July 14, 2019

EDSA Beverage Studio - The Grid Food Hall, Rockwell

My addiction to coffee started back in college. Being a nursing student who needs to stay alert during classes, hospital duties and studying late nights, coffee became the fuel that run my soul and body. Also, when I started working in the medical insurance industry and doing night shifts it was also the one that kept me awake and alert all through those nights for almost 8 years. It even came to a point that I had hyper acidity because I was drinking way too much coffee.

But nowadays, I don’t think coffee has even a little effect on me. I drink at least 2-3 glasses daily before I go to work. I mean, as believe I cannot function without drinking it first. Yet I am very much aware that everything is just psychological now. Because there are times that even if I just drank a cup a few hours ago, I still get sleepy.  I don’t know, maybe the effects have reversed, or I just got immune to coffee. Either way, coffee will always be a part of my daily routine whether I work on a day shift, midshift or night shift.

Last week, while waiting for my friends for lunch at the The Grid Food Hall in Rockwell, JB, FG and I got our caffeine fix from EDSA Beverage Studio which is located on the center of the food hall. I am familiar with the brand since I’ve always wanted to visit their craft coffee store a few years ago when they started brewing and during the time that I was curious about third wave coffee.

EDSA Beverage Design Group is one of the players in the 3rd wave coffee scene in Manila. Its first physical store was located in a nondescript building, which houses the EDSA Beverage Design Studio, on where else but EDSA. They not only serve coffee but also cocktails concoctions, since some of the people behind The Curator are also behind this venture.

For years now, they have been working on bringing the best specialty and premium coffee offerings by partnering with award-winning farmers and trade partners all over the world. They roast the beans fresh at the EDSA Beverage Design Studio lab and make them more accessible for consumers to use and enjoy right in the comfort of your homes.

I wanted to order the Irish Coffee because it contained Jameson whiskey but unfortunately it was not available. Thus, I ended up getting the EMC which stands for Espresso, Milk and Chocolate. While FG got the Cold Brew and JB the Espresso. Their espresso is double ristretto by default. The EMC contains #ykwroasters signature cafe mocha over iced. The Cold Brew is YKW Filter coffee which is the brew of the day over technivorm moccamaster batch brewer.

My go-to coffee drink has always been mocha coffee and preferably cold. I liked the one served to me by EDSA but damn that coffee taste was so pronounced that I got a lot of kick out of it. Nonetheless I liked it. FG and JB’s were strong as well, even from just the aroma, you can already tell.

I’m not sure if the coffee I drank helped perked me up but then again, I appreciate what EDSA BDG has to offer. Maybe next time I’ll try their Irish Coffee and that Coffee martini the bartender was initially suggesting I get. Specialty coffee is all about the taste, potential of the flavors of varietal, terrain, processing and intention in the cup I guess EDSA BDG embodies that.

Stall No. 12 The Grid Food Market,
2F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Contact Nos: 02 6319035
Email: edsabeverage@edsabdg.com
Website: www.edsabdg.com

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