August 5, 2016

Florals and Maxis

I was never the simple girl. I've been known to be the expressive one among my family and friends. Everything that is about me was and is never simple. People closest to me can attest to that. The way I talk, the things I buy, the things I do, the things I share, heck, even the way I dress ain't simple.
Don't get confused, I am not loud though. It's just that I always had the need to stand out or be noticed or speak my mind. This is the way I was wired and I will never be sorry about it. It is me and I will always be like this.

Even when I was younger I always make it a point to dress up and I love it. There are fashion trends that I don't feel like following but I am adventurous eitherway. I just keep it still me or I never veer away from my style.
dress 3 / dress 4
I used to stick to what will always make me look taller because I am petite. That's why I stay away from anything long. But lately I've realized tricks and trips can help but confidence goes a long way than that. Say for example, I rarely used to wear maxi dresses. But now I have come to embrace them. I also love to wear them in prints like those floral maxi dress.
dress 5 / dress 6
They are long and with bold prints which speaks alot about my style. Yes I do have monochromatic items in my closet, but life is lonely and boring without colors and shapes - that is why I like prints and florals. Besides they are very girly too right?
Find the featured pieces in this blog post at Visit their blog too while you're at it, here's the link:
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