August 23, 2019

Accessory Dwelling Unit: Here’s Why You Should Care for an ADU

Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU has all the possibilities of becoming an edited home for you in the future. If you are still wondering what an ADU is then probably you’ve heard its other names – like mother-in-law-apartments or granny-flats – earlier on.

These quasi-dwellings can either be a part of your main house or remain detached from it to house an elderly relative or any other person. Whether you choose to construct an ADU on top of a garage, in your backyard, or somewhere else in the premises of your property, you can leverage its many benefits at the most affordable of costs.

Here’s why you should also care for an ADU and plan the construction of one such structure as an extension to your home.

Benefits of ADU
ADUs bring home a plethora of benefits for you. For instance, when looking into care options for an elderly relative, Stanley Acton from Acton ADU ( says that an accessory dwelling unit on your property can be a great way to keep them close to you and save on the costs of an assisted living center. In addition, there are several other benefits of ADUs that you can surely do with. Read on to know more about these benefits.

-By constructing an ADU and letting it out, you get to create a secondary rental income. You may consider renting out space to students, travelers, or just about anyone else who suits your bill.

-You can enhance the occupancy of any given plot of land by constructing ADUs. They can be immaculately styled and constructed well within your budget to provide the best returns.

-You can build additional space for community living even as you continue to enjoy the privacy and autonomy of both residential structures.

-An ADU serves as an alternative place to stay for those who once needed a bigger residential space but are now happy shifting into a more manageable and smaller place connected to the main house. This rings true for large-sized families that have now dwindled in size, or parents whose children have settled in other places. The main section of the house can be let out to provide an ancillary source of income for those left behind.

It is essential to know the nuances of ADU construction, ways of financing them, regulations guiding them in different states, and so forth. Remember, regardless of the sort of benefits they provide, ADUs cannot be categorized as lean-to’s that are dependent on the main house. These secondary homes or structures require adequate investments (and the necessary permits) as they are akin to real homes.

Why Should You Build an ADU?
In case you are facing the challenges of safety, affordable housing, comfort, independent living, or privacy, then the solution lies in an ADU. You may consider building the same for an elderly person whom you want to keep in front of your eyes, yet away from your day-to-day life, in a separate space. Enjoy the privacy and comfort of this affordable housing alternative. Think of it as a long-term investment; trigger off the process of constructing an ADU today.

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