September 18, 2019

Shangri-La The Fort’s Bake House Manila: Freshly Made with A Conscious Heart

Just when you think you’ve seen or tried all the dining options in BGC, one after the other, new restaurants and cafes pop up every now and then. Nearly just two months ago, Shangri-La Hotel at The Fort BGC opened yet another interesting concept store for BGC dwellers and visitors to enjoy: Bake House Manila. It’s as if the in-house restaurants inside Shang BGC ain’t offering delicious baked goods already, that they opened this casual yet stylish café.

Unlike Makati and Edsa Shang that are very traditional, Shangri-La The Fort puts itself out there as a vibrant, young, dynamic and contemporary hotel. “Modern” is what Shangri-La The Fort falls on for their restaurants and services. Well, BGC is the “it” and hip city of the moment and just keeping up with its crowd. Shang Fort always wanted to be very unique with their dining concepts. Yet, of course, they still have the usual buffet resto, but there's still a touch point that gives a unique, very solid narrative which is what they want to establish at the hotel.

September 17, 2019

4 Different Ways to Maintain our Bike Effectively

Our society has been creating and accepting new trends now and then. Initiated by one group of our society, other people start following it instantly and sometimes, blindly. While some trends have proven to be bad for our society, some trends have genuinely improved us for the good.

Riding bikes is one of the healthiest trends in society nowadays. It not only improves our health but is also beneficial for our environment. It saves lots of money, oil, and time. Investing in a bike is equal to investing in good health and the environment. A bike requires good maintenance if you want it to last for years.

September 16, 2019

Beauty Goals: Adjusting Skin Care Routine to the Season

If you want your skin healthy and glowing, you need to care for it properly. However, the way you approach skin care in winter can differ from what you’ll do in summer. As seasons change and the weather changes with them, how you treat your skin should change as well. Here are some guidelines for best skin care for each of the seasons.

Springtime skin love
As nature awakens, you should enable your skin to do the same. Once the weather improves, you’ll be more than happy to spend more time outdoors, which is why you should start paying more attention to protecting your skin from the sun. First of all, you should figure out your skin type and the amount of pigment in it, since it’s one of the factors which determine whether you’ll burn in the sun and to what extent.

September 13, 2019

Steak Nights at MISTO - Seda Hotel BGC

Steak earns its accolades the old-fashioned way. Steak is king. Steak is what other meat wishes it could be. When a person thinks of meat, the picture that forms in his or her mind is a steak. People love steak because of the way it makes them feel when they put it in their mouths. Steak can also be a status quo. You can eat beef, yes, but eating a prime cut piece of beef is another thing.

I am a carnivore; I can’t live a life without meat. But let me tell you one thing, I am in no way a food expert or do I claim to be. Heck, I barely know the difference between cuts of meat except for the basic ones. So when it comes to steak cuts, I am not the one to ask. But if you’re asking me to eat steak, well, I am one to always say come on let’s go!

September 11, 2019

World's Cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurant Hawker Chan is Now in BGC!

I’ve seen Bonifacio Global City rise to a premiere business and residential district. I clearly remember from my college building we can still see Market Market, we would do picnics and watch concerts in its former open grounds. Years later it’s a vibrant city full of tall structures and probably the only private property that houses hundreds of restaurants in a small CBD. Being the “it” city at the moment, price points of food offerings here tend to be a little bit pricey. And of course, who wants to eat fast food or bland cafeteria food all the time right? You can’t splurge on food every day either since or you have to stick to a budget for your daily lunch.

Here’s good news for employees and residents of BGC, you can now find mid-range price points at the newly opened Food District Signatures On 5th! This new food hall is located in the heart of BGC and we can say the poshiest of its any district since it is at One Bonifacio High Street which is just across Shangrila Hotel BGC and BGC Central. Almost all the food brands inside this new food hall are cult faves and mostly home grown! On September 3, 2019 was their grand opening and included in the extensive list of brands for you to enjoy there is Hawker Chan!

September 10, 2019

Why Reading Out to Children is Important for Their Self-Growth

Watching children read and losing themselves in the world of their favorite fictional characters is a feeling that all parents desire. The different emotions that a child reflects while reading is a sign that shows how reading goes beyond mere literacy. According to a study at Cambridge University, young people get excellent training in developing empathy through reading fiction. This is further backed by the studies done at Carnegie Melon and Emory University. According to their findings, fiction makes us believe that we are part of the plot.  The empathy that we feel for the characters get imprinted on our brains and help us develop similar sensitivity towards people in real life.

Development of Core Skills in Children
Recognized as a core life skill, empathy is the foundation for strong and sound relationships. So, how can we help our children develop such core life skills? Laura Holman Byrne, author of Tater Tot (, recommends using reading with your children as a tool to teach them about empathy, mindfulness, respect, and self confidence. Some methods that you can try in exploring ways to use reading to boost the children’s core skills are:

September 9, 2019

Good Times, Games and Good Grubs: Grid x Griddle - Greenfield District

I grew up loving playing games, I mean just about any games, name it, indoor and outdoor games, even sometimes games not meant for little girls. One of the games that I loved growing up were board games, like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly and Scrabble. I usually play it with my sister and our neighborhood friends when we are not allowed to go out or if it’s raining or too hot to play outside. When I started getting older, I rarely play boards games as my interests changed. But when I have the chance to play them on occasions, I still enjoy doing so.

I find it cool that throughout the years, board games have evolved and that there are establishments that include board games (for the young and adult) as part of their selling points. I’ve visited quite a couple of around the metro and every time I get to play new games that are really fun and interesting. Just a few weekends ago, I visited one at Greenfield District, Mandaluyong with my fellow bloggers which is named Grid x Griddle.

September 8, 2019

Indonesia--The Complete Relocation Guide

If you have ever visited Indonesia, you will be aware of the stunning beaches and scenery this beautiful archipelago has to offer--which is what most people envisage when they think of Indonesia.
It is also rich in culture and history, humid climates and with over 259 million people living there, it is one of the most densely populated places to live.

Along with the beautiful landscapes and beaches previously mentioned, moving to Indonesia hosts the opportunity for submersion into a traditional, yet increasingly modernized culture. Although the cities are densely populated, there is also the option of occupying a more remote island for a more laid back lifestyle.

September 7, 2019

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort - Anilao, Batangas

I’ve been itching to go to do the beach even if it’s the monsoon season. Although that is the case, I guess most of you will agree that in the Philippines, it’s always 365 days of summer. I’m not at all stressed or whatsoever with work or life, but the thought of going to the beach crosses my mind every day. My last trip to the beach was back in May and that was so much fun (I still have to blog about that trip though). But if I could, I would hit the beach every other month or at least once per quarter.

I’ve been to a lot of places in Batangas, but only a few weeks ago that I was able to visit Anilao. I’m a person who would choose a beach destination for the quality of sand rather than the activities that I could do in that place. I’m actually more of a beach bummer rather than a water activity/sports kind of a beach-goer. And I heard that Anilao is more of the rocky or pebbly beaches, and most that go there do diving. So I wasn’t that interested, if I have to be very honest.

September 6, 2019

The Role Of Subtlety In Looking Great

The effort to look your very best is something of a combined art and science. Art, because it requires that you have a strong sense of aesthetics which you can bring to the table. Science, because there are tried and tested means by which you can hope to make any outfit look that much more complete. One of the most essential tools at your disposal when you are attempting to look your best is subtlety, yet this is often hard to come by, and even harder to make a reality. The fact is that subtlety is incredibly important and powerful, and it is a good idea to get to know how best to utilize it. If you do that, you’ll find yourself looking much better in no time at all, and you will surely be glad for that.

A Touch Of Colour
It should be clear to most people that colour plays an important and central role in trying to look your best. The more able you are to pay attention to colour, and to know what you should do to utilize colour in your overall look, the more likely it is that your style will come across as more complete. There are so many ways in which colour plays a role, and you will need to endeavour to look into them all at some point. You might consider small and subtle changes in colour in your hair, in your jacket, your make-up, your choice of shoes. It’s all about playing around with these things and seeing what effect they have. Often you can improve your look just by working with colour in a very small way.

September 5, 2019

Duck Day Manila: Exquisitely DALEEcious Duck Meat is coming to PH

Thinking of biting into a rich, good kind of fatty, and simply delicious piece of meat? You know you deserve it—and you’re now about to experience it! A fun-filled, historic event is going to happen this September 10, 2019, as Donny’s Fresh Seafood Company, together with the BR Group of companies, are set to launch Dalee duck in the Philippines in celebration of the first ever Duck Day Manila! Dalee ducks are known for their consistently high and tender quality and it is now time for Filipinos to get a taste of its exquisitely delicious meat.

To be held at Conrad Hotel & Resorts, Duck Day Manila promises an exciting array of live cooking demos by Pinoy celebrity chefs Boy Logro, Gene Gonzales, Rosebud Benitez, Willment Leong, and Choi. Entertainment is also on the list as Tawag ng Tanghalan Grand Winner Janine Berdin will grace the event with an amazing performance along with Philippine Barangay Folk Dance Troupe.

September 4, 2019

German Club Manila’s 81st Oktoberfest is Happening at Solaire Resort and Casino

Solaire and German Club Manila once again bring you the much-awaited and most authentic Oktoberfest celebration in Manila happening on October 17 to 19 at The Tent at Solaire. In its press conference held recently, members of the media were given a preview of this year’s Oktoberfest and what the public should look out for. Decked in true Oktoberfest fashion, Solaire’s The Forum was transformed to vividly resemble the look and feel of Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich, Germany.

Guests were greeted with sumptuous appetizers. Openers came in a basket of oven-fresh German breads and pretzels, two types of salads: Munich style sausage salad and German potato salad, and a German cold cuts and cheese platter were shared and served as conversation starters.

September 3, 2019

How You Can Travel Well, For Less

Travel, no matter what budget you have, is one of life’s greatest luxuries. It is the chance to take some time off from work, get on a plane, enjoy new accommodation and good food, though it is a privilege that a lot of people on earth don’t get to enjoy all that often, if at all. And while the act of traveling itself is indeed a luxury, there are obviously different levels of luxury when it comes to travel. Some people will be happy to share rooms in hostels when they travel, while others will only be happy with a private suite costing them thousands.

But just because there are some places that you can stay like hotel rooms that cost a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get to enjoy some luxury when you travel. Things like fancy restaurants, world-famous hotels, lay-flat business class seats could all be yours to enjoy. You just need to know how to best use your money and knowing where to splurge and where to save. So with all of that in mind, here are some tips to help you enjoy a little more luxury when you travel, without things costing a whole lot.

September 2, 2019

Zomato Introduces 26-Week Parental Leave Policy Globally

Zomato recently announced that it is offering 26 weeks of paid parental leave to all its employees globally—yes, including new fathers as well. This initiative will also apply to surrogate, adoptive parents, as well as same-sex parents across all operational countries, including the Philippines. This revolutionary move encourages new parents to spend more time with their newborns.

In countries where government-mandated leave policy is more than 26 weeks, Zomato will be following the local regulations, offering the same increased number of weeks to both mothers and fathers. Along with the leave, Zomato will also offer a  $1,000 endowment per child to the parents working with the company. All the employees who welcomed a child six months prior to this policy change will also enjoy the new benefits.

September 1, 2019

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel for You

No matter how impulsive you are, planning ahead is vital, at least when you’re traveling. Accommodation is one of the things to focus on, and you need to make sure you’re staying at the best hotel possible. If you’re struggling with that decision, here are six tips that will help you make a choice.

The location
Whether you’re traveling for a specific reason or you’re just a tourist, you probably have some sort of itinerary you’re trying to follow. This means that you want to see and visit certain locations and places while you’re traveling. That’s why your hotel needs to be within walking distance to these places, or at least give you a chance to use local transport.

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