September 28, 2019

Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar - SM City Pasig

I can’t reiterate it enough how much I love coffee. It fuels my soul, it’s the component that runs through my veins, without it I can’t function. Although nowadays, I limit my coffee intake to a maximum of 3 cups a day. I used to consume more than that before, but I have been having acid reflux every now and then, so I had to cut back on my caffeine intake. Also, if I drink coffee all throughout the day, I always end up staying up late, because even after a day of work, I get home and still feeling all pumped up. 

I’ve tried out a lot of coffee shop and DIY coffee brands and only just last weekend that I encountered coffee and tea that is infused with nitrogen. I’ve heard a lot and have tried other food items that are nitrogen-infused or have used nitrogen as cooling agent, only now that I tried it with coffee and tea. Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar is and island-based coffee shop in malls and other establishments and has been around for a while and already with more than branches in Luzon, yet I’ve only heard them through friends who recently have been posting on social media about this new coffee concept.

Many low-temperature processes leverage nitrogen’s cooling and freezing capabilities. Liquid nitrogen is used in innovative cooling and freezing technologies plus it is an effective and convenient refrigerant due to its availability, low cost, and inert properties. The culinary use of liquid nitrogen is mentioned in an 1890 recipe book titled Fancy Ices authored by Mrs. Agnes Marshall but has been employed in more recent times by restaurants in the preparation of frozen desserts, such as ice cream, which can be created within moments at the table because of the speed at which it cools food.

The rapidity of chilling also leads to the formation of smaller ice crystals, which provides the dessert with a smoother texture. Liquid nitrogen has also become popular in the preparation of cocktails because it can be used to quickly chill glasses or freeze ingredients. It is also added to drinks to create a smoky effect, which occurs as tiny droplets of the liquid nitrogen come into contact with the surrounding air, condensing the vapor that is naturally present.

Hot Pressed 3 Cheese Sandwich
Hot Pressed Tuna Sandwich
Hot Pressed Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Hot Pressed Corned Beef Sandwich

Last weekend, I finally got the chance to try what Nitro 7 has to offer. Their coffee and tea preparation take them 18-hours to cold brew the coffee/tea and then it is infused with nitrogen. The process then gives out a low acidity, stronger, full-bodied and naturally sweet coffee and tea. The coffee and teas are served from a tap like draft beer to achieve the Guinness effect. Since the drinks are already cold, there is no need to put ice – which actually waters down the flavor of most caffeinated drinks. So, what you get is nothing but pure coffee and tea goodness. 

Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza
Garlic & Cheese Thin Crust Pizza

But before we go to their coffee and tea, let me just tell you that this café is more than just that, they also offer light meals and snacks to go with your drinks. I got to try Nitro 7’s Hot Pressed Sandwiches, Pizzas and their Wrap N Roll Sandwich. For the Hot-Pressed Sandwiches, I tried all four variants: 3-Cheese, Corned Beef, Tuna & Cheese and the Ham & Cheese. Among the four, I really liked the 3-Cheese and the Ham & Cheese because of the very generous amounts of cheese in there. These two will probably my go-to orders for whenever I drop by any Nitro 7 store. 

Frank N' Cheese Sandwich

For the Pizza they are 12 inches in diameter, and I got to try the Pepperoni and Garlic Cheese Pizzas. I’m not really a fan of pepperoni ham but I’m a cheese lover myself so the Garlic Cheese greatly appealed to me, cheese is a no-brainer after all; plus, with garlic, it creates a very savory flavor that nobody can resist. I also loved the Frank and Cheese which is like hotdog sandwich, but they use franks smothered that with loads of cheese and then wrapped in tortilla bread. Those things are addictive, honestly. 

Black Nitro Coffee
Nitro Brevé
Vanilla Brevé
Irish Cream Brevé
Toffee Hazelnut
Nitro Mocha
Hazel Nut Caramel Mocha
Peppermint Mocha
Chocolate Macadamia

Now for the drinks, we tried almost everything on their beverage menu! The last time I did something like this was with a milk tea place and I swore I won’t do that again. Yet I found myself doing the same thing all over again, oh well, for the sake of being a foodie and a blogger, I’ll do these crazy things. 

Butterscotch Milk Tea
Strawberry Milk Tea
Caramel Milk Tea
Melon Milk Tea
Brown Sugar Milk Tea
Chocolate Hazelnut Milk Tea

With the 18 drinks that were served to us, I only got to try 4. I guess that’s the maximum amount of coffee and tea that I can drink in short span of time. I tried the basic Nitro 7 coffee, it was strong, literally every sip gives you that punch. Although I must say, it is true that it is less acidic than other coffees I’ve tried before. But I love the strong nutty aftertaste that I get after every sip. My main drink was the Peach Black Tea and it was quite tangy, I like it still. I tried my friend’s milk tea, I forgot what its particular variant it was but it wasn’t that sweet, so I liked it too. And the last one I tried was the Nitro Mocha which was another friend’s drink, that was good as well. 

Premium Black Tea
Passion Fruit Black Tea
Peach Black Tea
Strawberry Black Tea

I really like the fact that Nitro 7 Coffee & Tea Bar's coffees are sweet already and that they need less sweetener and that they are less acidic so I can enjoy coffee without the fear of having acid reflux problems again. I hope they will open a branch near me soon so I can try all the other coffee and tea flavors. 

SM Center Pasig, Upper GF,
Frontera Verde, cor Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave,
Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
Contact Nos: 

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