August 24, 2019

Brunching By The Beach at Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort Anilao Batangas

I love the beach so much, I don’t know if it aint obvious enough with my blog and social media handles, plus the theme of my blog and most of my travels are beach destinations. Something about the soft white sand and the sound of waves crashing to the shore soothes my soul. The beach has been my refuge, for whenever I feel so drained with life or if my heart is not in proper function. But I also go to the beach even if my life is not in disarray; I also go there to have fun, after all, I consider it always my happy place.

I’ve been itching to go to do the beach even if it’s the monsoon season. Although that is the case, I guess most of you will agree that in the Philippines, it’s always 365 days of summer. I’m not at all stressed or whatsoever with work or life, but the thought of going to the beach crosses my mind every day. My last trip to the beach was back in May and that was so much fun. I still have to blog about that trip though. But if I could, I would hit the beach every other month or at least once per quarter.

I was over the moon when one of my friends invited me to go with her to Anilao, Batangas to visit Saltitude Beach and Dive Resort for the launch of their Brunch Buffet by the beach. It’s actually my first time to go to Anilao; this area of Batangas is popular for snorkeling, scuba/free diving and other water-related activities. I loooove eating by the beach, I think it’s like a dream. My ultimate dream is to have a house by the beach so whenever I wake up in the morning I will either have my coffee and breakfast by the shore or on my dream beach house’s patio. But for now, I can settle with just a taste of it.

Saltitude’s in-house restaurant Mingle is open for guests and walk-ins from other resorts. And just last weekend they launched their “Brunchin’ at the Beach” which features specially curated local and international dishes. This will be held every Saturdays from 6:00 am to 12:30 noon. You can dine inside the well-decorated/Pinterest and Instagram-worthy restaurant or sit by the tables on the veranda or by the covered lounge area while you devour all their great tasting offerings to your heart’s (or tummy for this matter) content.

The restaurant has large windows, facing the sea, and just a few meters away from the beach; so if you opt to stay indoors, you can still enjoy the salty sea breeze and hear the lapping sound of the waves as they hit the shore.

I love that the number of dishes is not so overwhelming like with other buffet spreads, after all, brunch is in the middle ground, not too light and not too heavy on the stomach. And may I just say how pretty the brunch buffet set up was. Kudos to resort owner Ms. Malou for designing the buffet table as such. You can really feel her personal touches on everything, and may I just say, that almost everything about this resort is just so Pinterest and Instagram worthy! I love the mix of rustic, nautical and modern design. Wait until I blog about the resort per se, you’ll realize what I mean. I can totally relate to Ms. Malou, as I myself collects and loves such types of decors which I keep in my apartment and that I use for most of my flat lays.

Their water is infused with cucumber and lemon which was super refreshing. I know it’s bad, but I really don’t drink water that much because it doesn’t have any flavor, so when I have to up my water intake, I put some lemon or cucumber in it too. The orange juice was prepped perfectly with a good ratio of the water and the juice, everyone loved it. As for the coffee, it’s brewed Batangas Kapeng Barako sourced directly from Batangas farmers. It was really bold and strong – I’m so sold! If you’re not into coffee, they also have tea bags.

Their continental breakfast section includes varieties of breads, jams, eggs, bacon, pancakes, hotdogs and wait for it, cheeses!!! How often do you see upscale cheeses in beach resort buffet? Rarely right or even never! Tina and I, our hearts skipped a bit when we saw the cheese hahahaha!

Part of the buffet spread is a selection of Mediterranean dishes including lasagna, roasted chicken, pesto pasta aglio olio, salmon bruschetta and tomato basil bruschetta. Imagine, it’s like you are in Santorini or the south of France or Italy with these dishes! So posh right? I personally loved the lasagna and the salmon bruschetta. My plate was majority of those items.

Moving on to the next “station” you would find the Mixed Asian dishes. Huge Pinoy clay pots (super cool, IMO) filled with champorado (chocolate rice porridge), pork adobo and clam soup. The champorado was a little dry probably because the rice got furthered cooked while it was hot, and it’s topped with flakes of fish daing instead of tuyo or danggit. The clam soup is simple but packed with flavors of the sea, loved that one!

Japanese sushi, siomai, Chinese fried rice for something oriental. Of course, there’s more Filipino dishes like pancit canton (which was super good by the way), steamed fresh Maya Maya and ensaladang itlog na maalat (salted egg salad). I liked the sushi (of course), the pancit canton and the Maya Maya fish was really savoury.

As for the desserts, mostly are Filipino desserts like puto, kutsinta (rice cakes), buko pandan and leche flan. Everyone easily fell for the leche flan and raved about it as it was so smooth and silky, you know that only pure yolk and milk was used for them. Really quality dishes and desserts if I can say so myself.

Did I enjoy this brunch buffet by the sea? Heck yeah! To the 1000 percent! I mean, it’s like a dream, I don’t want to wake up from. It’s the life I’ve always wanted to live. Eat-beach-sleep-repeat LOL! Me and my friends will visit again perhaps later this year to enjoy what the resort has to offer and get a taste of their food offerings once more. And maybe when we come back, we can also try their BBQ Buffet by the Beach which they serve for Saturday dinners, but I think that happens during the summertime.

Saltitude’s Brunchin’ at the Beach” happens every Saturdays from 6:00 am to 12:30 noon. So if you’re in Anilao, you might want to check it out! As for the other services and amenities of Saltitude, come back to my blog regularly because I will post it separately in the coming days!

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Brunching By The Beach at Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort Anilao Batangas
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