July 11, 2015

Bed Room Make-Overs with BeddingInn: Scenery Bedding Sets

I have always dream of having my own house, a place that I can call my “home”; somewhere that wherever life takes me, it will always be my true north. I want to decorate my house from scratch and if I can find help to do the interior design for a lesser cost I think that would be awesome.
I wouldn’t mind if where my future house will be or how big it is and how long will I pay for it as long as I know at the end of the day I have a place where I can rest my head and get on with a good night sleep. But I want my future home to speak of volumes about me and my personality and the things that I love and passionate about.

Heart Shaped Isle and Dark Green Sea Print 3D Bedding Sets
The right bedding brings color and comfort to any bedroom and I want my future bedroom to be the best room in my future house. I am actually torn between having a beach themed home or a country-shabby chic style. Or if I go crazy I can probably put a theme in every part of the house as long as all of it represents me. 
Fall Scenery Print 4-Piece Cotton Duvet Cover Sets
If I will go for a country-shabby chic style, lively-printed bedding would be my default. Like this Rose Tree Bedding that easily introduces color and pattern into the bedroom. Or other country-themed or vintage-themed sheets and pillow sets to complete the shabby-chic theme room, imagine Cath Kidston like home. Or if I wanted to go for a beach theme, I can go and pick out sets that have beach scenery and sea creatures like dolphins, shells, sand etc printed on my linens.
High Quality Pink Flower and Butterfly Print 4-Piece Duvet Cover Sets

Superior Quality Whole Cotton 4 Piece Little Purple Peony Print Bedding Sets

By the way, the featured items here especially the Rose Tree Bedding on sale; just go ahead and click on the descriptions below the photos to be redirected. Sleep in utter comfort by investing in quality bedding sets from BeddingInn and you'll enjoy the sheets for years!

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