July 15, 2015

Summer Quilts

Since the first time I have featured Bedding Inn and posted articles for this online home improvement shop, I got very excited and very encouraged to do some home improvements. I have been browsing their stores and was very in to their wall decals. I bought one already locally and I’m planning to buy more from them so I can put more on the walls of our home.
Countryside Style Polyster Air-Conditioner Quilt
My grandma who lives in the US also sent us balikbayan boxes which included a lot of bedding sets. While we were sorting through I picked out the ones that would look nice for the bedroom and would complement the kinda-shabby-chic theme that I have in mind. I remembered the BeddingInn bedding sets I have featured in my recent blog posts while getting my share of the linen sheets sent by my grandma.

New Arrival Beautiful Flowers Sea Printed Quilt

In one of the boxes, we found some Summer Quilts. I’m not sure if my grandma, who loves to DIY stuff which I probably got from her, made those quilts. They were very cute and had a summery and shabby-chic/vintage feel to it. Unfortunately my sister insisted she should get those because I already picked out too many stuff from the boxes and she was not left with so much. I was ok with it since I already got a handful of sheets and pillow cases.
Bright Colorful Polyster Air-Conditioner Quilt
A few days later I just realized if I wanted to build a home like with the vintage feel in mind I should have traded some of mine for those quilts with my sister. My sister used them already and her bed looks kinda cute because her four post bed with sheer white curtains and crochet runners looked good with the quilts.
New Arrival The Underground World Printed Quilt
If you happen to be looking for summer quilts online and other stuff for your home improvements you gotta check out Bedding Inn. They have an array of bedding sets, real looking artificial flowers and wait for it wall decals! (So been going crazy over wall decals lately).
The Unique Design with Wave Corner Fresh Style Summer Quilt
You can check out more of these summer quilts at Bedding Inn. Yeah start your home improvements now alot of their products are on sale btw! 
Know more about Bedding Inn: 
Company name: Bedding Inn
Email: service@Beddinginn.com
Phone: +86-29-68968081
Website: www.beddinginn.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/beddinginn
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