December 14, 2018

RebeccaFashion Guide: Hair Extensions for Beauty Pageants

Hey hey! It's the Miss Universe Pageant again! I am one of the thousands of unapologetic fans of beauty pageants, especially the Miss Universe contest partly because I am proud to be Filipina and proud of the Filipina women that my country sends to these competitions. Because we Filipinos always take pride in everything we do, what we represent wherever we are in the world. 

In the past few days my social media newsfeed has been nothing about posts about the ongoing Miss Universe pageant. Of course my whole country is rooting for our representative Catriona Gray who of course in my opinion should be Miss Universe as she embodies everything the organization represents: beauty, brains and heart. 

CNN Philippines' Throwback Quiz Night Happening This December 15th

Ahhh the 80s and 90s, the Age of Millennials where people say the life was better and simple then. People who grew up in this era had best of both worlds. We experienced the simple joys of playing outside with our childhood friends and using what was available in our households and backyards to entertain ourselves. At the same time, we were also witnesses to the advancing of technology. 

80’s or 90’s kid or not, join me and my fellow foodies/bloggers as we try our luck at winning CNN Philippines Throwback Quiz Night happening on December 15 2018 at the Greenfield Weekend Market in Mandaluyong City. Party with us on Saturday, come in your throwback outfits and win special prizes! 

December 13, 2018

New Dishes from Siglo Modern Filipino - Tagaytay

“There's no better way to understand a culture than through food”. I think I’ve said this several times already in a couple of my blog posts, and it can never so true enough. We associate a certain taste to a region or a country. Say for example in the Philippines, Bicol Region is easily a place where cuisine is known, most often than not, spicy. Mediterranean food is packed-full of spices; Japan is known for raw food; South East Asia has rice as its staple fare. There is more of a connection between food and culture than we may think; it operates as an expression of cultural identity.

Specific cuisines in specific countries or region may have evolved but what stays the same is the extent to which each place’s unique cuisine can reflect its unique history, lifestyle, values, and beliefs. The Philippines is no exception for that. Being a country colonized by several other countries for years and have made trade relations with other neighboring Asian countries, some can’t put their finger as to what Philippine cuisine really is. I would say our cuisine is a fusion and relatively congruent with the livelihood of a region. But what excites me is that it is that it is the next cuisine the world is going to rave about. 

December 12, 2018

How HCG Diet Helps In the Weight Loss

The problem of obesity is becoming one of the biggest health problems all over the world. The crux of this problem is the kind of lifestyle that people are leading nowadays. With the food industry blooming at a very fast pace, people are indulging into various types of food and drinks which may not be good for their health. 

On top of that, their physical activity is almost close to none. When most of the work is being done on mobile phones, tablets or laptops, people spend most of their day sitting in the same position doing all their work, whether it is their job, entertainment or communication. Obesity, if not treated, can result in lifelong diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or even heart problems. 

December 11, 2018

Ombu Kusina at Sequioa Hotel: A Modern FIlipino Restaurant

According to Julia Child, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” And there is so much attestation that Filipinos are one of the groups of people who love to eat. One of the best attributes of Pinoys are our fondness of food and even if we have little food in our table we even offer them to anyone. So hearing “tara kain” (come let’s eat) is so common to hear. Warmly accepting guests especially when it comes to eating time, emanates to Filipinos so naturally it almost seems hardwired into their systems.

Not only that, we Filipinos pride ourselves with our flavorful dishes. Many say that it’s hard to put your finger on Filipino dishes because it is influenced by so many other cuisines. Not to mention it is constantly evolving. May it be traditional, modern or fusion, I am glad and proud that Filipino cuisine is slowly taking center stage in the world.

December 10, 2018

Inumart - The First Convenience Bar In The Country!

The Manila Night Life has never been dull; even flourishing throughout the years as evidenced by growing numbers of bars sprouting around the metro. The “it” places just transfers from one city to another but one place that has never faded as the crown bearer of the most number of drinking places is Quezon City. Year and year out, new must visit drinking places are being formed from the ground up in the largest city in Luzon. 

I recently visited this new drinking destination in Tomas Morato with a very unique concept named Inumart Convenience Bar. Why the name? Well because its concept is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Inumart is the first convenience bar in the country featuring affordable drinks, street food and snacks, hip and artistic interiors, and acoustic entertainment.

December 9, 2018

Authentic Taiwanese Flavors from Shi Lin - Estancia Mall Capitol Commons

Taiwanese cuisine isn’t so new to the Filipino palate, after all it’s one of the nearest country to the Philippines. I have heard stories that in Batanes, the northernmost part of the Philippines, locals can tune in to radio stations from Taiwan. I’m pretty much sure that some of the local Filipino cuisines are also influenced by Taiwan. 

I wish I can fly to Taiwan every time I crave for Taiwanese food, as I enjoyed my visit there as I ate my way through the streets of Taipei. It makes me glad that restaurants serving Taiwanese food is of no shortage in the Philippines. One of those restaurants that serve great Taiwanese food is Shi Lin which is named after one of the famous night/street markets in Taipei. 

December 8, 2018

Why is Education So Important in Our Life?

We are aware that both formal and informal education at times come at a hefty price, but it’s a price definitely worth paying. Beyond the fact that the more you know the more you’re worth, there are actual practical advantages to having a good education. If you’re on the verge and don’t know whether to pursue higher education, we’re here to break down all the benefits and overall importance, so perhaps by the end, you’ll feel yourself nudged in the right direction.

Giving Back 
As an educated person, you actually become an esteemed member of the society. You are considered as someone who can contribute to your town, country, and people simply look at you differently when they know that you are one of the people capable of sharing knowledge to help your community grow. There are even certain countries, such as Sweden, which will not grant citizenship to an expat if they don’t hold at least a college degree, because if they do, they are perceived as a person of value to the society.

December 7, 2018

Dohntonbori 3rd Year Anniversary Promo: Eat All You Can Okonomiyaki + Yakiniku

Japanese food is my favorite cuisine in the whole wide world. It’s on top of my list and Okonomiyaki is one Japanese food that I think I can live off of forever, well, probably. One of the best places where you can get the best okonomiyaki in the Philippines is at Dohtonbori. Dohtonbori is a restaurant that originated in Japan (over 300 stores in Japan, 4 in Bangkok, 1 in Taipei and 6 in the Philippines) and they specialize in everything and the most authentic okonomiyaki. 

If you’re not familiar to what is okonomiyaki. From the word itself "okono" means what you want and "yaki means cooking; so it is basically cooking what you want. It is a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients. Okonomiyaki is mainly associated with the Kansai or Hiroshima areas of Japan, but is widely available throughout the country. Toppings and batters tend to vary according to region. Okonomiyaki has been one of the most popular staple food in Japan where they consider this as their essential soul food. It is normally naturally healthy and consists of many healthy ingredients for a well-balanced diet.

December 6, 2018

RebeccaFashion Guide: Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter/Cold Weather

The cold weather can be seriously hard on our hair. Especially if you leave somewhere where winter happens, it can create a havoc on your hair. Hair can experience some dehydration making them more prone to breakage due to cold, dry air, harsh weather, and everything that comes with winter or the cold season. 

Keeping your hair still healthy despite the harsh weather conditions can be a problem and can be daunting. But we still want to look good and healthy thus, we need to take special care of our hair and skin. Here’s some pointers to keep your locks silky and lustrous during winter/cold weather.

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