August 25, 2018

K-Pub BBQ Restaurant: KPop Meets Buffet

K-Pop, Koreanovela, Korean BBQ and buffets -- a few of the things Filipinos are going crazy about. By now it is not surprising anymore if we Filipinos fall for these kinds of things, may they be just fads or not. I wouldn't be surprise because whether we like and admit or not, KPop groups and Korean actors are talented, Korean food is good and quite healthy and buffets are money-saving way to get our tummies full.

When I was still with my past job, we changed our way of doing our Christmas party and for 2017 we went for a restaurant buffet instead of the usual potluck or renting a function or hotel room. I'll just say our last Christmas party went crazy, and I mean crazy like The Hangover movie that everyone in the team agreed we go for a toned down and wholesome party that year.

Among the buffet restaurants that we rounded up, majority of us voted for K-Pub since it had very reasonable price per person, they have private function areas and one of the only few ones that can accommodate our group's headcount. K-Pub BBQ is a meat-all-you-can concept restaurant, infused with a Korean Pop Music theme. It will transport guests to downtown Seoul in the hippest, coolest and biggest Korean barbecue restaurant in the Philippines.

The one we visited was located at the recently opened "Top of the Glo" at Glorietta Center which can easily be accessed through the Glorietta 4 Cinemas or the Glorietta 2 escalator. They Open up until the entire Mall is closed to accommodate the late night party crowd. It claims to be the hippest, coolest and biggest Korean barbeque restaurant in the Philippines and offers top-notch facilities to go along with its unparalleled service. With a whopping 420 person seating capacity, high definition widescreen LCD televisions, special VIP sections, imported smokeless grills, and a large stage to house performances and events, KPub promises to keep you entertained in utmost comfort.

Sure enough a curtained space was reserved for us and 1 server was appointed to our tables as well. We availed of the PHP 899 Promo: This promo includes no Limits and Unlimited Refills of: Steamed Egg, Kimchi-Pajeon, Bibimbap (small), Steamed Rice & Kimchi Fried Rice, Soup, House Salad, Pizza - kimchi & cheese/ tomato & cheese/ bulgogi / spicy pork / seafood, Kimbap - dried seaweed roll of kimchi or beef bulgogi, Japchae - glass noodles with sautéed vegetables, Fried Spring Rolls, Ssam (Lettuce) and other side dishes.

Of course the highlight of here are the several types of meats for indoor grilling: Cream Dori Bulgogi - marinated fish fillet in sweet soy sauce; Saewoo - garlic butter shrimp; Ojingeo Tuigim - calamari; Uhmuk - fish tofu; K-Pub So Galbi - marinated beef short rib; LA Galbi - marinated cross-cut beef short rib; So Bulgogi - marinated beef slice in sweet soy sauce; Dwaeji Bulgogi - marinated pork slice in sweet soy sauce; Chadol Baki - beef sukiyaki tong; Tong Samgeopsal - whole pork belly; Daepae Samgeopsal - Korean style bacon; Yangnyem Samgeopsal -marinated pork belly in sweet & spicy sauce; Dak Bulgogi - marinated chicken in sweet soy sauce; Dwaeji Galbi - marinated pork chop pizza.

No meal would be complete without any desserts. The promo that we availed also includes dessert: choice of Sikhye (rice punch) or Melona Korean ice cream. All of us went for the Korean ice cream which was a fish-shaped strawberry ice cream filled sandwich.

Food, ambiance and service wise we all agreed it was average. But can you even complain for eating a lot of stuff for an affordable fee. Besides what matters most that night was the idea of celebrating Christmas, exchanging gifts and mingling with among ourselves without thinking about work and outside the confines of the four walls of our office.

Roofdeck, Glorietta 1, Ayala Center,
Glorietta Complex, Makati City
Contact Nos: 02 8471961 / 0917 1115782

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