August 17, 2018

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Kapitolyo

People say that millennials like me are ruining friendships and that we are going through a friendship crisis as a generation because we only connect through social media. Millennials have been known to favor favoring convenience over authenticity. But as a millennial who witnessed both the good and the bad of simple old times and the advent of technology, I can say, at least for myself, that that belief is a generalization. Growing apart with your friends is inevitable and also a personal choice. 

I have hundreds of acquaintances but I only keep a handful of close friends. And when I mean close, we go way back, have shared so many memories together and have the confidence to confide to one another about just anything. I have friends who despite distance, time differences or not talking for months on end, whenever I reach out to them or whenever we see each other, it’s as if those former hindrances of friendship never even happened. We always find ways to have a good time in a short span of time that we meet and reminisce.

A few months back I met up with my high school friends whom I grew up with during my elementary and high school. We would usually go out for dinner and drinks when one of our friends who live abroad comes back to the Philippines. I reckon back then that we were always like brothers and sisters, always together, always looking out for each other. We may have had different and individual lives back in college but a mini reunion erases all those years or months of absence from each other’s lives. We joke around, tease each other, banter and bicker just like what we used to do in high school. But definitely, the maturity and the support for one another never faded. And only a few of them I have kept from the high school friends that I’ve known.

For this year’s Kuya M’s homecoming I suggested that we try Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Kapitolyo.  We were all born and raised in Pasig City and it's just fitting to dine in BoKap (if you're a true blooded son/daughter of Pasig, you know very well this term). I used to live in Kapitolyo for a few months and I am a witness of how the food scene here has exponentially grown over the past few years and has become a well-known foodie destination.

I’ve been dying to try it out since the time I visited their sister establishment: RM-16 (which is a secret bar that I blogged about months ago, link here: SECRET BAR: RM-16). Little did I know that the concept of Tittos Latin BBQ was also built on friendship just like my friendship with a few select high school friends of mine. I only found out while researching for this blog post. I read their story and it goes:

So here are the dishes and drinks that we got to try from Tittos:

Carne Asada Frittas - thick-cut fries and grilled skirt steak, mozzarella, cheddar, marinated tomatoes, gravy, chimichurri and molted egg. Perfect and flavor-packed aperitif to get your appetite going. I found the addition of egg a bit weird, but it's a different kind of experience for a poutine and I was up for it. 

Sisig Street Tacos - pork mascara, tortilla, onions, chilis, liver sauce, chicharones, and melted cheese. A cool Filipino-Mexican fusion. Both dishes are well loved by each cuisine and putting them in one dish together is a great idea. I love the crunch of the sisig and the egg on top was something that I haven’t seen and tried from other restos that serve sisig tacos. 

Nacho el Gigante - tortilla chips, beef barbacoa, tomato salsa, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, trio of cheese, chimichurri, and Mexican crema. Another flavor packed appetizer with generous amounts of ingredients and cheese sauce over a massive spread of chips.

Pollo Pizzadilla - open faced tortilla pizza, grilled chicken, tomato sauce, pimientos, onions, cheese, chimichurri. I love quesadillas especially just with cheese and grilled chicken strips and transforming it into a pizza is a perfect idea. This was a cheesy, greasy, crisp-edged glory.

Pollo Asado - roasted chicken, side veggies, mango relish and chimichurri. If you can see in my photo, this Mexican marinated chicken simply disappeared and I almost wasn’t able to take a photo. Says something about this smokey roast right?

Paella de Carne - ggrilled chicken inasal, chorizo, sofrito, green peas, French beans and lemon. I love that something very Filipino was included in this otherwise Castillian dish with the use of Inasal chicken which made the paella with a very deep smokey flavor.

Tittos Ube Churros - ube churros, white chocolate frosting, caramel and chocolate drizzle. Ube or purple yam is one of those local delicacies that I can truly say is my all-time favorite. I can eat ube jam for hours on end. Give me anything ube-flavored and I’ll betcha that I’ll eat it. I love it that ube has been becoming a thing for a lot of food nowadays (champorado, cakes, crinkles etc) and I say why not? It’s not only sweet but also rich in Vitamin E and Potassium. Loved these churros but I think if they used Macapuno or Buko Salad ice cream with this, it would have been the perfect dessert at Titto’s.

Cucumber Elderflower - a minty cucumber juice, elderflower cordial, lime juice, soda water. This was my drink and it’s like a mojito sans the alcohol and was really refreshing.

Spice Berry - spiced vodka, pineapple and raspberry and blue berry. This drink is the perfect summer drink (we visited Titto’s back in early May) because it’s refreshing and festive. It’s a vodka drink that is slightly smokey, crisp, and just a little spicy.

Tittos Mule - Tequila, lime juice, Corona syrup, ginger beer froth. I think I’ve tried this one before at RM-16, but I’m not really sure. This tequila infused drink is a spicy and refreshing cocktail.

I simply adore Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew’s idea of a not-too-traditional take on Mexican-Latin cookery is among the most dynamic in restaurants today and that it’s very core is anchored on the foundation of their friendship. I seriously loved every dish that we got to try that night especially that I spent it with my very good friends over reminiscing and laughter.

16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo,
Pasig City, Philippines
Contact Nos: 02 5323414 / 0917 8122243

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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