September 27, 2019

Working on an Extended Trip

Taking an extended trip can be a great idea. When you go on a short vacation, you are very limited. You quickly rush between tourist attractions, taking in as much as you can in a short time, enjoying everything that the location has to offer. You get very little time to rest and relax, you don’t meet new people or really get to know anyone, and your time is spent only on the highlights. 

You don’t get a chance to see how the local people live, to learn more about the history and the culture of the area, to learn the language or to see any of the hidden gems that might not be as readily advertised. Most of us return from a short trip desperate for a rest, more tired than we were when we left home in the first place.

When we take an extended trip, we get a chance to live. You can fully immerse yourself in local life, seeing much more than the tourist attractions on offer. You’ll learn language and experience history and culture. Unfortunately, not many of us have the opportunity to leave our jobs for months at a time. Your post might not be kept open, and you might not be able to afford to do without a steady income. Fortunately, in today's world, there are plenty of other options, and you might have the chance to work while you are away from home. Here’s a look at some of your options, as well as some ways to make it work.

Work Remotely
The internet means that more of us than ever are working from home at least some of the time. If you can work from home, could you work from an alternative location? Could you keep doing your current job, remotely from another country? Speak to your manager to see if there are any options before you look at alternatives.

Become a Freelancer
Working as a freelancer is another excellent choice. If you’ve got any skills like writing, web design, or editing, you could work as a freelancer wherever you are, as long as you’ve got a laptop and a web connection.

Find a Job
Another option is finding a job at your destination. If you can get a job in France or wherever you are visiting, you could earn a regular income, gain new skills, learn more about the local culture and economy. Working in another country can be a great way to learn more and experience a different side of life.

Create a Base
When we travel, many of us are happy to stay in cheap accommodation to save money for other things. We only sleep there, after all. But, when you are working, your accommodation is more important. You need to rest comfortably and may require other facilities. Make sure that you’ve got everything you need, and feel settled and safe wherever you are staying.

Learn Some Language
If you are going to work abroad, learning some language beyond the polite niceties might be helpful. Learn vocabulary related to your job and practice as much as you can.

Remember Your Reasons for Travel
If work is your reason for travel, throw yourself in and enjoy it. But, if work is just something that you have to do, remember why you wanted to travel in the first place and make sure you take enough time away from work to enjoy it.

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