July 2, 2019

Newest Hip Place in Tomas Morato: BOA Kitchen + Socials

Are you a tita/tito? Am I already a tita? I guess I am! Hahaha! I was talking to my friends on our group chat and the topic was about this liquor that harmed two ladies. We all almost said the same thing about drinking or partying: that we all are not so much into it anymore. That when we all go out; we would usually just hang out and itching to go home right away. So I guess yeah, you can call me or us titos and titas already. I accept that as I can’t stay up so late drinking or partying out anymore.

But then, I always want to go out with my friends and probably because of our ages and stressful jobs, we would usually pick a place where we could hang out. Most of the time we do brunch, or late lunch or early dinner. Good thing there are places now where we can do some catching up that can cater to almost all that time slots.

Usually people would go to BGC or Makati for establishments that can cater for an atmosphere that is more relaxed and that they can hear each other out when they are having conversations. The Tomas Morato area is gaining back its seat as the place to be and Scout Rallos Street is one of the streets in Tomas Morato that offers various types of restaurants that can cater to the titos and titas of Manila.

There’s this new place called BOA Kitchen + Socials in Scout Rallos that you guys should try out. Glocal Food Concepts Inc., the company behind Holy Grill - known as the best-setting ribeye steak in Taft, are the same people behind BOA Kitchen + Social. So you ask what’s with the name or why did they named it after a kind of serpent?

I just love the backstory and the idea behind the name as I can totally relate to it in a sense. Because people would usually ask me, "so why did you name your blog Sand Under My Feet? Is it because it’s a travel blog where you feature beaches all the time?" And I would stop myself from rolling my eyes for such dull-wittedness. And I would just say, read the About Me on my blog because there’s a deeper meaning to that title.

And when one of the owners, Joey Medina was explaining to us the concept behind the name, I totally get him. Because it’s not just a random name they pick up or something. BOA actually takes inspiration from the book "The Little Prince" (one of my favorite books of all time too!). The book begins with the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry asking the reader about a drawing (check it out here if you haven’t read the book). It initially looks like a hat but then the author reveals it is actually a boa constrictor eating an elephant.

BOA Kitchen + Socials is the "hat" when you visit for lunch, and the "boa constrictor" when you go back for dinner. You get totally different experiences but you never changed spots. You are in a different place altogether, but same location. During the day (9am-6pm) for brunch service. It offers Australian Brunch cuisine just Like what you’ll find in a refreshing Bali restaurant. It gets interesting at night (6pm-9pm and 9pm 12mn). The neon lights show up, the music changes, the menu transforms to Asian cuisine. BOA Socials is now open for dinner service. The experience doesn't end at dinner though. At 9pm, the lights go dim, the music turns upbeat and the snake--the boa constrictor--finally shows up and takes over the night. It's time for socials where you can go on and never get to hold back with all the chikas.

Let's get on with the food now, check out all these dishes that BOA Kitchen + Socials is offering:

Tinapa Cream Cheese Toast – tinapa cream cheese spread, sliced cucumbers, pickled onion on multi grain bread

Salmon Tartare – chicharon, Wasabi mayo, Furikake, oriental dressing and Ebiko

Wonton Nachos – fried wonton, pulled teriyaki chicken, sriracha mayo, cilantro aioli, shredded cabbage, onions, cilantro

Sisig Croquettes – sisig bombs, pickled green chili, toyo-mansi aoli

Pulpo – grilled octopus, smoked potato puree, chorizo crumbs, Paprika-Thyme oil

Pasta Vongole – spicy pasta dish made of spaghetti, clams and lemons

Alfredo Pesto Pasta – Farfalle or bow-tie pasta, pesto, Alfredo sauce, Ricotta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes

Char Kwaey Teow – stir fried rice noodles, shrimp, Chinese sausage, fried egg, Char Kwaey Teow sauce

Chicken Pad Thai – chicken, stir fried glass noodles, tamarind sauce, eggs, tofu, bean sprouts, peanuts

Chori Burger – Chori patty, brioche bun, coleslaw, pepper sauce, fried egg

Steak and Eggs – 300g Soy-miso Hanging Tender/ beef Hanger steak, wasabi mashed potato, burnt onion puree, crispy onion roots

Full English Breakfast – French toasts, sausage, bacon, roast herb tomato, potato hash and sunny side up eggs

Beef Rendang with Coconut Lime Rice – 200g beef rendang, coco lime rice, pickled veggie, crispy shallots

Thai Fried Chicken – spiced fried chicken, curried mashed potato, grilled corn kernels, pickled veggies, sweet chili

Crispy Pork Sambal – 300g crispy pork belly, sambal sauce, Asian slaw

Banana Pie – caramelized banana, streusel crumbs, vanilla ice cream

Deconstructed Anise Cheesecake – anise cream cheese, ginger graham crumbs

Purple Potion – one of the signature cocktails of BOA that greatly represents them and embodies the resto’s “Always Changing” battlecry. It’s a drink that changes colors from blue to purple to light pink after a gin tonic is added to it.

House Blend Iced Teas – comes in mango, lychee and classic. Pictured here are lychee and mango. 

I just love the whole vibe of the place; I felt like I wasn’t in Tomas Morato, heck not even in the Philippines. I felt like I was somewhere like a posh area of Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles or New York. BOA’s interior is so eclectic and mixed and match but it works. I want to see experience it during dinner or after dinner and see how the atmosphere is like.

As for the food, it’s a mix of casual and fine dining. I even said, one of the dishes looked like a dish I’ve seen in one of the popular fine dining restaurants in BGC. And my hunch was right when I learned that the Chef Julius Necor, a graduated of CSB, used to work for Chef Chele Gonzales of VASK and Gallery by Chele and BCN by Rambla. His background and youthfulness show in the menu that he created. It’s hip, it’s current and caters to the demographics of Millenials and Gen Ys.

So, among the 17 dishes that we tried: the following dishes occupies my fave list: Salmon Tartare, Sisig Croquettes, Char Kwaey Teow, Chicken Pad Thai, Steak and Egg, Thai Fried Chicken and Beef Rendang with Coconut Lime Rice. The Salmon Tartare was just full-on seafood flavor. The Sisig Croquettes captured that smoky sisig flavor. Legit flavors can be found with the Char Kwaey Teow and the Chicken Pad Thai, they both embody the South East Asian flavors and even if they weren’t hot off the stove anymore, these dishes still tasted really good! The Thai Fried Chicken occupies my number 1 spot as it was really juicy, moist and flavorful, with those SE Asian spices that were very pronounced. As for the Beef Rendang with Coconut Lime Rice, this takes the top 2; the beef was tender and the sauce also was an explosion of flavors thanks to the spices. I also liked their flavored iced tea especially the lychee one. All the dishes were good, I just had my favorites!

By the way, BOA is on Zomato Gold as of this writing, so you can try 1+1 dishes and 2+2 on drinks! Thanks to Gel of beingjellybeans.com for introducing me to BOA Kitchen + Socials!

Mezzanine Floor, 45 ABDC Building,
Scout Rallos Corner Scout Tuazon,
Laging Handa, Quezon City 1103
Contact Nos: 02 2903103
Email: boakitchen@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/boakitchen

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
BOA Kitchen + Socials Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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