July 8, 2015

Don’t Have A Green Thumb? Problem Solved with Bedding Inn’s Artificial Flowers

Remember my plans of getting a house in the very near future? Well, I actually don’t mind if where my future house will be or how big it is and how long will I pay for it as long as I know at the end of the day I have a place where I can rest my head and get on with a good night sleep and that someday I can have a piece of earth that I can call “home”.

As early as now I am already imagining how I will decorate it and what color scheme will I choose; but one thing is for sure, it will speak greatly of my personality and my life passions.  It will greatly speak volumes about me that by the time I open my door to welcome you in, you will tell me, “Jen, this house is sooo you”. I am already pinning a lot of home decorating ideas onto one of my Pinterest boards, so in the future I will just go back to it and get some inspirations.

Popular Romantic Dreamy Artificial Lavender Float Flowers Sets

I actually would love to have a mini garden or what they call a “lanai” locally, a porch or something to that effect. But unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb unlike my paternal grandmother who whatever she plants blooms and grows. I remember our old ancestral house back then, the house itself was surrounded by gardens with all sorts of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants. Half of the property was my grandma’s mini field where she would plants root crops, fruit-bearing plants, vegetables etc.
Realistic Decorative Roses in Pure Porcelain Pot Artificial Flowers
I have had sooooo many attempts in growing plants and flowers, but to no avail. I even put to death a cactus! Imagine a castus?! It doesn’t even need so much care and I caused it to wither away until it was no more. That’s how bad I am with growing plants. Good thing that I can always shop for Artificial Flowers which I can use to decorate my future home or even the place where I am at now. I actually envy my sister’s cherry blossom branch centerpiece at her place and it really adds a great ambiance to anyone’s home. 
Stunning 4-Color Hydrangea Flower Set with Pot
But we must always consider buying Artificial Flowers Wholesale because they would be at a lower cost if we buy in bulk especially if you get them from department stores or malls.  You know how much these mall stores add cost to their products right? Also, fresh flowers are quite expensive and they don’t last for years correct?
New Arrival A Bunch of Luxurious Vivid Artificial Peony Flowers
We can also check online stores like Bedding Inn for our home decorating needs and have your decors delivered straight at your doorsteps. No need to travel and spend so much energy looking for home decors; you can also use the time you save scouring the malls to do other home improvements right?
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