September 24, 2019

Best Destinations You Must Visit during Halloween

People have been celebrating Halloween for ages all over the world. While Halloween you see on TV usually includes jack-o-lanterns, costumes and trick-or-treating, there are different traditions and beliefs connected to this spooky holiday. So, if you want to venture away from your regular Halloween parties, here are a few destinations that come alive (or rather, die and resurrect) during October 31st. Pick any of these spots, and you’ll have a kooky, spooky and ooky Halloween.

Salem, Massachusetts
You don’t even have to hit Salem on Halloween in order to have a creepy experience. Visit any time during October and you’ll get a nice fright. Once upon a time, 26 people were tried and killed for being witches, so the town chooses to commemorate the victims and other witches (real or not) in the coolest of ways. 

These are so many things happening in Salem such as guided tours of hunted spots, trial and witch murder re-enactments, parades, fireworks and witch’s circles. A must-visit spot in Salem is definitely the Witch House Museum which once belonged to Judge Jonathan Corwin, the judge in the trials. If you stay until the actual Halloween night, expect a lot of magic, magic shows, witch’s balls and even a séance or two! Plus, accommodation is quite affordable and so are dining and shopping options, so you’re bound to have a very spooky yet wonderful time.

Derry, Ireland
According to some sources, Halloween originates from the Celtic festival of Samhain that marks the end of the harvest and entering into the darker half of the year. In Ireland, people still call Halloween Samhain (SAW-in is how it’s pronounced). Derry is the center of all the best Halloween celebrations in Ireland with the party running for nine days! Get ready for parades, hunted house visits, ghost tours and fireworks. If you’re not into dressing up every night for nine nights straight, you can just grab some spooky Halloween contact lenses to spice up your tame look. Grab a few pairs of contacts, some fake blood and you’re ready to go!

London, UK
The capital takes Halloween very seriously. It has a bloody past, ancient buildings, musty dungeons, dark alleyways and the scent of one of the most famous serial killers in the history of the work — Jack the Ripper. London offers a lot of interesting events during Halloween and you can stumble upon various parties and celebrations all over the city. You’ll definitely find something that will raise your heartbeat. 

Venice, Italy
This might be a little unexpected, but if you want to have elegant and classy Halloween, Venice is the spot for you. It’s one of the most mysterious places in Europe with its bloody past, eerie atmosphere, tiny alleyways and many legends about sea monsters lurking the canals. Just grab a nice Venetian mask and an elegant dress and get ready to the poshest Halloween ever!

Transylvania, Romania
There’s no better spot in the world to spend the spookiest holiday than this stunning, Gothic, forest-filled country. But, there’s one destination that takes the crown of Halloween top destination—Bran Castle, the home of Vlad the Impaler, the original Count Dracula. The castle stands where once Vlad impaled tens of thousands of his enemies on stakes and left them to rot. Today, the castle is open to the public and the region hosts many tours and parties that include Romanian cuisine, live medieval music, live shows and the infamous Count Dracula wedding. Just make sure to pack a good costume!

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Want to visit any of these destinations during the scariest time of the year? Pack your suitcases with plenty of makeup, costumes and fake blood and you’ll have a blast and come back with plenty of spooky photos and wonderful memories. Who says October isn’t the best time for a trip?

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