June 28, 2021

4 Best Reasons To Take A Solo Trip To Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place and I highly recommend that you should visit at least once in your life. You will see some of the most inspiring attractions in Dubai. Dubai international airports is one of the most lavish airports that you’ll ever come across in your entire life. You can travel to Dubai with your preferred airline like I mostly travelled with Emirates Airlines as it provides comfort at low cost. The best way to get to your hotel from the airport is by using the metro system. 


Traveling alone can become an exciting and revealing experience. Dubai is the ideal place to initiate self-reflection, personal growth, and unlimited freedom. An adventure like this in the Emirati capital will make you feel like never before. These are some of the reasons to travel solo to Dubai

Reasons To Take Solo Trip To Dubai
1. Wellness and Personal care experiences
Travelers can de-stress mind and body with experiences like Sofitel's The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery, the region's first holistic wellness center, tucked away in Palm Jumeirah. In addition, numerous yoga practices are organized that help change the Savasana, such as yoga sessions on the beach at Fairmont The Palm , The Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah, and The Ritz-Carlton .

2. Desert and Beach
In the National Park Hatta are recommended activities such as hiking through mountain passes and wadis (dry canyons), a dip in the rock pools and even kayaking in the blue waters of the dam of the park. In addition, you can sleep right there, at the Hatta campsite, where there is space to pitch tents. On the other hand, the Al Qudra lakes allow you to observe the local wild fauna and flora: flamingos, swans and many migratory birds.


3. Multiculturalism
Among the most noteworthy are: taking out the Picasso that is inside in the Sketch Art Café & Sketch Studio in Mattar bin Lahej Gallery, creating a unique ceramic work in Yadawei Ceramics Studio, for adults and children, and letting yourself go in the classes of music and dance from the Buddy Institute of Music and Dance and the Dubai Performing Arts (DPA) Academy, led by Broadway stars, renowned choreographers and seasoned conductors.

4. Gastronomies
Those taught at Culinary Boutique , Top Chef Dubai or the International Center for Culinary Arts Dubai (ICCA) stand out. On the other hand, Frying Pan Adventures organizes gastronomic tourist routes through bustling local markets and hidden culinary treasures.

Places You should Visit in Dubai:
1. The Burj Khalifa
2. The Burj Al Arab
3. The Dubai Mall
4. Ski Dubai
5. Sky Dive
6. Dubai marina
7. The Dubai Frame
8. The Dubai Creek
9. The souks


Dubai Marina:
It’s full of tall rice skyscrapers with luxury residences that you can rent or buy here in Dubai. Overall, this is a cool place to hang out, it also has lots of restaurants, bars, shops.
This place cool part is its beach. I highly recommend coming to Dubai marina.

Dubai Creek:
You’ll need to go to an area called Dara and this is at the north end of the city where you’ll find stuff like this all-middle east and building’s with lots of old rickety boats.

The Souks:
If you don’t know what a souk is, it's basically a giant market where you can barter with the locals for things like spices, clothing, souvenirs and gold.
Admittedly the way they do business in the East is very different as compared to the west.


Dubai Frame:
If you're thinking that it’s a giant picture frame in the middle of a desert you are right, the best photo opportunities are from here the lulu hypermarket right across the streets where you can get some pretty pictures. The best thing about it is the elevator ride that when goes up you can see everything out of the window. I found it to be pretty cool as on top you get a short talk from this guide about the Dubai frame and then he lets you explore everything.

Burj Khalifa:
The most famous building in all of Dubai is Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world, everyday people visit here and get some nice sunset pictures. After every half hour you can see magical fountains with Arabic and English music in the shadow of the biggest building.


Dubai Mall:
The mall of the emirates once again like Dubai mall is very fancy and you’re probably going to need quite a bit of money to spend to shop here.

Ski Dubai:
This place ski Dubai has a ski slope right here in the middle of the mall. If you’re a skier or snowboarder then you should visit this mall to enjoy.

Burj Al-Arab:
The borscht Al -Arab is one of the most famous buildings in all of Dubai and probably all of the world but unless you’re staying or unless you’ve got a dinner reservation.

If you want the most extreme level of fun, you could see the palm by jumping off a plane. This is probably the best thing you would do in Dubai. It is also expensive but you should try this at least once in your life.


Dubai Tourism has developed the Visit Dubai App and Dubai Calendar, with recommendations, a currency converter and downloadable maps and guides for access without internet.

Whatever the reason, Dubai brings together these experiences, and more, for all tastes and budgets.
You should know that Dubai is the great city of entertainment where different types of monuments and huge shopping centers are mixed, under a futuristic vision. Dubai is a safe destination, Dubai is the capital of contrasts, exclusivity, luxury and tradition. Of the exceptional. An incredible destination.

Autumn and spring are a good time to travel to Dubai and visit its skyscrapers, stay in its spectacular hotel complexes and discover a paradise in the middle of the desert.

We could continue listing reasons to visit Dubai, but with these you are sure to already consider a trip to this wonderful emirate. The future and wonderful Arab hospitality await you.

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  1. This is a great recommendation for people who loves to travel especially those who are single. Dubai is indeed an amazing place because it has some of the most inspiring attractions. Its really awesome to visit such place once in a lifetime.

  2. Dubai is a very nice place to visit. there are a lot to see especially those luxurious buildings and also there are a lot of things you can do. with the list of reasons to go alone in Dubai surely makes you want to plan your next travel.


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