July 18, 2019

Brotzeit BGC: All Things German and #GOT

If it isn’t too obvious by now, well let me tell you, I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan! A few months after its pilot episode, I started watching it and got hooked until the very end. I was so addicted to it that I even research about it and got so much attached to all the characters especially the Stark Family. I have watched episodes two to three times and have re-watched the past few seasons a couple of times too. Now what this has got to do with this blog post, well you must read further.


Everyone Game of Thrones fan have been anticipating the final season with so much excitement, after all, it took a while before the series finale to start. During the first episode of Season 8, I watched it together with my fellow GOT fanatic friends at an exclusive screening party. But the next few Mondays became a concern for me since my shift starts at 11:00 am and I have to live the house by 9:00am because of the heavy rush hour traffic. And 9:00am coincides with the schedule of the Philippine screening of GOT every Monday.

Because of that, I looked for an establishment that offers Game of Thrones viewing event every Monday. Of course, I have to find a place very near where I work so that I won’t be late after each episode. I just have to run to the office to clock in. Several establishments around BGC hold GOT viewing parties, but only Brotzeit near Shangri-La Fort offers no door charge, you just order food while you enjoy each series.

So, for the remaining GOT Season 8’s 5 episodes, my routine every Monday (together with two of my officemates) included a breakfast at Brotzeit. Brotzeit set up their restaurant to become dimmer than usual for a more pleasurable viewing experience; they also put up 2 large projector screens in addition to the several LED TVs already mounted on their walls.

Btw, Brotzeitoffers world-famous German beers accompanied by authentic Bavarian Cuisine in a chic and contemporary setting. It is one of the world’s leading franchised German concept casual dining restaurant, currently operating 19 outlets in seven countries. 

Besides their five corporate outlets in Singapore, they have successfully established a regional footprint in Asia, having opened 12 overseas franchise outlets since 2010 – Malaysia (3 outlets), Vietnam, Hong Kong, China (2 outlets), Philippines (3 outlets) and Australia (3 outlets). At Brotzeit they believe in creating a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. Their passion as professionals drives them to provide high quality and innovative food and beverage offerings inspired by their German roots.

During our Monday visits at Brotzeit, we usually order the same things. The meals here are on the pricey side but the serving is large. So, I guess you can consider it “sulit” (good deal). We have tried these dishes during the 5 Mondays we’ve been visiting for the GOT Viewing Events:
Frühstück / German All Day Breakfast – grilled pork sausage, stewed Bavarian beans, crispy bacons, fried eggs and toasted bread. A very hearty breakfast meal indeed! Most of the time I can’t even finish this. The sausage is good and was huge, it alone makes me full. I just didn’t like that the beans were the base of the plate it makes the bacon and the eggs a bit soggy. That’s why the next few times we ordered this, we asked that the beans be put in separate bowl.

Fisch Im Bierteig / Beer Battered Fish Fillet – served with potato salad and tartare sauce. This fish here was huge and can feed two people already. It was good that it wasn’t greasy at all. 

Fladen Schwarzwälder Schinken / Black Forest Ham Fladen – flatbread pizza with Black Forest ham, rocket salad, Parmesan cheese shavings and balsamic glaze. The bread had the right thickness and has a good bite to it. The black forest ham dry-cured smoked ham, produced in the Black Forest region in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany and it has a very pronounced flavor. 


Fladen mit RaucherLachs / Fladen with Smoked Salmon – flatbread pizza with smoked salmon, capers, rocket salad, mustard seeds and sour cream. I loved this as much as I loved the other flavor. Smoked salamon always goes great with capers. 

Wunderplatte / Wonder Platter – tthe heart and soul of the traditional Germans dining culture. Ask any German what their favorite meal is, and it’s often the one spent with friends and family, sharing a platter, a laugh and some great beers. Filled with a selection of hearty classic dishes, a German platter offers a myriad of genuine flavors and a memorable time. The new Wunderbare platter has assembled our all-time signature dishes and memorable new items, creating the ultimate get together platter. This combination includes oven roasted chicken, Berner sausages, Honey Bavarian ribs and their signature Crispy Oven roasted pork knuckle. I actually tried it during one of my visits to Brotzeit after the last season of Game of Thrones. Everything is sinful on this platter but I liked them all still haha! 

Selection of German Biers / Beers – Brotzeit carries a lot of German beer brands but what I got to try when I went back there were Paulaner beers and some of their in-house brews which I forgot to ask about. It’s quite a watering hole after a hard day’s work as they serve beers in big glasses. Well you gotta drink how the Germans drink, like it’s Octoberfest every time.

Brotzeit will always be a special place to me, as over emo as it may sound but really, it was nice to have a place to watch Game of Thrones for the last 5 episodes of the series and to be surrounded by people who loved and were emotionally invested in the show like we were - who screamed with us, gushed with us, showed every emotion the show could possibly evoke and didn't judge us if we cry because of a scene (or scenes). Thanks, Brotzeit Philippines for being a part of our #GOT journey. #OurWatchHasEnded #HouseStark #ThePackSurvives

Ground Level, High Street Park,
Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th St. cor 5th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos: 02 8159338
Email: reservations@brotzeitphil.com
Website: www.brotzeit.ph

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