August 16, 2019

UNIQLO Launches the First Roadside-Type Store in the Philippines at Westgate Alabang & Opens on August 16!

UNIQLO is one of my favorites and go-to place when it comes to apparel. Their clothing line carries classic, sleek and classy designs that are super comfy. I get most of my jeans from Uniqlo because the first time that I bought my first pair from them, I immediately fell in love as the jeans felt so soft and comfortable, as if I am wearing regular cloth pants rather than jeans.

UNIQLO launches the first roadside store in the Philippines, which is located in Westgate, Alabang - 22km south of Manila. It is surrounded by local communities with residential areas, office buildings, restaurants, and schools. UNIQLO Westgate Alabang opens on 16th August, offering a new level of shopping experience, more personal and more convenient for Filipinos.

August 14, 2019

Where Coffee Is As It Should Be: Kuppa Roastery & Cafe - BGC

When I open my eyes everyday, the instant thought that comes to my head is make myself a cup of coffee. Coffee is what fuels my soul, like literally. I don’t know it the caffeine in it still fires up my neurons or everything is just only psychological now. Could you believe though that after finishing my coffee at home, when I get to work, I still, either by myself another cup or get from the vendo at the pantry.

In a day, I think I finish like 2-3 cups. I don’t even palpitate anymore when I consume that much coffee. So maybe, just maybe, coffee is all about psyching me up. But then again, I can’t go a day without having one or two or three.

August 13, 2019

Tai Koo HK Roast's New and Improved Char Siu

With travelling, what's always good is that you get to experience the local cuisine of a specific place; and Hong Kong has a rich cuisine that can't be missed. You must agree with me that Chinese or Hong Kong food is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in the world. I bet most, if not all, countries have their little China town where you can get these tasty grubs.

When I visited Hong Kong, I enjoyed the local food especially the ones that we tried from hole in the wall restaurants and from the food counters at Wellcome as they are really tasty and affordable. Plus those places are just blocks away from where we stayed in Causeway Bay. I would love to go back to HK just for the food and Disneyland of course!

August 12, 2019

Deja Vu - 80's Night at Coral Lounge, Okada Manila

Okada Manila rules the entertainment scene in Manila and their Coral Lounge does not fall short on such. Coral Lounge is their recently opened resto-entertainment lounge is located right at the heart of Okada’s Grand Casino. You’ll be amazed at the vastness of this place and how colorful and well-executed lights and decor are as they take you to entertainment heights while having a tasty appetizers and probably a few cocktails on hand.

Every Thursday of August, enjoy 80’s nights with a live band performing popular songs from this decade - you wouldn’t even notice that you’re sashaying your way to the dance floor or lip synching (if you’re shy) or singing to the reminiscing songs of your mom and pop. To make the vibe more rad, enjoy retro cocktails at 310 PHP per glass that are as brightly colored and laced with enough liquor to get you to the final workday of the week.

August 11, 2019

A Need To Individuate: MyOwnNecklace

Life is so mediocre now. Everywhere you look at each and every person is wearing the exact same thing. Even the really high-end brands have become so mainstream. It is truly a travesty. We no longer feel the uniqueness and validation that previously coursed through us when we bought a new piece of clothing or jewelry. Now, all we feel is despondence because the minute we look left, lo and behold the girl next to us is wearing the same thing.

This is so maddening! Especially to those people who want to stand out and scream out their personality for the world to see. Luckily there are still some shops that cater to our need to individuate and one of them is an online venue called MyOwnNecklace.

August 10, 2019

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice - W City Center BGC

I used to be so addicted to milk tea that I drink it almost every day. I had a break from milk tea (MT) for a couple of weeks now because I have had too much of it in the past months. And you know what they say, too much of something is not a good thing. But last night, one of my officemates wanted to buy from the milk tea place that’s just at the ground floor of our office building, and then I suddenly craved for MT.

I gave in… In my mind, it was weeks ago that I had MT plus I haven’t tried CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. When my other officemates learned about our plans, everyone also wanted milk teas so we bought them too. Let’s just say they were our rewards for ourselves having gone this far, 3 weeks in, with our training. We deserved it! Yes we do! Hahaha!

August 9, 2019

Wedding Tiaras For a Fairy Tale Wedding

Who doesn’t want to be a princess or at least feel like a princess? Or better yet a Queen? From Duchess Kate's Cartier look to Princess Margaret's iconic topper, any woman would die to wear something as gorgeous as those tiaras worn by royalties during their weddings like something off of a fairy tale book. Some may find wearing a tiara quite over the top, but listen lady, if you want to wear a tiara on your wedding day, it is your day and no one should stop you from doing so.

Just ask any Disney princess, and she'll tell you that her end-of-movie wedding look just isn't complete without a sparkly tiara. As someone who grew up loving all these Disney princesses, I’ve always adore a fairy tale ending to my love story and perhaps have the grandest wedding I can have. I just have to find the perfect tiara and a prince too! Hahahaha!

Quick Guide for Finding the Best Dress for Your Body Shape

Nothing can make a woman feel as powerful and confident as a great, perfectly fitting dress. But every body is different and the same dress won’t fit well on different people. This is why it’s important to understand both your own body shape, as well as the different styles and fits of dresses that are out there. Here are some tips on how to find a perfect dress, no matter your body shape.

If you’re hourglass-shaped, you’re one of the women considered to be blessed by the ideal body shape. The ratio of your chest, hips and waist is what the standard is and what everyone is trying to achieve. All you need to do is accentuate it and make sure you don’t ruin your silhouette with an unflattering outfit. Wrap and skater dresses will work perfectly for you, because they all naturally come in at the waist. Skip over something like A-line and shift, because they will do nothing for your waist and falling down from a larger chest will make it seem like you have a tent on.

August 8, 2019

JT's Manukan Grille - BGC

We have foreigner guest in our office and she’ll be here for a few weeks and unlike the expats I’ve met before, she’s one of the adventurous ones. She is excited to try just about any Filipino food that we offer her. During her first week, we even brought her to Mercato and you wouldn’t believe that we made her eat Betamax, isaw, fishballs etc. And she was all for it! It was like we were easing her in, so the following week, one of us brought her “balut” and guess what, she was able to brave that one! We told her it was a story she would tell her future grand kids.

photo c/o

So as the weeks passed, she was eating just like us, going to the office cafeteria with us or to Jollibee or Chowking, wherever the whole team would have their lunch, she’ll be with us and eat like a local. One of those lunch outs, we decided to bring her to JT’s Manukan Grille as we were all craving for some barbecued stuff. And we all have tried JTs and can vouched for the taste that she’ll like it. Plus, there’s just one across our office building so we can go back quickly after our allocated lunch duration.

Zomato Philippines to host the Future of Food 2019

Zomato Philippines, the leading food app in the country, will host the Future of Food with Arla Foods and Globe myBusiness. This is the most awaited knowledge-sharing event for restaurateurs and it is finally happening on August 19, 2019 at the Grand Ballroom of City of Dreams. The Future of Food will tackle topics on the modern consumer, sustainability, food solutions, innovations, and trends in the ever-changing restaurant industry.

As consumers today become highly involved, they’ve become more interested in their health and wellness, and are more aware of the issues surrounding sustainability. They are also technologically advanced, consuming more time online like never before. Join us as we dig deeper into the progression of these modern times. Zomato invited the nation’s foremost key opinion leaders to share their insights and impart their knowledge. Here are some of them:

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