July 5, 2019

Evening Dresses Fit For a Hollywood A-Lister

Who says you can’t enjoy dressing up like a million bucks or a Hollywood star without paying huge amount of money? Spending less doesn’t mean you need to compromise the style and quality of your apparel especially if you’ll be wearing it to a special event like prom, formal banquets and weddings.

Eli Saab, Jenny Pakham and Zuhair Murad are the three current designers I totally adore because of their design aesthetics. That's one reason why I wanted my future wedding dress to be inspired by the designs of these  three. At my current financial status I am far from owning any dress from any of these three designers. But that doesn’t mean I can wear something that looks like it is taken directly out of their fashion show racks.

Those of us who have meek earnings as of the moment must not fret because we have a lot of alternatives; we can either have it sewn by a couturier or buy it from a store. If you still have the ample time to have it made from scratch and if you still want to make revisions as you go along, hire a couturier for that, but you gotta have at least 6 months before the event you’re attending. But if you don’t have the luxury of time it’s better to search in stores or online.

As you know, I love surfing the internet and I love online shopping and most often than not, because I would follow an ad that looks interesting, and then I’ll see another one and I’ll probably end up to a few more shopping sites. I’ve recently come across this website 27dress.co.uk.

This online shopping site made me stop and browse their products. Why? They have items that looks exactly like that from the racks of Eli Saab, Jenny Pakham and Zuhair Murad! I can't believe my eyes when I saw those evening dresses UK and formal dresses!

What's also great about these dreses from online shops is that you can customize the dresses according to your size, and the color that you want. They also don't offer just evening dresses but also wedding dresses, prom dresses, long prom dresses, short prom dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses etc.

If you're attending an event soon and want to look like you're red carpet ready or looking for that dream wedding dress, you may want to head on to the site  to look for "that dress". Just always remember that looking like royalty doesn't always equate to paying for a hefty price tag.

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