/boatman/swimmer/diver and what not. Coron's version of Jason Statham! Kuya Rolando.

Ala "Now and Then"   the boat's just a display:

Native in CYC Beach, I freaked out upon seeing him/it! But he's one friendly monkey!

Coron 2014 Trip:

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  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    you look great! i also think that beach looks so relaxing and fun to be on :) nice sand artwork!


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