August 6, 2019

Life Hacks For A More Confident You

In a world of perfect filters and boasting social media statuses, it can be difficult to remain confident in yourself.  Besides the fact that filters provide unrealistic images and people often exaggerate how amazing their life is, there are many more reasons to concentrate on the positives in your own life, rather than what friends and family are up to. If self-confidence is an issue for you, there are steps you can take to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Read on to discover some life-changing tips for a more confident you.

Take care of your appearance
Making the most of your appearance can boost your confidence and neglecting it can have the opposite effect. This doesn’t have to mean making drastic changes and something as simple as correcting crooked teeth with braces, or having your hair cut frequently could elevate your confidence drastically. Looking after your appearance can also be connected to your physical health as something like crooked or missing teeth can have an impact on the way you eat or talk.

Ensure you start to attend dentist and dental hygienist appointments and ask for a full health check-up with your GP. Lack of confidence could be a symptom of a mental health issue which should be addressed as soon as possible. Should you be one of many people who are afraid of dental procedures, talk to your dentist about their sedation dentistry options and any other ways they can help alleviate your fears.

Switch off technology
As useful as modern technology undoubtedly is, it has its negative aspects too. You can waste hours every day scrolling through images and social media posts and being fooled into thinking that everyone else has picture-perfect lives. Making an effort to avoid social media for a few days can help you reconnect with reality and also prevents you from wasting time that could be better spent on other activities. Try to take a technology-detox frequently, and if you don’t need social media for work or for keeping in contact with people, consider deleting your accounts completely. You may be surprised at how much happier you feel without social media platforms in your life.

Helping out in your local community is a positive experience for both you and the people or animals you assist. Feeling part of a group that takes action to change the lives of others is physically and mentally stimulating and makes you feel better about yourself. Find out if there is a local litter-picking group that you can join and take time before or after work to litter-pick around your home and further afield if you wish.

If you love animals, then contact your local animal sanctuary to see how you can help. This could be dog-walking, cleaning out pens, feeding the animals or taking part in fund-raising activities. Charities such as Age Concern are great if you want to help the elderly or housebound and volunteering with them could be something as simple as telephoning a lonely older person to chat with them weekly or a few times a week. Volunteering helps to develop work skills and can also make you confident and communicative as you will be working alongside others and experiencing different situations as you work.

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  1. been trying hard to find helpful blogs to boost my confidence and this one is really a great help. Thank you for sharing these life hacks, surely gonna count on them 😉


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