April 5, 2020

Accessorizing Your Little Red Dress

A little dress, no matter the color, is always a safe choice. But, if you choose a red dress, expect a lot of attention, especially if you accessorize well. Wearing such a bold garment is not easy, but a few additions will ensure you stand out for all the right reasons. Here’s how to accessorize your little red dress in a classy, modern and subtle way that will still keep all the attention on your dazzling dress.

Go monochromatic
Probably the easiest way to accessorize your red dress is to opt for a monochromatic look. However, too many bright red additions can look a bit overwhelming. Instead of going overboard with the shade of your dress, opt for other shades of red to create a pleasant contrast that will still allow you to stay true to your monochromatic look. With red, you have a lot of options to work with: start with the lighter end of the spectrum and go towards dark shades like wine and burgundy. For example, a light wrap a shade lighter than your dress will look super elegant.

Dress down with some brown accessories
If you want to achieve a warm yet casual look, combine your red dress with some brown accessories. A formal dress will instantly look more relaxed with some earthy brown sandals, a small belt and a large boho bag. When it comes to jewelry, look for long necklaces with brown gemstones (amber, jasper, tiger’s eye). One statement jewelry piece is all you need, though, because your red dress should still be the center of attention.

Add some black for extra sophistication
Black is a truly timeless color that goes well with just about anything and it’s powerful enough to keep up with your red dress. A black accessory will add instant sophistication to your look and make you look perfect for all sort of classy events. If you want to go minimalist with accessories, look into designer watches and choose something that fits your aesthetics. An elegant stainless steel watch will fit perfectly with corporate events, nights out and everything in between. Another nice addition to your red dress is a black lace shawl. If you wrap it lightly around your shoulders, you’ll have a perfect look for the evening. A matching black clutch and a pair of stilettos (or boots with a heel) will nicely finish the outfit.

Take a modern route with primary colors
Primary colors are very popular today and if you know how to combine them, you can look like you stepped off a New York runway. For instance, a yellow or blue handbag with matching shoes and simple earrings will give you that coveted contemporary vibe. Wear this combination to parties and wild nights out with friends (not so suitable for formal occasions). This look will definitely make a bold statement, so if you don’t like attention, maybe go easy with primary colors.

Make a statement with some gold
Red and gold go hand in hand, especially when it comes to parties and other celebrations. A formal red dress will work perfectly with a golden clutch and sparkly gold heels. If you’re aiming for a casual look, pair your red sundress with gold sandals and an oversized bag. In order to tie everything together, add one piece of matching jewelry and voila—you’re ready to put on a show!

Go with green accessories for the holiday season
Winter holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to take a red and green route. A red sweater dress paired with green pumps and a chunky green scarf will work well for office parties and family dinners.

It’s not easy to pull off a little red dress, but if you follow these accessory tips, you’ll look like a million bucks and attract all the right kind of attention!

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