July 29, 2015

ZNU.com Wishlist

If you are a regular visitor of my blog you probably well know that I love shopping for clothes and most often than not, I do online shopping. I have a quite a few sites which I often visit to have a retail therapy fix. You can probably guess that I’m always online and I love to do a lot of internet browsing in my free time, that’s why I get to discover more and more places to find clothes and accessories at affordable prices.

I’ve recently discovered this online clothing store ZNU.com. They have contacted me before for cooperation and they were very generous enough to send me something from their site which you can check out here: Porcelain Print Dress by ZNU. Ever since then, I visit their site regularly to see what I can score from their store.

July 27, 2015

Latest Sample Room Haul

It's been awhile since I availed free items to try from Sample Room. I still got tons of beauty products that I haven't use and most of the samples released in the past months can be availed with points that I actually don't have. I haven't availed of their VIP points either so even if I wanted some of the samples I wasn't able to get them not to mention they sold out like pancakes.

I learn about Sample Room's latest releases via email newsletters and last week something caught my attention. Since I one can get a max of 3 samples per order I thought of making the most out of this one. Good thing all my points have already been returned to me.

July 26, 2015

White Summer with SheIn.com's 7th Week Summer Promotion

It’s hard to follow color trends because they come and go. On the other hand if you stick to basics, it’s a no-fail game. Like for example white, it is always a hot and safe color trend especially during the hot season such as spring and summer. It is already the monsoon season in South East Asia but when it’s not raining the weather still gets really hot and super humid and wearing white is anything but radical because it remains a staple look. A trend that will always be in and summer associated.


So if you’re off to a vacation and to the beach, I’d suggest you go for white clothing items. White does not only mimics the color of the clouds and white sand beaches but it makes you look always super fresh and pristine. White can be chic all year round but nothing says summer than any other color but it.

July 25, 2015

How You Can Buy From EBay US and Send Your Product To Germany

Buying online product is very easier and safer than before. If you move back a few years, then you will find people used to afraid of buying thing online because of the concept of losing money. At that time the security of the online banks were not appropriate and it was not a very advanced system of online payment, but now it has become very common around the world; people purchase different products online because the price remains cheap for some product that remains very expensive in the physical market. Therefore, people prefer to purchase from an online website,also visit here directly http://www.usgobuy.com/en/send-to/monaco.html

The electronic payment system has been very secure and many benefits you get that is the reason why people has changed their concepts and buy from EBay different products online. EBay is a very big marketplace around the world where you can purchase different through fixed price or you can bid for some products and winner of the bid will become able to purchase that product. However, it is a wonderful way of buying products at reasonable price. 

July 23, 2015

DIY Wall Decor

Vinyl wall decals have quickly become a fun way to personalize rooms. It used to be mostly used for kid’s room or nursery but times have changed and current trends in interior designing and home improvements have embraced the idea of putting vinyl decals or stickers in any part of the house. Even on windows!


It’s been months since I started having this desire to buy wall decals for the bedroom and it’s been  around 2 years since I first saw an Instagram feed that showed off a room with wall decals and I immediately fell in love with it. But at that time when I searched for where to get it, the price was out of my budget because most of them costs more than a thousand peso bucks. I tried looking for it in Divisoria hoping it would be cheaper there. Unfortunately no one is selling them at the moment, well I’ve only looked for it in 168 mall and 999 mall and haven’t checked out all the other malls and stall in Divi.

July 21, 2015

Does USGOBUY.com Ship Internationally Online?

USgobuy.com is a very big retail website who was working since more than 100 years ago. After the development information technology, they have converted their business online and also keep physical shop for the local residence of the city or state. However, it is wonderful retail website and you can purchase any kind of accessories, clothing anything you want. It is a complete store with all the items. It is very essential that you purchase a quality product, those people who have purchased product from this website; they have given an outstanding review to them, also directly visit here http://www.usgobuy.com/en/send-to/seychelles.html. Therefore, before buying anything from this website, you can read reviews.

Quality is the utmost priority of this website and they give complete support to each of the customer, they have well qualified customer relation people who manage customers perfectly and give 100% satisfaction. Whatever, you purchase from usgobuy.com they provide free shipping throughout the United States. Therefore, the sale on this website is very high and they are earning huge amount of revenue. 

July 19, 2015

Blog Re-branding: Sand Under My Feet

I just remember a friend's Viber message to me a few days ago and it said: "That's good... change is good..." I must admit I am someone who sort of resist change but not entirely not open to changes. I know a couple of people who are so resistive of change that even their driving routes never change even if they will get stuck in traffic for hours, or people who only eat in certain restos even if food and service aren't what they use to be 10 years ago. They just do it because they are used to it.

I like change actually, I like trying new things, eating unfamiliar dishes and travelling to places I've never been to, trying different routes going to work, new make up, new skin care, etc etc. I had a hard time deciding if I should re-brand my blog... actually only for the fear of losing my web ranking, my site isn't at all well known or a household name unlike others. But there are posts in my blog that are already landing on Google's first page.

The Moment Belongs To You!

One of my favorite online clothing store SheIn.com is having yet another promotion! This why I like to shop from SheIn.com because they often, I mean very often, hold promos and sales. Their latest promotion is entitled The Moment Belongs To You! They've got tons of items on sale if you need back to school, festival, beach, and even for your big date! This promotion will run until July 23 2015 only so you gotta check it out asap!

I’m excited to see if items from my wish list are already on sale so I can finally move them to my cart for check out. I browsed through the items that belongs to this promotion and here are my top pick and I hope you like them as much as I do! And of course, you can just click on the links below the images to find out more of that product!

July 17, 2015

Buying Baby Clothes Online From USA and Get International Shipping

Clothes are the necessity of every human and due to the improvement in the clothing industry, now people love to wear stylish and well-designed cloth. Cloths are very important for adult or child because both wear clothing and want to show off their personality. Therefore, you can find many shops in the physical market or online market of us-go-buy who are selling cloths nationwide.

Most of the people wish to buy baby clothes from online store because you get a best quality cloth and remains durable for a long time. Due to the quality of the cloths, online shopping has been very famous and people rush to purchase anything regarding baby clothing from an online website. You can purchase different style shapes and pattern cloths from online marketplaces.

July 16, 2015

Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe

I’m a sucker for restaurants with good ambiance because for me it really adds a lot to the dining experience plus if one is very much active in Instagram, an instagram-worthy food place is a plus! But a restaurant should not just put too much effort only on their place per se, their food must be equally worth-raving about too. I’ve had my fair share of hits and miss with restos with good ambiance ≊ great food.

Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe is one of those restaurants that for the longest time I’ve been very curious to try. Their Makati and Pasig branch are the two that I am familiar with. The smaller Makati branch is just a few blocks away from where I work and a couple of officemates and friends have already tried it and gave positive reviews. 

July 15, 2015

Summer Quilts

Since the first time I have featured Bedding Inn and posted articles for this online home improvement shop, I got very excited and very encouraged to do some home improvements. I have been browsing their stores and was very in to their wall decals. I bought one already locally and I’m planning to buy more from them so I can put more on the walls of our home.
Countryside Style Polyster Air-Conditioner Quilt
My grandma who lives in the US also sent us balikbayan boxes which included a lot of bedding sets. While we were sorting through I picked out the ones that would look nice for the bedroom and would complement the kinda-shabby-chic theme that I have in mind. I remembered the BeddingInn bedding sets I have featured in my recent blog posts while getting my share of the linen sheets sent by my grandma.

July 14, 2015

Parcel Delivery Company for Your Christmas Gifts

One of the advantages of using parcel delivery services is the capability to track your order from doorstep to doorstep, this permits you to send parcels to family and friends and permit them to track its progress throughout the delivery process. This permits the recipient to plan ahead as to when the parcel is going to arrive at their business or home.

Another helpful aspect of a parcel delivery firm is the little insurance charge to cover your parcel against damage within the delivery process. This is particularly helpful if you are sending a product which could be particularly susceptible to destroy when being moved around. Taking out this insurance could save important pounds in the long run.

July 13, 2015

Elie Saab-inspired Formal Dresses from TDdress.co.uk

I am a big fan of Elie Saab, and I can’t help but get excited from his latest haute couture collection entitled “Beirut”. I love the intricacies of his creations and all the talent and creativity that comes with it.  I dream of someday to be able to wear one of his creations. I know that is such a far fetch idea as of the moment, but hey, who knows, the future is so unknown and it always jabs us with so many surprises, that I may end up one of these days being able to wear one of Elie Saab’s dresses.


But as for the moment, I can always settle for replicas or have one copied by a couturier or have it as an inspiration. I don’t have any formal dresses actually that is really elegant enough to wear to some black tie event. 

Fuze Resto-Lounge Antipolo

Back in college I used to hang out a lot with my friends who live in LA, which stands for Lower Antipolo and not Los Angeles and is considered as the suburbs of Metro Manila (naks!). We would also visit the nearby restaurants overlooking Metro Manila for some social drinking (which I did do a lot of times back in the day, I’m a good-y good-y girl now haha!). 

There used to be a few spots where you can hang out in that area and places would usually be specific for just eating and just drinking; family/friends-oriented restaurants would also be particular and drinking places would be different. What I mean was if you want to go for drinks after eating you would usually transfer places.

July 12, 2015

Set Your Closet On Fire with SheIn.com

It's been raining for a week in Manila and the weather wouldn't be as sunny as it was this summer. I'm not really a fan of the rain, it's hard to do things and go to places plus the traffic jam is the worst if it's raining non-stop. How I wish I can go back in time when I was in Siargao a couple of months back and make time pause so I can enjoy the happy sunny summer weather. 

I envy you people out there who are just starting to experience the summer season. My wardrobe is not built for the rainy season at all, I am always in a summer state of mind when I buy clothes because even if it's the rainy season it's still super humid.

July 11, 2015

Festive Season’s Must-Have Cocktail Dresses at Tbdress.com

I love dressing up; I sometimes over-dress especially when I feel like I haven't used a couple of my fancy dresses. Sometimes I use them to work and my peers would tease me “have you been in a party before coming to work?” or “are you going to a party after work?” Well, that’s how my life is lately, kinda uneventful actually. If ever I get invited to an event, most of the time it’s just a pretty casual gathering so I am not able to use my pretty dresses that I purchased online. 

I actually miss going to both semi-formal and formal events where I can really wear something so fabulous, put a spot-on makeup and hair do and wear one of my high heels and forget about the world and just have fun. It’s once in a blue moon that I also go clubbing where I can wear toned down cocktail dresses. Well it’s not yet the season of events, parties and celebrations just yet.

Bed Room Make-Overs with BeddingInn: Scenery Bedding Sets

I have always dream of having my own house, a place that I can call my “home”; somewhere that wherever life takes me, it will always be my true north. I want to decorate my house from scratch and if I can find help to do the interior design for a lesser cost I think that would be awesome.
I wouldn’t mind if where my future house will be or how big it is and how long will I pay for it as long as I know at the end of the day I have a place where I can rest my head and get on with a good night sleep. But I want my future home to speak of volumes about me and my personality and the things that I love and passionate about.

July 10, 2015

Gorgeous Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Keep calm and don’t cut your hair right away! Just like your wardrobe, your hairstyle needs occasional update, but we ladies often go to the extremes when we feel that something has to change in our lives, and our hair often takes a toll. Instead of rushing to the hairdresser’s like there’s no tomorrow, play with your hair. For all you know, you might be an expert. Let your creativity go through the roof and spice up your day.

Curl your hair with rags – no heat!
If you want curly hair but you don’t want to damage it with heat, you can always use an old trick – rag curling. For this, you will need three things: a comb, cloth strips/rags and some water. Take an old pillowcase or cloth, and cut it in thin strips. Then, dampen the ends of your hair and divide it into pieces with a comb. Twist the pieces of hair around the cloth strip.

July 9, 2015

How Do You Choose Which Parcel Service To Use?

Do you need to ship parcels but are not little sure what you should be looking for when it comes to selecting a perfect parcel courier? If this sound like you, then be alert that not all parcel couriers are the same or offer the same levels of services when it comes to delivering and collecting parcels to your customers.

Initially when it comes to shipping your parcels you preferably want a parcel courier that has some flexibility in when they come to pick up your parcels. This is particularly helpful if you ship them on an adhoc basis, or often get “quick” orders from customers at extremely short notice.

July 8, 2015

Don’t Have A Green Thumb? Problem Solved with Bedding Inn’s Artificial Flowers

Remember my plans of getting a house in the very near future? Well, I actually don’t mind if where my future house will be or how big it is and how long will I pay for it as long as I know at the end of the day I have a place where I can rest my head and get on with a good night sleep and that someday I can have a piece of earth that I can call “home”.

As early as now I am already imagining how I will decorate it and what color scheme will I choose; but one thing is for sure, it will speak greatly of my personality and my life passions.  It will greatly speak volumes about me that by the time I open my door to welcome you in, you will tell me, “Jen, this house is sooo you”. I am already pinning a lot of home decorating ideas onto one of my Pinterest boards, so in the future I will just go back to it and get some inspirations.

Dare To Go Backless

I rarely attend formal occasions, if ever I d attend one; it is most likely a wedding or a debut party. I also don’t own gowns; I have just this one which I wore for my best friend's wedding when I was her maid of honor. But I have always dream of attending formal events like a balls or galas of some sorts or some glammed-up red carpet events where I need to wear long formal dresses. Well, even if it’s not happening soon I am already excited with the idea.

Everytime I watch red carpet events like the Oscars, Golden Globes and Met Gala, my jaws always drop whenever I see a celebrity wearing a beautiful gown that really showcases their best assets. They really put a lot of thinking and months of preparation for these events and a lot of them really shine as they walk down the red carpet.

July 7, 2015

Porcelain Print Dress by ZNU

The porcelain design in clothing has a very light and airy feel to it not to mention it looks so delicately feminine. It is perfect for summer because of the blue shade reminds you of the sea and sky and the white is a summer staple color. This print is versatile enough to work with any types of clothing pieces and cuts. I’ve seen them in both casual and formal wears and it sure is a head-turner.  Effortlessly compliment the porcelain prints with accessories in neutral colors like Nude or you can opt for solid white and solid blue.

I’ve been seeing a lot of porcelain prints in online stores lately and after doing some internet website hopping of fashion sites I found out that it is one of the trends for Spring-Summer. Porcelain is actually the ceramic material and fine China’s pottery. Different colors are actually used to design it before glazing but the hand-painted blue-white combo designs are the most popular ones and so it was dubbed generally as porcelain.

July 6, 2015

Audrey Hepburn Vintage Style by WSDear

Almost every girl in the world deems Audrey Hepburn as a style icon. Why shouldn’t we when she is an epitome of grace, class, elegance and style. It is said that Audrey’s fashion persona "the extension of an inner beauty reinforced by a life of discipline, respect for the other, and hope in humanity.” I myself idolize her style because I love vintage and classic and I, like a lot of girls, refer to her when we want to achieve a pristine vintage look. Starting from using simple ballet flats, oversized or cat eye sunnies, high-waist bottoms, structured shirts and dresses that are cinched at the waist.


Although Audrey had such a slim body, being inspired to dress like her doesn’t mean you have to achieve or even starve yourself just to be like her figure. One of her belief is that you should love the body you are born with and you must have a clear mind as to what will look good on you and be inspired by others but stay true to your own style all your life. 

How to Buy United States Products Online

Many internet shoppers who don’t reside in the USA find to their frustration that hard-to-find, must- have-item, is available on a site placed in the USA that delivers only to addresses placed inside the USA and do  not ship globally. The solution to this issue is using us_go_buy http://www.usgobuy.com/  that have been established inside the USA.

USGoBuy is an International mail forwarding services delivery of purchases to people living outside the USA when they buy USA products that can only be delivered inside the USA. They do this by permitting you to have your purchases delivered to their USA address and they will then forward your purchases to you anywhere in the globe. This permits you to buy from eBay, Amazon, and other merchants using an internet merchants USA address.

July 5, 2015

Some Kind Of Heaven Sale from SheIn

Summer would probably be the best season for me; I believe that I was destined to be born in a tropical country. I’m not really fond of the rain nor the gloomy weather it brings which hinders you to do things or go out. I also happen to love the carefree and colorful summer fashion. Although I really haven’t experimented so much on color in my wardrobe, I love the colors that are associated with summer. They brighten up anyone’s day, do you agree?

I’m stuck at home and at work with the unbearable heat. What’s more eerie is that during night time, it’s sometimes cold and rains which usually brings sickness to a lot of people and I am not spared. Which means I need to stay home and rest over the weekends and no going out for me even if it’s a long weekend. Anyhow, at least I have an excuse to browse and window shop online while I’m nursing this sickness and check out my favorite online shops.

July 4, 2015

Bed Room Make-Overs with BeddingInn: Curtains

I am one of those dreamers, a person who wants to have my own house in the near future. I have taken baby steps in achieving that dream by applying for a home loan grant from our local NHA. I have been praying and am continuously praying that it will soon happen. 

And when that time comes that I will have to design and arrange my master bedroom, I will make sure that even if it is simple and humble it will be definitely the homiest place in the house. I will definitely purchase a couple of Beautiful Bedding Sets to match or complement the room design and aesthetics. My future house will be far from extravagant but it will surely be a place of love and comfort.

July 3, 2015

Maxi Dress Wishlist from DressLily

There’s always a problem with being petite and being tall and you’re lucky if you’re on middle ground. Being petite or tall comes with pros and cons of their own. Tall people often have the problem of finding clothes that have the right lengths for their heights, if they don’t find the correct length for their height they almost can’t do anything to remedy it but to have their clothes custom made. For petite people, I think it’s more advantageous when it comes to buying clothes because if the length doesn’t correspond to your height, you can always have the option to cut it to your height.

I used to think that maxi dresses or maxi skirts wouldn’t be flattering at all for a petite lady like me. I used to believe that wearing short dresses and always wearing high heels or wedges were always the way to go if I want to look tall. But actually wearing maxi dresses or maxi skirts can be a trick to looking or faking people that you are taller than you really are. You can wear sky high heels or wedges without them being seen thus giving an illusion that you are like 5'8 or more. 

July 2, 2015

Bed Room Make-Overs with BeddingInn: Bedding Sets

Everyone of us is dreaming of having their own house someday, a place, when after a day of hard work will be your refuge. Whether you will buy it yourself or a generous family member or relative will give it to you, having your own house to call “my home” is probably one of the best feelings in the world; knowing that whatever happens, you have a safe haven to return to.

I am one of those dreamers, a person who wants to have my own house in the near future. I have taken baby steps in achieving that dream by applying for a home loan grant from our local NHA. I have been praying and am continuously praying that it will soon happen.

July 1, 2015

Feel Like a Baywatch Babe in Red Hot Bikinis from Zaful

I hate to admit it but I really struggle when it comes to buying clothes and shoes; I can live with just enough make up, bags and accessories but with clothes and shoes, they really make me weak. I’m sorry if you might think that it sound so shallow, but all of us have certain obsessions in our lives and yours doesn’t make me any worse or you any better, mine just happened to be clothes and shoes. 

I am no celebrity or whatsoever but I am very much inclined to clothes and fashion and I know I owe it to being greatly influenced by my family’s background and involvement with the apparel business/trade. Due to that I have the tendency of at least having a minimum of two weeks gap when repeating clothes.

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