August 3, 2019

Yummy Modern Twist and Healthy Options at Nomi Modern Japanese Cafe - BGC

With all the stress this fast-paced world that we live in nowadays it’s easy for us to veer towards a sedentary lifestyle. One would rather laze around than do physical activity or choose eating food that give us comfort rather than proper nutrition. Stress eating? Tell me about it! I know that thing all too well! As much as I want to counter or address what’s causing me stress, I love food way too much haha! I’d rather me looking for healthy food that are still tasty.

It’s hard to find one but guess what there’s this resto just at the ground floor of the building where I work where they offer healthy and great tasting dishes: Nomi Modern Japanese Café! And carries one of the cuisines that I love so dearly! Now healthy food need not taste boring and bland! Heck yeah! *slow claps* Nomi is regarded as one of the best healthy eating cafes in BGC.

Nomi in Japanese means “to drink.” It is a modern Japanese cafe that brings the experience of dining in Japan straight to the heart of Manila. They believe in empowering the world with good food and good vibes, so they make sure to import the best quality ingredients and designed a cafe with a vibrant ambiance. Nomi believes that to bring out the best in you, they need to give you their very best. Nomi’s mission is to “empower the world with good food and good vibes.”

Nomi was founded by 3 young entrepreneurs from Japan who wanted to bring the beauty and joy of modern Japanese casual cafe all over the world. Growing up, the three loved cafe hopping, absorbing the creativity and environment of the places they went to. They created Nomi as the culmination of their experiences and the best of modern Japanese cafes from Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo.

Nomi gives Japanese cuisine a modern twist and healthy options. Nomi brought in authentic Brazilian acai with their celebrity business partner Fabio Ide (the acai is literally shipped from Brazil!). They also created healthy power bowls for meals -- high quality protein, fresh vegetables, with real Japanese rice; the rice can be substituted for brown rice or cauliflower rice for those who want to take their fitness goals to the next level.

Chicken Power Bowl – best-selling power packed rice bowl with roasted chicken, 6-minute egg, grilled tomato, roasted carrots, toasted cashew and romaine pesto dressing. First off, I love that used Japanese rice for all of their dishes with rice. Japanese rice contains a number of well-balanced nutritional elements and has an ample supply of vegetable protein, calcium and vitamins the body needs to run and also contains an abundant supply of dietary fiber. Not to mention because the grain chubbier and solid than most rice grains, it easily makes you feel full. The chicken for this dish was a little bit dry for me, good thing that the veggies, especially the grilled tomato and roasted carrots gave it some moisture plus the smoky flavor. The pesto sauce on top of the chicken was really good and gave this dish a lot of flavor.

Beef Me Up – another best-selling power packed rice bowl which contains sautéed beef tenderloin, roasted garlic, broccoli, bell peppers, mixed greens, olives and soy garlic dressing. With this rice bowl meal, I really liked the roasted veggies, they were super tasty. The beef cubes were tender and flavorful as well. It’s no question why this is one of the best sellers at Nomi.

Katsudon – a classic Japanese dish consist of a bowl of Japanese rice topped with deep fried pork cutlet, onion and egg cooked in a sweet dashi broth. It is one of my favorite Japanese dishes of all time. I love the panko-breaded pork cutlet soaked in sweet-savory sauce, which I believe is the Mirin (rice wine) mixed into the sauce. Nothing beats a classic, if I can say so myself.

Mango Matcha Miracle – a delicious smoothie combination of the anti-aging properties found in matcha and mangoes. This drink is so refreshing with a tangy-earthy flavor. But let me be honest the matcha flavor was really out there, but for someone who is not so fond of matcha, it was tolerable because you can still taste the mango flavor in there. I actually finished the drink.

Lychee Berry Swirl – one of the low-fat smoothies with real fruits infused with coconut water and yogurt. The swirly flavors of lychee and strawberry infused with coconut which was super refreshing. I love how balanced the sweet and tangy flavors were.

Matcha Energize – matcha drink with a shot of espresso. Get an extra kick in your day with this electrifying matcha expresso combo. My friend who was with me when I dined at Nomi told me that the flavor of the coffee was very subtle and the matcha flavor was more pronounced, he still liked it anyway.

Nomi Style Cheesecake – gram or Oreo crust, matcha cheesecake layer, matcha mousse and adzuki (red bean) whipped cream. We were served with the matcha cheesecake with oreo crust (they have it in graham crust too) and I must say it worked well with the matcha because it gave the cake so much layers of flavors. The matcha flavor of this cheesecake is subtle but you can still taste its aftertaste, so matcha lovers out there will still be satisfied. The adxuki (red bean) whipped cream topping was literally a good icing on the cake!

Matcha Fantasy – 6 layered matcha dessert with fantasizing flavors of adzuki, coconut and special matcha mousse. The six layers are composed of a matcha chiffon base, then a layer of matcha mousse, homemade matcha chocolate, then a layer adzuki (red bean) whipped cream, coconut cream layer and topped with matcha powder. Like I always say, I’m not a fan of matcha, but when it is mixed with other stuff, I can tolerate it. And to my surprise, this was really good, except for the matcha powder layer on top so avoided that part. In my most honest opinion, this is really a matcha fantasy of your dreams. Matcha fan or not, you will surely enjoy this! Kudos to pastry chef PJ Estevez!

Matcha Crinkles – a twist on a favorite chocolate crinkles, made with white chocolate and matcha and are then rolled in powdered sugar to create luscious matcha crinkles. I liked these crinkles as the matcha taste is not that strong. It’s still sweet and with little bitterness from the matcha.

Mango Sago – a Filipino twist to an Asian classic; contains tapioca in creamy and bits of fresh ripe mango. I love mango sago especially the ones that I eat at Thai or Chinese restaurant. I like this version of mango sago created by pastry/dessert chef PJ Estevez because I think he used more condensed milk and less of coconut milk. I love condensed milk, seriously! I can eat that thing alone, you know like a snack haha!

The ambiance of the restaurant is quite relaxing, likely because of the pastel colored furniture mixed with greens (using faux grass) and warm white lighting. Oh and if you’re a matcha lover, well, well, well my friend, I’m telling you, it’s matcha paradise at Nomi! I also commend them for using bamboo straws hence contributing to the care of our mother nature. That was definitely a plus point!

I also noticed that at Nomi, they weren’t playing any music, making the restaurant really a quiet and  a calming haven. (Or perhaps I was just too engrossed with what me and my friends were talking about that I didn’t noticed if there was music playing inside the café.) Anyway, if you work or live around BGC and are looking for a healthy, delicious, and affordable food, then you better check out Nomi Modern Japanese Café at W City Building and maybe, just maybe, I’ll bump into you, so please do say hi!

GF, W City Center, 30th Street Corner
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos: 02 2469069 ext:814

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