August 15, 2016

Capture Life's Beautiful Moments with Clozette x Huawei

It's crazy that we only got for months to go before this year ends but 2016 has been good to me. Sure I have my fair share of ups and downs but I am focusing more on the great things that happened in the last few months. For one someone healed me of my worst heart ache ever and I am thankful for that hahaha! I've never felt so rejuvenated emotionally, spiritually and physically speaking from that experience.

Anyway I was thinking of the most beautiful moments that happened to me this year and it's hard to really pick just one. Throughout the year I've made new friends who share the same passions as I do (like blogging), reconnected with old ones and made strong bonds with current relationships. But I think what stands out most is something that has to do with blogging.

I have never considered myself a popular nor a seasoned blogger though I have been blogging since 2011. Heck, I can't even head to head with other bloggers both old and new on how they write their blog posts, reviews and how awesome their photos, blogs and social media are. I am one of the top 25 bloggers of Zomato Philippines and was in the top 5 early this year and because of that I was once invited at one of Sofitel Philippine Plaza's major event.

I think that is one of the best moments of this year for me. During the event, someone whispered to me that the Zomato bloggers present in that event were handpicked by Sofitel's Marketing team. Major media people were present, including the top management of Sofitel, Sofitel chefs, dignitaries from the Korean and French Embassies to the Philippines.

It was a very lovely event and don’t even get me started with the food. Suffice to say that during and after the event, everyone went home with smiling faces and happy tummies.

Why do I say that this is the highlight of my year you might ask? For one I get to chat a bit with the Korean Ambassador while we were in line getting food from one of the buffet tables. Now that's not something I get to experience on a daily basis! I actually felt a bit shy knowing I was around well-known people from the media, blogging world, hotel and restaurant world and the elites.

My ultimate take away though is that instead of feeling proud of myself, it humbled me instead. It put a great smile on my face and my heart too knowing that even though I don't have thousands of followers or readers, some people believe in me or can see the potential in me. That somehow I am an influencer in my own little ways. That my unheard of blog is worth being a platform to share information, news and features and being noticed by a well-known institution like Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

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