October 19, 2020

New Hot Topic: Ray's Hot Chicken

There are so many preconceived notions about spicy foods, like they cause intestinal problems, hyper acidity  etc. But did you know that spiciness is not just only for flavoring or the heat. Spicy foods actually may keep your heart healthy and may promote weight loss and kick-start your metabolism (remember capsaicin as part of the cleansing diet was popular a while back?).

Spicy foods make our mouth water just by thinking about it. Why do spicy food hurt so good?! I have low tolerance with anything spicy, but sometimes I just can’t get enough of them! If you’re someone who loves anything to set their taste buds on fire and that you enjoy fiery flavors, you’re in luck, a new brand from the people behind Zark’s Burger is the town’s new HOT topic; introducing Ray's Hot Chicken! 

October 17, 2020

Completing A Home Renovation? Don't Forget About These Things

Are you completing a home renovation? Or, are you going to be completing a home renovation soon? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then that brings up a whole load more questions that you need the answers to! There are certain things that you need to do before you can get everything underway to avoid unnecessary stress when the time comes. If you’re not entirely sure what kind of things we’re talking about here, then it’s a good thing that you’ve come across this article. Down below, we’re going to be looking at some of the things you can’t forget to do, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.


Come Up With A Plan
The very first thing that we recommend you do is coming up with a plan. On the plan, you need to write down what exactly you want to achieve, what rooms are going to be completed if not the whole house, what kind of things you are looking for, and so on. Basically, this plan needs to have as much detail as possible so that when you speak to someone about completing the work, they have this information to go on. Also, when you create a plan, it allows you to see it written down, which is when a lot of people change their minds on what they actually want. 

October 10, 2020

We’re Shaking with Excitement As McDo Shakes Are Here To Stay!

Get shakin’ anytime, anywhere as McDonald’s Philippines announces that their McDo Shakes are here to stay! Now a permanent offering alongside other McDonald’s favorites, you can get your favorite McDo Shakes anytime and anywhere! Add a little sweetness to your day with the cool and delicious drink made from McDonald’s creamy soft-serve ice cream you love, combined with sweet Chocolate or Strawberry syrup. Indulge yourself with the milky, luscious, and decadent drink that’ll surely cool your day.

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with your favorite Strawberry or Chocolate Shakes for as low as P69 for regular and P89 for medium. Make sure to upgrade your meal’s beverage to give it that right amount of sweetness for as low as P45. You can also enjoy your McDo Shakes paired with everyone’s favorite World Famous Fries that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside!

October 9, 2020

Beauty In The Time of Pandemic

Yep, sorry to bust your bubble, although it may seem things are getting better, we’re still in this pandemic. But what’s nice is that we are starting to go through our lives like normal, only that his time around, we are careful and we take consideration of the safety precautions. Like what6 others like to call it, we are in the “new normal”. 

At the start of this pandemic and the lockdowns that are happening around, I am one of those who felt like the world is coming to an end. I did nothing for a while except just to wake up for work. Unlike others who found things to entertain themselves like cooking, doing arts and crafts, taking care of plants, baking etc. I was just living life everyday as it is. 

October 3, 2020

Everyday Celebrations Made Sweeter by CakeRush.ph

Cakes are staple to almost every occasion. It is so common that sometimes we forget how this ever came to be. Birthday cakes have been a part of birthday celebrations in Western European countries since the middle of the 19th century. However, the link between cakes and birthday celebrations may date back to ancient Roman times. The Greeks would make round cakes to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon. The lit candles on the cake represented the glow of the moon, and the smoke from the candles carried their prayers and wishes to the Gods who lived in the skies.

In the 15th century, bakeries in Germany began to market one-layer cakes for customers' birthdays in addition to cakes for weddings. During the 17th century, the birthday cake took on its contemporary form. These elaborate 17th century cakes had many aspects of the contemporary birthday cake, like multiple layers, icing, and decorations. However, these cakes were only available to the very wealthy. Birthday cakes became accessible to the lower class as a result of the industrial revolution and the spread of more materials and goods.

September 29, 2020

5 Reasons To Finally Visit An Uluru Resort

If Uluru is on the list of places you are planning on visiting, then I am pretty sure that you have a great taste and that the rest of the places on that list are pretty great too. On the other hand, if you’re still not determined in the smartness of the decision to go to an Uluru resort, you have some thinking to do. Thinking alone won’t do the trick, though, meaning that you’ll also have to do some research.

Whether you are thinking of going to the amazing Longitude 131 NT Uluru resort, or another one in the area, you are bound to have one important question. Why? That’s the main question that will lead you towards finally deciding if this place is worth visiting or not. Why visit Uluru? What is it that makes this place worth your while at all?

September 20, 2020

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

So, if you remember, I did a bedroom make over a few weeks ago; but that wasn’t fully completed yet and I’ve only done one part of my room (check this post for the bedroom make over: Beach-Themed Tiny Bedroom Quarantine Makeover). I don’t have the luxury to do it in one go for time and budget constraints. As much as possible I didn’t want to spend so much with the “renovation”, so I did a couple of DIYs for this makeover project, one is the DIY Hand-Painted Quote Canvas Art. I also mentioned in my room makeover blog post that I’m thinking of having a macramé wall hanging décor to put on the other wall so it wont look so plain. 

I looked up some macramé on online shops but didn’t find something that I super like and the size that I want will cost me a lot. So instead, I decided to create my own macramé wall hanging décor. Back in high school, I learned to do macramé for a homeroom class project. I can remember what year I was at that time, but I clearly reckon we created macramé hanging plant pot holder. 

September 19, 2020

How To Renovate A Period Property

Period properties can be incredibly attractive, they are often beautiful to look at, and the sense of history that you feel as you walk through them is something that you just can’t find in a more modern home. A lot of people also tend to go for period properties because older homes often have more space around them and are perceived to have a more solid construction.


The only downside with a period property, of course, is that they were built in a time before insulation and other modern building techniques, so it can be more challenging to keep them warm and dry while still maintaining the aesthetic that you are hoping for.

September 16, 2020

Answered: Am I a Good Candidate for Clip-in Hair Extensions?

There’s no denying that gorgeous, long locks are in. For good reason, too – there is so much you can do with long, voluminous hair. Simply scroll social media and you’ll find yourself bombarded with photos of full-bodied, long, luscious hair, and will no doubt feel yourself hit with a twinge of hair envy.

From elaborate updos to braids and more, the secret to these styles is Zala clip-in hair extensions.  That’s right, everyone from your next-door neighbour to your barista is likely wearing hair extensions. While they were once reserved for celebrities with stylists and hours to spend on their hair each day, they’re now accessible for everyone. Clip-in extensions are more affordable and of higher quality than ever. So this may have you wondering, “Am I a good candidate for clip-in human hair extensions?” Here’s what you should know.

September 15, 2020

Jus and Jerry's - Gourmet Chinese Food

It’s not breaking news or a surprise that Chinese cuisine has a great influence on Filipino food; after all the interaction between China and the Philippines started over a thousand years ago. Filipino cuisine has so many Chinese inspired dishes and that there are so many Chinese food that are “Filipinized” or made to taste that is suitable for the Filipino palate.

For me personally, one of my comfort food is gourmet Chinese dishes. That’s why even if I live on the far  East side of Metro Manila, there are times I brave the traffic (pre-pandemic) just to go to Chinatown a couple of times in a year. Dumplings and smokey stir-fried Wok-cooked dishes comforts my soul and taste buds

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