July 10, 2015

Gorgeous Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Keep calm and don’t cut your hair right away! Just like your wardrobe, your hairstyle needs occasional update, but we ladies often go to the extremes when we feel that something has to change in our lives, and our hair often takes a toll. Instead of rushing to the hairdresser’s like there’s no tomorrow, play with your hair. For all you know, you might be an expert. Let your creativity go through the roof and spice up your day.

Curl your hair with rags – no heat!
If you want curly hair but you don’t want to damage it with heat, you can always use an old trick – rag curling. For this, you will need three things: a comb, cloth strips/rags and some water. Take an old pillowcase or cloth, and cut it in thin strips. Then, dampen the ends of your hair and divide it into pieces with a comb. Twist the pieces of hair around the cloth strip.

When you get to the desired point where your curl will start, just tie the strip in a knot. It would be best to sleep with your hair tied like this for better results. It is really comfortable.  

Effortless looking curls with a hair strengthener
If you’re not afraid of heat, this is a very popular trick for curling your hair. If you do not want strongly defined curls, but more of a relaxed look, use flat iron instead of a curling iron to curl your hair. Cloud Nine has a lot of different flat irons to choose from and you can find one that’s best for your hair type. You will need: a comb, a hair clip, heat protecting spray and a flat iron. Your hair needs to be dry when doing this. Comb your hair thoroughly and divide it in sections.

The sections you do not need to use clip away. That way you will have more control over what you’re doing. Spray the sections you want to curl with heat protecting spray. Put a hair section in the flat iron. Bottom sections of your hair should be put in a flat iron near the roots. For the rest of your hair put the section of hair in the flat iron where you want your curl to start. Once you placed your hair in the flat iron don’t close it completely.

Turn the flat iron 360 degrees away from your face and hold it for about 10-15 seconds. Then slide the flat iron down to the end of your hair section and release it. You will have an effortless, cool-looking curl.

Heart-shaped braid
Heart-shaped braid is very unique and adorable. It looks really complicated but it’s fairly easy to make. You will need hair elastics, bobby pins and a comb. After combing your hair, divide it in sections like you would if you were making a half-up pony tail, but instead of tying your hair in one pony tail, tie it in two. They should be one next to another in the middle of your head. Then, braid the both of your pony tails and tie them with hair elastics. Twist one braid after another around the first ties. 

Twist the right braid to the left, and the left braid to the right, but don’t go all the way with twisting, leave two-thirds of the braids hanging. When you pin the twisted braids with bobby pins in place that they feel secure enough, just tie the hanging braids together and you will get a cute heart. 

Knotted updo
You would usually try to avoid knots in your hair, but this hairstyle might change your mind. It looks romantic and refined and it’s really simple to do!  You will need a comb, bobby pins and hair elastic. When you comb your hair, take a large section at the top and split it in two. Then make a knot. Keep doing this by adding hair from either side to your original sections, making knots every time. When you’re down to the back of your hair, just tie the remaining hair with an elastic. Roll up your pony tail and tuck it under the knots. Then, secure everything in place with bobby pins. 

Have fun trying out these sweet hairstyles. You can always spice them up by adding your own jewelry like rings, dangly necklaces and bracelets to your braids and buns. Just pull the hair pieces through the rings or secure the necklaces and bracelets with bobby pins and incorporate them with your own hair. With a little effort, be different and unique every day.

Guest Post by: Cristina Nika Kask

Cristina is a blogger from HIGH STYLE LIFE. She's an aspiring fashion and lifestyle blogger from Sydney. Making guest appearances on fashion blogs, trying to establish herself in the world of fashion blogging and becoming an important part of the ever growing community.

Thanks alot for this article Cristina!

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