August 25, 2019

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Silk

Oh the luxury of sleep! I used to be someone who thinks that sleep is for the weak. But seriously, I was only justifying my lack of value for sleep. For years I have never had a good 8-9 hours of sleep. After work (even if I was on the night shift), I would do a lot of stuff and would only get 3-4 hours of sleep. I was lucky if I can reach up to 5 hours of good snooze. That took a toll on me. I got sick most times, I wasn’t functioning well at work, I had pimple regularly and the worst part was I got depressed.

When I quit my last job, my sleeping pattern changed for the better, I would sleep the minute I feel sleepy. I would then get 9 or more hours of sleep. And to be honest, I felt energized and healthier. Now I am back on the night shift with my new job. And I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t repeat my old ways anymore. Enough of that “sleep is for the weak” BS. Because you know, truth be told, lack of sleep makes you sick, makes you weak.

What are things the things that I do to make sure a get enough sleep everyday? Well read on.

When I wake up, I don’t shower right after I wake up unless I am already late for work. So what I do first is that I immediately make myself a good cup of coffee. I psych myself up firs for the day ahead while I sip on my cup of joe. I make sure I finish the cup before I leave for work and I don’t usually drink coffee while at work. This is because if I do, I won’t be able to sleep when I get home. Since caffeine will be active in my blood stream for 8 hours and all I need is to be awake and alert in the 8 hours that I am at work.

When I get home, I set a very strict hour on when I should be hitting the sack. If I need to do other stuff, house chores, errands and blog-elated stuff, I make it a point to atleast finish everything in an hour or maximum two hours. Finished or not, I will have to stop and go to bed. I do all other stuff when I wake up early or on the weekends. My current work demands my full focus so there’s no room for me to get sleepy.

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I make sure that my bedroom is a sanctuary. I always keep it clean and pristine. I have blacked-out curtains so that no light gets in because my time is upside down (I sleep in during the day). I also change all my bedding every week, so that it’s always clean and fresh. When I get the chance to squeeze it in my budget, I would love to buy myself a silk sheets set or two. I heard they are the most comfortable bedding in the world. I’ve been browsing through a site called Orosesilk earlier today and totally loved their silk bedding sets. They are a bit luxurious, but hey, if one can afford them and would provide a very comfortable and satisfying sleep, well, why not get them right?

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You can find a lot of nice silk bedding at Orosesilk. Orose is a professional company that devotes to high-grade real silk products. They also offer a series of silk products, aside from silk bedding sets, such silk pajama, silk eye mask, silk scarves and silk hoods. I like that the raw materials of Orose silk products are selected from 100% pure and natural mulberry silk. The growth environment for silkworms does not allow any pollution, so mulberry silk is a kind of natural, pollution-free and green raw materials. At the same time, the natural mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acid which have highly nutritional values for human body, and it is soft and close-fitting, warm breathable with the characteristics of antibacterial, moisture absorption and antistatic properties. So, it is an excellent raw material for high-grade silk products. I also heard silk is also gentle on our skin, making sleeping on them or wearing them very comfortable.

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I make sure to take a half bath whenever I get home from work or wherever. I can’t really go to bed feeling all icky as that makes me super unpleasant. It’s hard to go to sleep feeling unclean; plus taking a quick shower when you get allows you to get rid of all the dirt or bacteria you might have acquired while you’re outside or travelling.

Lastly, I put on some soothing music while I try to get to sleep. It doesn’t have to be classical music or nature sounds, as long as the songs don’t over stimulate your brain. I usually play slow songs from my favorite artist or sometimes some ASMRs (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) from Youtube; I don’t watch them by the way, I just listen to them until I fall asleep.

How about you, what are the things that you to do to always have a good sleep?

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