September 14, 2019

Beauty Goals: Adjusting Skin Care Routine to the Season

If you want your skin healthy and glowing, you need to care for it properly. However, the way you approach skin care in winter can differ from what you’ll do in summer. As seasons change and the weather changes with them, how you treat your skin should change as well. Here are some guidelines for best skin care for each of the seasons.

Springtime skin love
As nature awakens, you should enable your skin to do the same. Once the weather improves, you’ll be more than happy to spend more time outdoors, which is why you should start paying more attention to protecting your skin from the sun. First of all, you should figure out your skin type and the amount of pigment in it, since it’s one of the factors which determine whether you’ll burn in the sun and to what extent.

Visiting your dermatologist is probably a good idea, since they can screen your skin and tell you exactly what you can do to avoid sun-related damage. This is also a great time to exfoliate your skin properly, in case winter has left you with some dry skin or even dead skin cells. And once you exfoliate, it’s always good to use a moisturizer, but make sure you don’t only focus on your face. Your entire body will benefit from good skin care, but be careful that you don’t forget your elbows, knees, hands and feet, since your skin tends to be thicker on these body parts.

Summertime skin hotness
While the sun is at its hottest and the days at their longest, you should be very responsible when it comes to applying sunscreen with SPF of 30 or even more. About half an hour before going out, you should put some of it on, and then reapply it every few hours you spend outdoors. Protective clothes, as well as accessories like sunglasses or hats will be of great assistance during the summer as well. Cleaning your skin regularly, toning it and moisturizing is also essential, and the best gift you can give your skin in summertime is natural skin care in form of a moisturizer that contains such ingredients as aloe vera, manuka honey or broccoli extract for smooth and healthy skin. Furthermore, you should know that hydrating your skin from the outside isn’t enough. Drinking your eight glasses of water a day won’t only do wonders for your immune system and overall well-being, but also for your skin, so bring a bottle of water whenever you leave home.

Vibrant autumn colors and beautiful skin
With the air cooling down, your skin might lose some of its natural moisture, which you should make up for with regular skin care and good moisturizer. This is also when you should protect your lips better, but also the rest of your skin. Although you may not feel the sun’s heat the way you did in the summer, you should still apply your sunscreen whenever you step outside.  If you used lotions during the warmer months, now’s the time to switch to thicker creams which will provide you with adequate hydration. You should always carry some moisturizing hand cream in your purse, since the skin on your hands can become dryer and even crack when it gets chilly outside. Keeping it healthy and soft should be your aim.

Winter magic on your skin
As the temperatures outside drop, and winds, rain and snow take over, it’s more likely you’ll be spending more time indoors than you normally do. And since indoor heating can make the air warm and dry, it’s your job to keep moisturizing regularly. Also, when washing your face, do it with lukewarm water. That way the water will be warm enough to open and unclog your pores, but not too hot to remove your skin’s natural oils and moisture.

Be very considerate when choosing makeup in winter. Choosing a water-based primer can nourish your skin and protect it from any other products you use afterwards. Similar to this, try avoiding powder-based makeup and instead use products made precisely for your skin type. Finally, to keep your skin clean and beautiful, remove all your makeup at the end of each day and apply some quality night cream for additional softness.

If you want your skin to have that healthy look, you should know what it needs in every weather and every season. And if you weren’t sure until now, these tips should help you and put you on the right track.

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