September 7, 2019

Weekend Getaway: Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort - Anilao, Batangas

I’ve been itching to go to do the beach even if it’s the monsoon season. Although that is the case, I guess most of you will agree that in the Philippines, it’s always 365 days of summer. I’m not at all stressed or whatsoever with work or life, but the thought of going to the beach crosses my mind every day. My last trip to the beach was back in May and that was so much fun (I still have to blog about that trip though). But if I could, I would hit the beach every other month or at least once per quarter.

I’ve been to a lot of places in Batangas, but only a few weeks ago that I was able to visit Anilao. I’m a person who would choose a beach destination for the quality of sand rather than the activities that I could do in that place. I’m actually more of a beach bummer rather than a water activity/sports kind of a beach-goer. And I heard that Anilao is more of the rocky or pebbly beaches, and most that go there do diving. So I wasn’t that interested, if I have to be very honest.

The problem is that we judge way too quickly. We base our beliefs on hearsays rather than getting to experience it first and then sometimes we end up being wrong about something. And that’s exactly how it was for me regarding Anilao. Sadly, I concluded abruptly, but the moment I stepped foot at Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort in Anilao, my view of this part of Batangas made a complete 180 degrees turn.

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort is a beach front and dive resort located at the proximal end of the Mabini (Batangas) peninsula. Saltitude is a portmanteau f the words salt (which refers likely to the salty sea water) and the word attitude (because this resort has an “attitude” which I will explain later on as I write this post). The resort is owned by Malou Esparrago and Jake Calangi, both are avid professional scuba divers. The resort has its own private beach just a few meters away from the rooms and other resort structures. Although the beach is a pebble beach, the water is clean and swimmable.

What separates Saltitude to the other resorts in Anilao is that their 13 air-conditioned rooms each has an “attitude”. Each room is carefully thought of and named after activities that you can do at the beach. Each room is decorated based on their name, Ms. Malou and Mr. Jake did most of the shopping and DIY decorating of the rooms and some artworks and decors are even created by their son, some are given by friends. Each room has their character and thus give them the “attitude” I was talking about.

Almost every part of the resort is Instagram-worthy and as if they were taken out of a Pinterest board. I love the mix of rustic, nautical and modern designs rolled into one in each of the rooms. My fave room is “Let’s Fall in Love” and “Sun Bathe”. I’ve been actually thinking of decorating my apartment and I wanted it to have that rustic-nautical look, and the rooms at Saltitude has become my pegs. Hopefully I’ll get to do that someday soon so that even if I’m not at the beach, it’ll feel like I am.

Btw, Saltitude has different room types that can fit just about any number of groups that will wish to stay at their resort, there are rooms good for 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 and so on and so forth. The comfort rooms are also equipped with hot and cod shower, bidet and decorated as well. And oh, if you can’t live without internet connection, don’t worry the resort has wi-fi. The resort grounds offer a lot of spaces for guests to chill; scattered across the resort grounds are cabanas, hammocks and lounge chairs, all are facing the beach and the sea. These are perfect for those who just one to chill and bum.

As for the adventurous ones, Saltitude offers an array of water-related activities which includes swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, windsurfing, hiking, island hopping et al. When we visited the resort, we only stayed for an entire day so we didn’t get to do any of those water sports. But we are definitely going back for an overnight stay (or longer) one of these coming weekends and hopefully we can do a couple of those activities.

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort also offers a unique dining experience through their in-house restaurant Mingle. The restaurant is named as such as this is also the common area for guests. The restaurant has a mix of Santorini-meets-rustic-beach vibes with its nipa walls, large windows, Baldozas or Machuca tiled custom tables and blue-white theme corner couch. They currently have a “Brunchin’ at the Beach” buffet every Saturday which offers a carefully curated variety of local and international dishes. You can read a more detailed feature here: Brunching By The Beach At Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort Anilao Batangas

While during summer weekends they hold Barbecue Buffet at the resort grounds where people can lounge around on mats and pillows whilst enjoying the cool sea breeze, eating grilled grubs, watching the sun set on the horizon and then dine and relax under the moon and the stars as the evening goes on. In the mood for some alcoholic beverages? Don’t worry, Mingle has a bar inside, so they’ve got you covered.

Obviously, I can’t provide a very detailed feature of the resort as we didn’t get to stay longer, but since we are scheduled to go back, I will definitely update this blog post and share my experience especially with regards to service and all the other nitty-gritties. I am counting down the days for when I’ll finally visit Saltitude again, until then, I’ll be daydreaming about the sound of waves and the salty air.

Read more about Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort:
Brunching By The Beach at Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort Anilao Batangas
- Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort - Anilao, Batangas

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Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, 4202
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