July 4, 2015

Bed Room Make-Overs with BeddingInn: Curtains

I am one of those dreamers, a person who wants to have my own house in the near future. I have taken baby steps in achieving that dream by applying for a home loan grant from our local NHA. I have been praying and am continuously praying that it will soon happen. 

And when that time comes that I will have to design and arrange my master bedroom, I will make sure that even if it is simple and humble it will be definitely the homiest place in the house. I will definitely purchase a couple of Beautiful Bedding Sets to match or complement the room design and aesthetics. My future house will be far from extravagant but it will surely be a place of love and comfort.

Eco-Fine Simply Style Cheap Price Blue Color Living Room & Bed Room Curtain

Remember the last time I wrote about my ideas for my future house? I just remember most of us oftentimes forget about this factor, what curtains to get. That is very important as well since in order to create a homey room, everything must be well, almost perfect. 

High Quality Elegant Solid Comtemporary Blue Custom Sheer Curtain
Green Refreshing Countryside Style Shading Curtain and Sheer

Needless to say everything must complement each aspect. As early as now, I am excited to check out stuff for my future house and being the online shopping fan that I am, I already visited sites that carry home decors and Light Blocking Curtains. One of them is Beddinginn.com, which is your Asian online version of Ikea or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Top Class Elegant Green Grass Lawn Design Double Pinch Pleat Curtain

Bedding Inn is a leading supplier of bedding sets and home decor products. They offer the latest trends in bedding sets, curtains, home décor and bath gadgets which are of good quality and at the most reasonable price for their customers around the world. They even have wall decals that I’m dying to have to accentuate walls even for my current abode now.

Graceful Pretty Mixed Color Checks Pattern Custom Curtain

They also have this line of 3d curtains for sale that you can check out at their website. The products featured here can be found here:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

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