July 7, 2015

Porcelain Print Dress by ZNU

The porcelain design in clothing has a very light and airy feel to it not to mention it looks so delicately feminine. It is perfect for summer because of the blue shade reminds you of the sea and sky and the white is a summer staple color. This print is versatile enough to work with any types of clothing pieces and cuts. I’ve seen them in both casual and formal wears and it sure is a head-turner.  Effortlessly compliment the porcelain prints with accessories in neutral colors like Nude or you can opt for solid white and solid blue.

I’ve been seeing a lot of porcelain prints in online stores lately and after doing some internet website hopping of fashion sites I found out that it is one of the trends for Spring-Summer. Porcelain is actually the ceramic material and fine China’s pottery. Different colors are actually used to design it before glazing but the hand-painted blue-white combo designs are the most popular ones and so it was dubbed generally as porcelain.

I really wanted to have at least just one porcelain print clothing item and to my surprise ZNU.com contacted me a couple of weeks back and then sent me this pretty porcelain short dress.

It has the shift dress silhouette and not the semi body con shape shown on the website. The fabric used is thick enough so no worries of underwear peeping through. The fit was great but I had some problem with the length.

 I am already a petite girl but it looks kinda short still and I am not quite sure if I can wear it as is. I might wear tights or stockings with it. Or probably as a dress cover up when I am wearing a swimsuit. But the print and how it registers on camera really really looks a-ma-zing! The quality of the craftsmanship was pretty ok as well.

Porcelain prints are classic design with modern sophistication and is a perfect way to make a graceful, minimal and trendy fashion statement. You can find this dress here  or check other equally gorgeous porcelain print apparel at www.znu.com.

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