July 13, 2015

Elie Saab-inspired Formal Dresses from TDdress.co.uk

I am a big fan of Elie Saab, and I can’t help but get excited from his latest haute couture collection entitled “Beirut”. I love the intricacies of his creations and all the talent and creativity that comes with it.  I dream of someday to be able to wear one of his creations. I know that is such a far fetch idea as of the moment, but hey, who knows, the future is so unknown and it always jabs us with so many surprises, that I may end up one of these days being able to wear one of Elie Saab’s dresses.


But as for the moment, I can always settle for replicas or have one copied by a couturier or have it as an inspiration. I don’t have any formal dresses actually that is really elegant enough to wear to some black tie event. 

All I have is one that I wore during one my bestfriend’s wedding, and it’s too obvious that it’s a bridesmaid gown. Of course I want to purchase at least one in a neutral or basic color. You’ll never know when you’re going to be invited in a gathering that requires you to wear a formal dress, put on a makeup and high heels.

Since a black tie event require you to wear something formal, it is inappropriate to wear short dresses because you might look like very casual. So the best way to go is to wear maxi dresses. These are dresses that are long and the hem usually ends up until the floor.  It looks more elegant actually to wear a long dress to a formal event than short ones.

You guys know I love browsing the web for clothes and I oftentimes go online shopping rather than trekking to the mall. Since I have been wanting to have a formal maxi dress, I browsed the web for some and found these really jaw-dropping-utterly-gorgeous fashion maxi dresses 2015 from TDdress.co.uk

And I have found several pieces that I think are close enough to the designs of my favorite haute couture designer Elie Saab. Can’t help but drool over them actually and you guess it right, they’re going to go straight to my wishlist for future reference so that when the need arises I can easily pick out the one to use. 

So what do you think of my choices? You can check other dresses at TDdress.co.uk and the ones featured in this feature article by clicking on the photos. Until next time lovelies!

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  1. Gorgeous selection of formal dresses! :) I agree, Elie Saab is an incredible designer! :) xx Maja
    ❤ http://majasmuffin.blogspot.com/

  2. These are fabulous!!

  3. Ellie Saab truly is perfect and the dresses are to die for. Still I really like these ones too. Lovely selection.


    1. Yes! They can pass as Elie Saab inspired dresses right? Thanks for visiting my blog Leja!


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