August 4, 2019

Oh My Chicken Now Open at Recto University Belt!

Taiwan is just almost 2 hours away from the Manila by air and we’ve all heard those stories that the communities at the northern tip of the Philippines can pick up radio signals from local stations from Taiwan, I mean, that’s how near we are to latter country. In earlier times, it has also been documented in history that people from Formosa (former name of Taiwan) did trading with Filipinos. So there’s really no reason to be surprised if Filipino cuisine or palate is also influence by Taiwanese cuisine.

In pop culture, who can ever forget the hit TV series F4? A Filipino even went viral when that person traveled to Taipei and even went to the places where the TV show was shot years after it ended airing on TV. Now the greatest influence of Taiwan to the Philippines is the proliferation of tea and milk tea drinks and the chicken chops (deep fried marinated chicken fillets in flour, then dip it in egg, and finally coated in taro or sweet potato flour). 

Now, if you don’t have the luxury to visit Taipei at the moment but want to get your fix of Taiwanese snacks and milk tea, one place that you can check out is Oh My Chicken! (OMC). OMC (Oh My Chicken) is a startup food service chain that will mainly serve you with chicken that you would want to eat just as it is. OMC will have different take on your everyday fried chicken. They are selling Taiwanese street food-inspired snacks, large chicken steak, chicken popcorn, chicken wings and legs with their own homemade sauce and seasonings. Besides that they also have milk teas and fruit tea series. 

I visited their flagship store in front of Chiang Kai Shek College in Tondo, Manila a few months ago with my foodie friends and totally loved what they have to offer. At that time, their menu just consisted of several entries, now their menu has evolved to more offerings and they recently opened their second branch inside the food court of Laperal Youniversity Suites along CM Recto Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila. I went there with my foodie friends this weekend and we tried some of their new offerings. 

Three Colors Chicken Steak

The Three Colors Chicken Steak is one of OMC’s newest offering. Its original flavor chicken steak with 3 sauces: strawberry mayo (red), matcha mayo (green) and honey mayo (yellow). I noticed though that their chicken steak wasn’t as large as the first ones I tried before, but still it still tasted great. Among the 3 sauces, I liked the honey mayo the most. 

Chicken Chops Steak

Since I was the only one among my foodie friends who have tried OMC before, we decided to try again all their offerings for the benefit of those who haven’t tried them yet. All their chickens comes in 5 flavors: Original, Ganmei, Cumin, Szechuan Spicy and Honey Mayo. We tried the Chicken Chops Steak in Original Flavor. 

Chicken Popcorns

We got the Chicken Popcorns in salt and pepper and spicy Szechuan. The Chicken Popcorns are bite-size pieces of chicken that have been breaded and deep-fried. This is perfect for snacks. For the Chicken Legs we ordered them in BBQ flavor while we got the original for the Chicken Wings. I love their spicy Szechuan as it had the right amount spiciness to it, especially that I can tolerate. 

Chicken Legs 

Chicken Wings

They also now offer Crispy Squids and we had them in spicy honey which I totally loved. This time around, I enjoyed the squid better than the chicken offerings. By the way they have several sauces and dips available now which includes: strawberry mayo, matcha mayo, honey mayo, gravy and vinegar. I really like the taste of their gravy which goes well with all their fried offerings. And oh they offer steamed rice now too!

Crispy Squids

Of course we need something to quench our thirsts while eating their yummy chicken and squid dishes so we got several flavors of their milk teas and fruit teas: Black Sugar Milk Tea (which I have already tried before and liked), Calamansi Lemonade (another fave of mine from OMC because it was really refreshing), Matcha Fresh Milk, Fresh Kiwi Green Tea, Strawberry Fresh Milk Tea, Black Sugar Fresh Milk Tea, Taro Matcha and Double Burst Passion Fruit Tea

Matcha Fresh Milk,  Taro Matcha, Black Sugar Milk Tea, 
Fresh Kiwi Green Tea, Strawberry Fresh Milk Tea

They also now have the Mango Tea series but that wasn’t available at the time of our visit. Taro Matcha and Double Burst Passion Fruit Tea are new flavors too. And man, I gotta tell you, if you ever visit Oh My Chicken, order that Double Burst Passion Fruit Tea! It was SO GOOD and super refreshing. If the taste isn’t enough for us to rave for the Double Burst Passion Fruit Tea, get this, it also has several sinkers which includes pearls, nata de coco and passion fruit seeds! I’m telling you, me and my friends can vouched for that drink! 

Black Sugar Fresh Milk Tea, Double Burst Passion Fruit Tea, Black Sugar Fresh Milk Tea

I can only wish that someday an Oh My Chicken will open near where I work or where I live or somewhere that is easily accessible to me, as I really want to have their food and drinks once in a while. It’s just too bad that I really have to make time just to visit their branches in Manila. But if you’re from around the area or studying at the University Belt in Recto, it’s a must visit and a must try!

Laperal Youniversity Suites, CM Recto Avenue, 
Sampaloc, Manila
Contact Nos: 09458765666

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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