June 12, 2021

5 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Wellbeing

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Did you know traveling is good for your health and happiness? Traveling can reduce stress and has health benefits. Read below for the ways travel can improve your wellbeing. 

1. It gives you the time to be creative
Are you experiencing a creative block, feeling overworked, or just professionally lost? We’ve all been there. To avoid burnout - it might be time for a vacation. Traveling has actually been proven to boost your ability to form new ideas. Travel can serve as a hard reset 


2. Decreases risk of depression
Travel is a huge stress-reliever and can improve your mood. Many travelers report feeling less anxious, more rested, and in a better mood. Interestingly, these benefits tend to linger for weeks after the trip has ended. Sunshine is a mood elevator and can help people ward off depression. 

3. Reduces stress
It’s a proven fact that fresh air and sunshine are good for our health. Fresh air increases oxygen in our blood and, in turn, gives us more energy. When you're on vacation, you throw schedules away. You sleep in, stay up late, do things when you want to. The whole point of a vacation is to get away from a daily routine. We suggest you put your cell phones and laptops away and experience total freedom from your everyday life.


4. Boosts mental health
Taking a break from your daily routine means you’re also taking a break from your environment and habits. You have an opportunity to create new habits and distance yourself from your daily life. You will have more time to exercise, walk or do yoga. This will clear your mind and boost your mental health - and hopefully, you can continue this once back home. 

5. Increases happiness
Most people are happiest when they have a vacation planned. We seem to even enjoy the anticipation of a travel experience more than the actual trip. Studies have shown that we value our experiences more than any material possessions we may own. Spending money on a new experience is more important than buying something new because the experience stays with you forever, and you can always take it with you wherever you go. 

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  1. This is very true. It has a great impact in our well being ,in our mood when you travel or see different place aside from your home and daily routine. It gives your mind peace, a break from a stressful daily habits at home or at work. Travelling is a good stress reliever. Exploring outdoor beautiful sceneries makes your mood beautiful too. So if your stressed,over worked and you want a reset, travelling is the best idea to unwind and improve your mood & well being.

  2. Agree po pag nag travel ka mas nagiging creative yung mind natin. Madalas naman nakakalimutan natin nag mga iniisip natin sa buhay. Kaya hanggat possible maganda pa din mag travel at least once a year nakakawala na nag stress na boost pa ang ating mental health.


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