July 15, 2019

Trying out Milk Teas at The Dessert Kitchen - Rockwell

Milk Tea invasion is real guys! When you see even the major fast food chains getting on the bandwagon then you’ll know everyone has been eaten by the system. It’s not that I’m complaining, I have loved milk tea since it was introduced to me back in 2008 when me and my friends dined at Tokyo Bubble House. I’ve came to know and taste a lot of milk teas over the years since then.

When me and my friends were at Rockwell last week, our meal wouldn’t be complete without getting something sweet to cap off our lunch, so we looked for desserts but ended up deciding to get milk teas instead. We searched the net for milk tea places in Powerplant Mall and only The Dessert Kitchen was what Google returned.

We went up to the 3rd floor to get to there, it wasn’t hard to look for because its’s just near the cinemas. The Dessert Kitchen is a franchise from Hong Kong & a cafe dedicated to desserts known for their all natural, wholesome & tasty treats made fresh daily. And I heard this is a sister brand of TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie which is also a Hong Kong brand.

They mostly offer low-fat sweets with ingredients like matcha, fresh fruits, seaweed balls, and kanten. Their place is huge and can seat a lot of people. Plus, their store is well lit and decorated; I particularly love their wall full of plants and with a huge wall piece at the center.

But we were there for the milk teas, which I think were their new offerings. We got the following:

Peach Fresh Fruit Tea – this was Anj’s, since she can’t have way too much milk tea, this is her healthy alternative because she’s preggy. I tried it and it’s good and refreshing.

Okinawa Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea – this was FG’s this had a sweet, deep and intense brown sugar flavor.

Oolong Tea Charcoal Sea Salt Cheese Milk Cap – this was my order; tea taste is light, but I like the charcoal sea salt cheese topping. Their boba/pearls had a good chew as well.

Oolong Tea Charcoal Sea Salt Cheese Milk Cap with Nata de Coco – this was JB’s order and it’s the same as mine the only difference was his sinkers were nata de coco.

Oolong Tea Green Tea Cheese Milk Cap – this was Chizbun’s order almost the same as my and JB’s order, but the topping is matcha. The matcha flavor is very subtle though.

Boba Milk Tea Smoothie Shake – in my opinion, this is the best of their milk tea offerings. This was creamier than others and since it’s a shake it takes longer to finish. I like this one. If I ever go back to The Dessert Kitchen, I will definitely order this.

We took the best sellers from each drink category and over all we were satisfied with them. We enjoyed our drinks and maybe next time we can try desserts. I’m not sure though when I will step foot in Powerplant Mall, but I’m looking forward to it.

3F Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell, Makati City
Contact Nos: +63 9954488233

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