September 15, 2019

4 Different Ways to Maintain our Bike Effectively

Our society has been creating and accepting new trends now and then. Initiated by one group of our society, other people start following it instantly and sometimes, blindly. While some trends have proven to be bad for our society, some trends have genuinely improved us for the good.

Riding bikes is one of the healthiest trends in society nowadays. It not only improves our health but is also beneficial for our environment. It saves lots of money, oil, and time. Investing in a bike is equal to investing in good health and the environment. A bike requires good maintenance if you want it to last for years. If you're interested to learn more about bikes, click here.

The maintenance of a bike does not ask for much, just a few simple precautions and steps would be sufficient. Following are some of the ways you can take care of your bike and maintain it regularly:

1. Inspect it regularly:
It is important to inspect your bike every time before you start riding it. It is important to adopt this habit of inspection to avoid any immediate problem. There is a certain order of process of inspection that you need to do which includes checking brakes, the air in the wheels, and the smoothness of the chain of your cycle. Squeeze and check by applying the brakes properly before you ride the bike to be safe. You should also check the air in the tires; they should be perfectly inflated and have a perfect pressure; not more, not less. The chains should also be lubricated enough if you want your ride to be smooth and easy.

2. Buy a good stand:
Half the bike is ruined when you port it from one place to another. But then, you do not have any other option if you want to carry your bike to a particular place. What you can do is invest in a really good bike stand which will make your transportation much easier without spoiling the bike. If you only need to occasionally use your car to transport your bike, Nathan Lee from says that a roof rack makes more financial sense than roof rails. Either way, they make the process much convenient and hustle-free.

3. Clean regularly:
Cleaning your bike regularly is very important, especially if you drive your bike in muddy and harsh conditions. Ignorance in cleaning or lubricating can lower your bike’s performance and also decrease its value. All you need is a cleaning cloth, a liquid soap, brushes, and some water; and your job is done. Do not forget to clean the chain during the whole process. You should carry your cleaning kit while traveling as well.

4. General Tips:
- You should avoid keeping your bike outside to stay away from dirt and moisture.
- It is also very important to keep check of the nuts and bolts because they hold your bike together. Loosen bolts can lower the performance of your bike and can also cause an accident.
- Make a maintenance cycling kit which should include the cleaning supplies, your tool kit, and other important stuff like a lubricant and an air pump.

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