September 16, 2019

Shangri-La The Fort’s Bake House Manila: Freshly Made with A Conscious Heart

Just when you think you’ve seen or tried all the dining options in BGC, one after the other, new restaurants and cafes pop up every now and then. Nearly just two months ago, Shangri-La Hotel at The Fort BGC opened yet another interesting concept store for BGC dwellers and visitors to enjoy: Bake House Manila. It’s as if the in-house restaurants inside Shang BGC ain’t offering delicious baked goods already, that they opened this casual yet stylish café.

Unlike Makati and Edsa Shang that are very traditional, Shangri-La The Fort puts itself out there as a vibrant, young, dynamic and contemporary hotel. “Modern” is what Shangri-La The Fort falls on for their restaurants and services. Well, BGC is the “it” and hip city of the moment and just keeping up with its crowd. Shang Fort always wanted to be very unique with their dining concepts. Yet, of course, they still have the usual buffet resto, but there's still a touch point that gives a unique, very solid narrative which is what they want to establish at the hotel.

Bake House Manila is the latest dining outlet that Shang put forth and also its legit bakeshop that hotel guests and non-guests can enjoy. What makes this bakeshop different from all the other bakeshop that you can find in BGC, you ask? Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard of a very environment-friendly, healthy and anti-food wastage bakeshop around here? Nope? Yep, it’s only Bake House Manila is all that and more. Their pretty proud of these concepts too!

All their packaging is recyclable, composable and biodegradable. They support the reduced use of single use plastic, their beverage straws are made of corn starch, ha! Beat that! Now I know what you will ask about next, how about the food? All their pastries, sweets, savories are great tasting. Made from all-natural ingredients, transfat free and gluten free and they refrain using artificial dyes for the color and artificial flavorings. Just check out their fruit tarts, I’ve never seen a blueberry tart and a raspberry tart that uses legit and fresh blueberries and raspberries, no not the canned ones. I have not seen a raspberry IRL, only here and the first time.

Since Bake House Manila is committed in helping in reducing waste and carbon footprint, they created what they call the “Conscious Cookies” and these sweet snack is made from various cookie trims and ingredients that did not make the measuring cup, or in other words “tira-tira”. The thing about these conscious cookies is that there’s no boxed recipe for when making them, they bake these depending what “scraps” that they have in the kitchen. Taste wise, it’s pretty good.

Their cakes are equally decadent and beautifully decorated. Loved the look of their Lemon Cake and the chunky uneven frosting of their Triple Chocolate Cake. They look perfect with the store’s interiors that follows a rustic-shabby chic-industrial style, you know, just like off of a Pinterest board. The play of dark earth hues paired with greyish blue furniture are very pleasing to the eyes and makes it an overall cozy place to breakfast nook or afternoon hangout place.

Conscious Cookies

As for their beverages, they highly complement Bake House Manila’s the delectable food choices. They have a beverage line-up that matches their sweet and savory offerings. They have a house-made kombucha juices that comes in three flavors. As for their caffeinated drinks (coffee and tea), Bake House partnered with Toby’s Estate (one of my fave coffee shops!) so expect nothing but good coffee and teas as well.

By the way, they have an array of other offerings there that you can buy and enjoy at home. It’s a sosh-posh bake shop but with a conscious heart (why do I feel like it’s a line from a Ms. Universe Q&A response hahaha!) but with reasonable prices for its quality, some are breads and treats are even priced less than a hundred pesos. So, don’t get intimidated that it’s a hotel café because I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that will tickle your fancy.

A lot of thanks go out to my blogger friend Nix Jasmin for the lovely photos and info. Follow her food and travel adventures at and!

Lobby Level, Shangri-La at the Fort,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos: 02 8200888

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