August 16, 2018

Wear Silk for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things one can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We all know that being sleep-deprived will and can lead to several medical problems, so as much as possible we should make sure we get enough zzzzzzzz’s as much as we can. Sleep is so fundamentally linked to our physical and emotional health, so it's never been more important to wear the right kind of attire to bed each night. It can’t be a surprise to know that that your bedtime clothing choices are actually helpful in making your sleep comfortably. 

I for one, cannot sleep with the clothes that I wore from the day. I make sure to take a quick shower and put on something ultra-comfy before hitting the sack. Are you the type who will wear what you wore the entire day to sleep? Or change into PJs or an old oversized shirt? Well I am guilty of the latter, sometimes I just used an old-worn-out-oversized shirt to use as my sleeping clothes but most of the time I changed into a tank top and shorts before I go to sleep. They are not the most comfortable sleepwear, I guess, because I always wake up during the time that I am supposed to get a good night sleep.

There are many different kinds of form-fitting clothing that women like to wear to bed each night. May it be a tank top, booty shorts, or a negligee, many women head for bed sporting very tight, taut, and clingy attire. Did you know that skin-tight nighties are posing a risk to your overall health? Every time you wear constricting clothing to bed, such as pants with an elastic waistband or a binding type of shirt, you're negatively impacting your circulation as well as hindering your ability to breathe normally throughout the night. I have read from somewhere that wearing a silk pajama set is a strategic sleep attire that is made to help regulate your body temperature during the night, which, in turn, can promote better slumber.

But if you need to help your skin to breathe because we know that wearing  tight and long items each night can lead to skin irritations you can always go for a silk camisole which you can pair with a long silk robe. I’ve always wanted to try them especially when I saw Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf’s sleeping style. Whether it’s PJ’s, slips or camisoles, she’s always wearing them in comfortable silk. 

If can shell out for silk, I’sd say go for it! And if you’re also someone who typically gets cold throughout the night or if you're sleeping in a cooler environment, silk is the best insulator. But the real key to picking the perfect sleepwear is to make sure they’re comfortable for you. You can find these beautiful silk sleepwear at FreedomSilk. Sleep tight lovelies! ‘Til next time!

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