September 3, 2019

How You Can Travel Well, For Less

Travel, no matter what budget you have, is one of life’s greatest luxuries. It is the chance to take some time off from work, get on a plane, enjoy new accommodation and good food, though it is a privilege that a lot of people on earth don’t get to enjoy all that often, if at all. And while the act of traveling itself is indeed a luxury, there are obviously different levels of luxury when it comes to travel. Some people will be happy to share rooms in hostels when they travel, while others will only be happy with a private suite costing them thousands.

But just because there are some places that you can stay like hotel rooms that cost a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get to enjoy some luxury when you travel. Things like fancy restaurants, world-famous hotels, lay-flat business class seats could all be yours to enjoy. You just need to know how to best use your money and knowing where to splurge and where to save. So with all of that in mind, here are some tips to help you enjoy a little more luxury when you travel, without things costing a whole lot.

Collect AirMiles
If you want to be able to fly for less, or be able to make something like business class way more affordable, then it is a good idea to collect air miles. Usually this is done by being loyal to one airline. But you can get cards to collect miles when you are spending on regular things, which will help you to build up enough miles to redeem much quicker than if you only got miles each time you flew.

Join a Vacation Club
There are a lot of different vacation clubs that you can join, from Marriott Vacation Club to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. It could be worth checking out some Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews, but in essence what it is, is where you pay a certain amount to be part of the club, and then you can enjoy luxury resorts in certain locations at least once a year. And because they can come with exclusive benefits, then you can really get your money’s worth. Do your research, but if you have the money for it, it can be a good way to travel.

Use Public Transport
Most city airports are likely to be located a little further out from where the city actually is, so you’ll need to get from the taxi to your hotel easily. And one of the most expensive things when traveling is transportation. If you have to hire a car, or hire a driver, then those costs are going to add up. In a lot of major cities, getting a train or a bus somewhere is going to cost a fraction of what it would cost you to get something like a taxi. Even Uber can end up being more expensive. So that is definitely something to think about.

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