August 22, 2018

Dubai Travel Diaries - 3 Days Of Adventure, Luxury And Desert!

If there is luxury anywhere in this world, then it is in Dubai! If you are done with the chic boutiques and majestic buildings of Europe and experienced how fast America is in New York, then it is time you get a taste of real luxury in Dubai! No other city does opulence and extravagance like Dubai, we bet!

Dubai is the epitome of human creation! In the midst of desert, you will get to see masterpieces of architecture and engineering! Some of the most beautiful buildings of the world touch the skyline of this flamboyant city! Whilst most of the tourist attractions in the world are bejeweled with historical remains or natural beauty, Dubai is one place that has some of the most iconic man made structures that are recent, which has turned Dubai into a hotspot on the map of world tourism. 

Dubai sings of luxury and heat! For most of the people heading to Dubai for a vacation, it is going to be an insane concoction of the Arabic culture and the modern recreational ways. Dubai is one of the best stag party destinations abroad. There are so many things to do in the city that a 4 day trip will feel less!

To help you sort your itinerary, we bring a few suggestions as to what all you can do on your trip to this city of desert and grandeur! This is how we would have planned our trip of Dubai, you are absolutely free to make changes according to your feasibility. 

Day 1
There is no way you can begin your Dubai vacation with some other thing except visiting the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa! The sight of this 828 meter tall building is going to fill you with amaze. There’s nothing like this beast in the entire world and you would not want to begin your trip with anything else but this iconic sight! You can also make a reservation to visit the the At the Top observation desk to feel at the top of the world! 

Now that you are already at Burj Khalifa, you can head to the Dubai Mall. This place is a fashion world in itself. Spread in an area of 13 million square foot and having around 1200 stores, we don’t see any reason to not head to this fashion jungle for shopping! After you are done with the shopping spree, move on to a wonderful experience at the Underwater Zoo. Do not miss out on the Musical Fountain and the Ice Skating Rink in any case! 

Day 2
The second day of your Dubai vacay must be dedicated to the miles and miles of desert that are not just hot but also enchanting. To have a taste of adrenaline pumping adventure and to enjoy the Arabic hospitality and culture, a desert safari is what you want! Desert safaris can be extremely savage as it involves bashing sand dunes, some as tall as seven storey buildings. It is surely not for the faint hearted, fellas. No wonder you get to see many girl gangs celebrating an adventurous hen do in the deserts of Dubai. 

At the end of the day you will be taken to a traditional Arabic style camp to indulge in the local culture by taking a camel ride, alluring belly dancing, Sheesha and a delicious serving of Lebanese cuisine. The day cannot end at a better note, we bet! 

Day 3
On the final day of your Dubai trip, let yourself chill in the relaxing vibe of this magnificent city. You may choose to bask in the sun on any of the beach and then go for a meal in any of the high end restaurants like the Jumeirah Beach Hotel or the Sky Bar at the Burj- Al- Arab. not only this, take out the time to have a splashing day in the Aquaventure Water Park. If you still have some time left, head straight to the IMG Worlds of Adventure to take a stroll down the memory lane of your childhood!

And last but not the least, you cannot end the trip without ransacking the Gold Souks of Dubai! That’s just way too much of Dubai in a mere three days! Voila! 

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