August 18, 2019

Select a Ceiling Fan for Your Home or Office – The Right Way

A ceiling fan, an essential electrical appliance that you just cannot do without during the hotter months of the year, has to be purchased with care. This is especially true in the face of a plethora of products available for grabs. Regardless of whether you are buying indoor ceiling fans or the ones that’ll fit your outdoor or farmhouse needs, you need to be double sure of what you’re putting your money into. In case you are planning to purchase a ceiling fan for the very first time, you may want to keep expert recommendations in mind. If the requirement rests in replacing your existing fans, you would certainly want to invest in modern, high-efficiency ceiling fans to keep your space airy and cool.

The choices of modern indoor and outdoor ceiling fans can be overwhelming. Given this, you may face some concerns while going about your purchase of the best fans for your home, office, store, or any other commercial establishment. Here, we’ve collated some top tips to help you buy the perfect ceiling fans you need.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Modern Ceiling Fan
Before you begin the search, you may want to assess your budget and needs to make a well-informed and good buy. Start with ascertaining your budget. Then, figure out where you’ll be installing the fan. Jeff Eller from recommends choosing ceiling fan with a modern finish that will go with any decor style. There are different kinds of fans for indoor and outdoor use, choose accordingly. An important question to ask at this juncture relates to the size of the fan. What is the area of the room that needs to be cooled? Will a small-sized fan do or would you rather go for a larger one? The other questions to seek answers to are:
- What are the lighting options available?
- What is your personal preference for style and design?
- What are the types of finishes that are available these days?
- What is energy efficiency and how do you assess it?
- What are the different types of airflow options available for ceiling fans?
- What extra controls would you like to opt for?

It’s important to get answers to these and other specific factors of consideration beforehand. It will help you research better. Once you know what you want, you’ll find it easy to gain adequate knowledge about the different kinds of ceiling fans available for you in the online and offline marketplace combined.

Top Tips to Buy the Best Ceiling Fans 
1. Get a fan within your budget 
Once you are sure of the budget you have on hand – be it $50 or $ 1500 – you will find it easy to refine your search for modern ceiling fans. Say, you have a $100 budget for your next fan; at this price, you can expect merely the basics. Get yourself a traditional-looking ceiling fan minus a pull chain control or lighting. In other words, you cannot expect style options or fancy designs within this budget. In case you have a higher budget, you can opt for different features, style, finish, shapes, and lighting in the ceiling fan to make it gel with your smartly designed home or office.

You may choose from a plethora of traditional and contemporary designs – look up fans with integrated lighting and curvilinear blades – they are apt for most types of apartments, homes, restaurants, hotels, and small offices. It’s recommended that you leverage the benefits of online promotions and sales to get the best fans well within your budget. Look for the options that give you fan accessories and controls at no extra cost to add to your purchase.

2. Installing your New Ceiling Fan 
Remember, when you set out to purchase a ceiling fan for your drawing room, nursery, bedroom or dining room, you have a different set of demands in comparison to buying an outdoor fan. The ceiling fan that fits your porch in terms of features and functionality would be far removed than those that can make it indoors. This is because apart from the location and place of installation, you also have to consider the weather elements that can damage the longevity and efficiency of your fans.

It's best to check out the ratings of the fan in the reckoning and find out if they’d fit the location you have in mind. For instance, fans flaunting a UL Dry rating would present furniture-grade wood blades that are appropriate for indoor, dry locations. They are considered appropriate for areas that are not exposed to moisture, humidity, or water - such as offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.

3. Perfect Ceiling Fan Size
There’s no concept of one-size-fits-all when it comes to the purchase of ceiling fans. These days, they can be found in nearly all sizes ranging from 14 inches to up to 72 inches or more in terms of width. The right ceiling fan for you would be the one that syncs with the area and height of the room in which it will be installed. For this, find the area of the room in terms of square footage. Just measure the width and length of the room before you multiply the measurements to attain the square footage.

Thereafter, measure the height between the floor and the ceiling to figure out the installation. For instance, if you have rooms with low ceilings, then remember to mount your ceiling fans at least 7 feet off the ground for best airflow and cooling. There are other guidelines for installing fans on ceilings; you may want to research on them as well to get the best results from your fans. A flush-mounted application would provide the best fit for ceilings with a height lower than 8 feet.

Buy New Ceiling Fans Online
Getting yourself the perfect ceiling fan is not a difficult task if you know your exact requirements and what’s available for you. Choose from hundreds of styles and designs to bring in the airflow you need – along with oodles of style and elegance!

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