November 20, 2011

Blotted then Inked

Due to a series of unfortunate events, I was not able to update my blog or create a new post. I don't have anything significant to blog about for the last couple of weeks for it has been a roller coaster ride for me. Well November is my birthday month. I am actually a Valentine baby, as I would love to claim. I was probably created in some time in February of 198*... hehehe.. now isn't the time to disclose my age... besides I stopped counting my age at 24... lol! it's funny that whenever I fill out forms I still put 24 as my age! And then I realized I couldn't lie for my birthday says how old I really am... but, as the cliche' saying goes, age is just a number...

So for my birthday, I decided to get inked... I know that people are thinking that I did this out of the emotions I have been having recently. But they're wrong... This is not a product of a faulty decision-making when someone's not in a good state of mind (or feelings, for that matter).. And definitely not a spur of the moment idea... Unfortunately for the envious and haters, I am not pathetic and a loser... I wanted to get inked since last year, but I wanted to put a lot of thought into it and my birthday this year felt like it is time to finally said: "I'm getting that tattoo, I just want to get it over and done with!"

If it was then I might have had a tattoo design that I just saw from someone or somewhere... I would not take the effort to research on my design and ask several online translators if it is correct or not... besides this will be forever be in my skin unless I'll have the time and money to have it removed by a cosmetic surgeon.

The Tattoo Design
I wanted something that has meaning to me. Something that is undeniably me. So I thought of having my name as the basis of my design, well, for me I find my name unique (although, one time, I googled it and saw that there are people who also have the same name spelling). I look it up online to see what will work best for it. And I came across a page that features Hebrew tattoo ideas. And then the bulb just lit up! I thought, my name came from the bible anyway and the original language that the bible was written was in Hebrew, in probably one of its ancient versions or dialect. Well I think...

So here's what my tattoo design:

The History and Meaning 
Well, I am hesitant to disclose this much info about myself, but this blog post will be just another blog post if I don't share something this personal or private. So, here goes...

My first name is "Jenesis". This was taken from the first book of the Bible which is "Genesis". My parents decided to tweak the spelling to make it more unique and probably in honour of my mother's name as well which is "Jane". The idea or reason behind why they gave me this name was because I am the first born in the family. My both of my parents are the eldest offspring in their families. I am, too, is the first born in their newly-created family. Also, I am the first grand-daughter and niece! So I was definitely the beginning!

Genesis means "In the beginning" in English. It is transliterated in Hebrew as "Bereishit, B'reishit, or Breishis"

I asked several online Hebrew translators if this was correct and I received 3 responses saying that this was correct. Well, it was likely enough that Genesis is easy to translate since it's a very known word of the Bible.

Where and Who
Several people told me that they know a good tattoo artist and will refer me, and no one ever really gave me any info/contact numbers or referred me. Funny that people just love to say things but don't have the least intention of helping you out... just saying... So I did my own research. This is my first time to get inked might as well get it right, right? lol! I came across this website Frances Arbie is a female tattoo artist with a variety of clienteles. I checked out her works and was satisfied with what I saw... Besides mine are just characters, she has tattooed images to people's skin.

I haven't asked her permission if I can post her photos here so try visiting her website and Facebook pages instead. (Although I don't know which ones are official)

Her tattoo shop is very accessible, and I'm quite familiar with the area since it's just one of those shops in front of my former college and just beside Starbucks. (Check her website for the map).

I decided to have her do it since I don't want to have any awkward moments, I know you know what I mean... lol!

almost done

finish product, read from left to right if you know Hebrew (don't mind the devil-looking sign)

I have a low tolerance for pain, I put Emla (topical anesthesia) about an hour before I got inked. Although I felt some pain, (yes I did, still, feel some pain!) I felt more of a tingling or rather ticklish sensation that from my neck that ran down to my low back and hips... kinda weird... Well you might say I cheated, but hey I am  not after the pain that comes with getting inked, I am no way a masochist! lol! I just want a tattoo. Period. End of story. Hahahahahahahaha!

finished product!

I loved how it it turned out! Thanks to my friend CMP for suggesting that I should have it in my shoulder!  I must say it looks pretty awesome! I want another tattoo, but still deciding on the design and where to put it... and when to have it... well, let's see...

Afterwards I met up with CMP, RMM and EIA to have dinner at Som's (the one near Rockwell). I was surprised to have received flowers and a cake from them! RMM wanted to make me cry, but I was so surprised and happy for what they did and have always done for me :-)

Happy nth Birthday to me! 

It was indeed a Happy Birth "Day" for me! And have realized how blessed I am to have my family and have found out who my REAL friends are... Like what I said in FB:

"thanks to my family and true friends... who remembered this day without using any reminders, those who are not always around but when you needed them doesn't think twice of comforting me in their own little ways and those who are in some distant places but always made me feel they're just beside me holding my hands and letting me know that everything will be alright... you know who you are.. :-) "

France Arbie - Female Tattoo Artist 
Shoppesville Plus 3/F
Greenhills Shopping Centre
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Contact Nos: +63.915.200.8667 / +632-998-5555

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  1. that looks really good
    glad you're not paying attention to those who'd love to hold you back
    happy belated bday!

    1. Thanks Galaxia! I loooove it too! oh well people can say what they want i dont really care that much anymore.. lol!

      sorry for the late reply and thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. i really love the tatt. belated happy bday. I think this was a great bday treat. :)

    1. hey thanks! everyone is curious what language is it and what it means.. i say "go read my blog entry about it".. sorry for the late reply and thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Hi Jen how are you, the mew shop is in Greenhills =) Contact me at 0915.200.8667 =)

    Frances Arbie

    1. Hey Frances! Yup I saw it a couple of times everytime I'm in GH and been following you on FB too! I'm hoping to get another one but still thinking of a design :) Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


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