September 13, 2019

Steak Nights at MISTO - Seda Hotel BGC

Steak earns its accolades the old-fashioned way. Steak is king. Steak is what other meat wishes it could be. When a person thinks of meat, the picture that forms in his or her mind is a steak. People love steak because of the way it makes them feel when they put it in their mouths. Steak can also be a status quo. You can eat beef, yes, but eating a prime cut piece of beef is another thing.

I am a carnivore; I can’t live a life without meat. But let me tell you one thing, I am in no way a food expert or do I claim to be. Heck, I barely know the difference between cuts of meat except for the basic ones. So when it comes to steak cuts, I am not the one to ask. But if you’re asking me to eat steak, well, I am one to always say come on let’s go!

Before the hoola baloo that happened to me late last week, I had the privilege to partake with on some meat feast at Seda Hotel BGC’s Misto Restaurant. Seda Hotel BGC is if I’m not mistaken, the first ever hotel in BGC, (well, from what I can remember) and is owned by one of the Ayala Companies. Seda is the Filipino word for silk. It is the symbol of the company’s commitment to weave together seamless service, exceptional value, and exciting destination, for a remarkable hospitality experience.

As of the moment, Seda houses one major restaurant and that is Misto which was actually built to bigger than what it used to be after the expansion of the hotel. Misto, Seda Hotels’ signature restaurant, is the Italian word for “mixed”, reflecting the medley of international flavors that comprise its food selection ranging from universal classics to Filipino favorites. Misto’s value proposition is simple -- good food with great taste that has universal appeal, offering diners a taste of the old and new by blending cooking traditions with modern food presentations to provide an extraordinary dining experience.

Just last month, Misto launched their “Steak Nights”. Fire up your evenings with sizzling steaks fresh off-the-grill! Cooked just the way you like it, the selection includes American Wagyu, T-Bone and Tomahawk to Argentinian and Kurobota Tenderloin, with Lamb Chops and even light Sampler Combos. A complimentary salad buffet completes this extraordinary dining experience. They have steaks at different price points to not only suit your taste but also your budget.

So we tried the following steaks all on cooked rare and fresh; we also got to watch the chef cook them on the grill complete with all flares!

US Beef Back Ribs – priced at Php 838 and those are some huge rib pieces I’ve seen in years!

Argentinian Tenderloin – priced at Php 1181.

Tomahawk – priced at Php 2125. Beautifully plated humongous tomahawk cut

Dry Aged T-Bone – priced at Php 2372

American Wagyu Gold – priced at Php 4100 and the priciest of all the steak offerings at Misto

After our very carnivorous feast we were also endulged with some sweets to somehow balance our palates (wow, what an excuse hahahaha!)

The Tenderloin and the American Wagyu was buttery and tender. The US Beef Back Ribs, Tomahawk, and Dry Aged T-Bone were on the middle when it comes to how tender they were, plus the meat fibers were a little more pronounced on these cuts. I don’t know if it’s because of their positions in the cow’s body or what; like I said I’m no expert. But I gotta say my favorite of all is the Argentinian Tenderloin. I’ve read from somewhere that Argentinian meats are one of the best in the world since they are literally fed by nature. The beef was lean, barely any fat, with a hint of pink where some parts were chewier than the other five. I just love the bold beefy flavor, it’s the only steak I went for thirds. I don’t if it’s just preference, but I had to let that sucker swim in my mouth to make the experience last longer.

If you ask me, I immediately drooled over the smell coming off the grill and the moment the steaks were placed like there’s a steak parade on our table. It might seem to be overwhelming to eat just pure meat, the good thing is, these steaks come with a buffet salad of all sorts. Those that you can customize to your liking and some already prepped for you and all you gotta do is scoop them up into your mouth.

Not only that you can choose two side dishes: mashed potato, mixed veggies, corn or baked potato fries. I’m not really a fan of sauces when it comes to steaks as I want all the pure beef flavor, but if you aren’t like me you can pick Hollandaise, pepper sauce, garlic, mushroom or red wine.

Can’t pick just one type of meat? Try their Steak Sampler Combo where you can get 50 grams a piece and with marble potato and buttered veggies. You can try these steak combos: Prime Rib-Tenderloin, Tenderloin-Lamb Chop and Lamb Chop-Prime Rib. Indulge and treat yourself with some steaks, it’s your pat in the back and you deserve it!

Lobby Level, Seda BGC, 30th Street
Corner 11th Avenue, Bonifacio
Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos: (02) 945 8888

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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