July 28, 2019

Xing Fu Tang Milk Teas and its Famous Brown Sugar Pearls

When I heard that Xing Fu Tang (XFT) will be opening in the Philippines, it rang a bell. I was like, “where did I hear that brand before?” And then I suddenly remembered that I saw it when I visited Jiufen, Taiwan last year. I drunk a lot of milk teas when I was in Taiwan; unfortunately, I didn't get to try Xin Fu Tang in Jiufen as the queue was pretty long. Also, we had a strict schedule to follow as we availed of a Klook Jiufen-Shifen tour. And as much as I wanted to line up, I was more on maximizing my time checking out more stores as much as I could.

Oh wait, I think I did try Xing Fu Tang, in Shilin Night Market... wait, I'm not so sure, actually. I recon just before going back to our hotel, it rained hard and we took cover inside a milk tea place that serves stir fried brown sugar boba/pearls and the store had a Chinese fortune chest too. It looks exactly like the how XFT stores are set up. You can even watch while the pearls are being cooked. My old hard drive crashed a few months ago and I still haven’t got the time to sort that one out and all my Taiwan photos are still there. I may have to take a look and confirm if it’s XFT that I was referring to from what I mentioned earlier.

Xing Fu Tang, which translates to English as “happiness realm”, became one of the most popular milk tea brands in Taiwan because of the owner, Mr. Chen’s use of his family tradition of cooking the pearls in brown sugar. Which happened by accident, Mr. Chen’s grandmother was melting brown sugar, but she got distracted which cause the brown sugar to become slightly burnt.

But, to everyone’s surprise, that turned the brown sugar into something more aromatic and delicious. The taste of the traditional stir-fried brown sugar reminds Mr. Chen of the love and happiness that his grandma has brought him, and he wishes to share the cup of happiness with everyone. Thus, Xing Fu Tang was born.

XFT’s menu has good mix between milk tea drinks and other refreshing fruit/flavored tea series. Their teas are brewed to perfection with high quality tea leaves imported all the way from Taiwan. And their pearls are also handmade in store, fresh and from scratch – something other one-dimensional bubble shops cannot offer. XFT’s stir-fried brown sugar pearls have a burnt caramelized taste and a softer texture as compared to the usual pearls – which I surely enjoyed chewing on.

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea – the original flavor and XFT's flagship product with torched brown sugar on top.

Soda and Handmade Jelly – tea soda drink with glittery handmade jell.

Matcha Pearl Milk – matcha and milk tea drink with pink cactus pearl

Bunny Jelly Mango Smoothie – mango smoothie with pink cactus pearl top with rabbit-shaped panna cotta.

Brown Sugar Pearl Black Tea Latte – milk tea and latte drink with black pearls.

Grapefruit Green Tea – green tea with real grapefruit juice.

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea – plain milk tea with stir-fried brown sugar pearls

I’m not really particular with the pearls/boba that comes with my milk tea since I like my milk tea with very strong flavor. I can’t remember which one was it that I tasted that had that pronounced milk tea flavor as I got so distracted with the one with the rabbit-shaped panna cotta. I also fancied the brown sugar series as it wasn’t that overly sweet that makes you cringe. It was just right and was balanced by the tea. I actually like XFT more than the other brown sugar milk teas I’ve tried.

Their fruit-based and other refreshing drinks were good too. I really like the fanfare that came with the Soda and Handmade Jelly because it had like some glittery effect but taste wise it was a little too sour for my liking. The highlight of my visit to XFT Greenhills Promenade, perhaps was the Mango smoothie with a rabbit panna cotta on top and cactus pink pearls. Not only that it was so cute (that Id didn’t want to destroy the rabbit) the mango was really good! It was yummy and sweet and juxtaposed by the tangy cactus pink pearls.

Well I can say that Xing Fu Tang is one milk tea brand you shouldn’t miss. It’s worth the try, especially if you’re on the lookout for your permanent favorite mil tea or brown sugar milk tea. If you’re not fond of milk teas, try their fruit teas instead, I bet you won’t get disappointed.

GF, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping
Centre, Greenhills, San Juan City
Contact Nos:
Email: xingfutang.ph@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/xingfutangph

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