July 13, 2015

Fuze Resto-Lounge Antipolo

Back in college I used to hang out a lot with my friends who live in LA, which stands for Lower Antipolo and not Los Angeles and is considered as the suburbs of Metro Manila (naks!). We would also visit the nearby restaurants overlooking Metro Manila for some social drinking (which I did do a lot of times back in the day, I’m a good-y good-y girl now haha!). 

There used to be a few spots where you can hang out in that area and places would usually be specific for just eating and just drinking; family/friends-oriented restaurants would also be particular and drinking places would be different. What I mean was if you want to go for drinks after eating you would usually transfer places.

Since then Antipolo has evolved and slowly several restaurants have sprouted here and there that made people trek all the way to the foot and up in the mountains of Antipolo. I was recently invited by Aldous of AldousAteTheWorld.com and Jehrt Santos to check out Fuze Resto-Lounge so I brought my siblings along with me. 

Fuze Resto-Lounge is your perfect go-to destination if you want a change in scenery from the busy and urban atmosphere. It was named as such because the place is a fusion of all sorts. At the ground floor is their main restaurant where they serve shabu-shabu, all-time-favorite Fil-Chinese dishes and other fusion cuisine.
induction stove
It’s a perfect place for families, friends and colleagues to dine and gather for any event or when they just feel like having eating out. The main dining hall gives a cozy atmosphere due to its minimalist design but with an oomph exuding from the super red and long couch that is attached to the wall that expands through one side of the restaurant. On this side is also where guests who would order shabu-shabu would be seated since the tables here have the electric stoves at the center.

We were served with their starter shabu-shabu meal which consisted of 2 broths: chicken and satay, sea urchin bun, cheese fish bun, beef balls, lobster balls, crab roe bun, crab sticks, wonton, mushroom balls, fish tofu, dried taro, pechay tagalog, pechay baguio, sweet corn, sliced beef, sliced pork and egg noodles. 

My sister said the ingredients were of quality and were bigger than other hot-pot places she had tried. Since it was our first time which I am not ashamed to admit, my brother and I super enjoyed out shabu-shabu eating experience. Our table’s favorite was the cheese fish buns which had mozzarella cheese fillings, well, who could resist cheese?

sea urchin bun, crab roe bun, cheese fish bun
We were also served with other Fuze’s best sellers. Everything was delicious and had a unique flavor and way of cooking (since most Chinese dishes I’ve tried taste the same). My favorite from all these dishes is the Sweet and Sour fish with mango sauce. Ugh! Mango! Another favorite of mine!

fish fillet in mango sauce

beef with brocolli

sweet and sour pork

crispy lemon chicken

singaporean noodles
buttered chicken
After regaining a bit of consciousness from our food coma, Jehrt invited us to check out the lounge area at the second floor of the restaurant. Since it was still day time, this area was still closed. He told us that they offer a variety of drinks and pica-pica and beer food. Guest musicians also perform here regularly and they often host live screening of Manny Pacquiao fights and live NBA games.

Both the main dining hall at the ground floor and the lounge area at the second floor can be used for any type of functions and events. I will list their contact info at the end of this post if you LA (lower Antipolo) peeps, east-siders and people who want to have a change of scenery would like to check it out. 

But I highly recommend you try it for their food is worth the drive. All in all, we seriously and honestly enjoyed eating and visiting Fuze Resto-Lounge. My siblings and I made a pact that we will definitely go back with the rest of the fam-bam one of these days.

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Soliven Avenue, Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo, Rizal
02-6557525 / 0922-8886753
Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 11:00am-2:00pm / 6:00pm-10:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 11:00am-2:30pm / 6:00pm-12:00am 
Lounge area is open Fridays and Saturdays
Facebook / Zomato (for complete menu)

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Fuze Resto-Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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