August 14, 2019

Where Coffee Is As It Should Be: Kuppa Roastery & Cafe - BGC

When I open my eyes everyday, the instant thought that comes to my head is make myself a cup of coffee. Coffee is what fuels my soul, like literally. I don’t know it the caffeine in it still fires up my neurons or everything is just only psychological now. Could you believe though that after finishing my coffee at home, when I get to work, I still, either by myself another cup or get from the vendo at the pantry.

In a day, I think I finish like 2-3 cups. I don’t even palpitate anymore when I consume that much coffee. So maybe, just maybe, coffee is all about psyching me up. But then again, I can’t go a day without having one or two or three.

One of my recent finds in BGC for coffee is Kuppa Roastery & Café. It’s just very near where I work and I like that they are not a mainstream coffee shop, making their coffee taste better against the commercial ones. Kuppa actually began from a small family owned coffee shop in Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

Behind each cup of Kuppa coffee is 60 years of coffee roasting experience. Since the 1950s, the family behind this brand has been growing coffee straight from their farm in Bacolod. With Kuppa, they closely watch over the journey of their coffee, from bean to cup. They select the finest beans from different regions, then blend and roast them at their cafés in order to ensure a sweet, smooth, complex taste — coffee as it should be. Kuppa may be an old family business, but they like making every cup feel like a new discovery.

I have been going there a couple of times last week and every time I try a different one. Most of the time I just get a drink and go. One of these days, I’ll stay for a while and perhaps try their food offerings. But for now, let me share to you the drinks that I’ve tried.

White Cloud Mocha – coffee based, espresso, milk, white chocolate, dark chocolate, whipped cream

Mocha Java Frost – coffee based, espresso, milk, chocolate sauce, whipped cream

Barista’s Secret – cream based, they can’t tell you what’s in it, but they are sure you’ll love it.

Vanilla Fudge Frost – coffee based, espresso, milk, chocolate sauce, macadamia, vanilla sauce, whipped cream

I like their coffees at Kuppa, but I gotta say among the four that I already tried, the Barista's Secret was my favorite. Although it is cream based and not coffee, it has it has a nutty after-taste, which I can’t put my finger on to what is it.

I like the warm and chill atmosphere at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe as it has that ambiance of a hipster coffee shop with dark hues for their interiors. I come here mostly before my shift starts which is around 6:00pm so I don’t get to see how it is in the afternoon. Kuppa is situated in a less busy street in BGC at the corner of 4th and 31st, with their glass walls, I bet the atmosphere here in the afternoon is really something, with a small garden in front, few vehicles passing by, I guess it’s a nice place to read a book and sip on good coffee.

GF, Commercenter Building,
4th Avenue Corner 31st Street,
Bonifacio Global City, 1600
Taguig City
Contact Nos: (02) 623–5120 (02) 552–1057
0917 879 6447

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