March 31, 2020

MOS Japanese Burger - Flagship Store at Robinson's Galleria

There have been many claims about the origin of the hamburger, but it remains unclear. Many people claim that they invented it but one of the concretes truths, is that this dish dates back to 1758. Another truth about burgers is that it is well-loved in the Western world and the fondness for it has spread through the Far East as well. A lot of people have made their versions of the burger as well, but the basic burger has always been 2 slices of bread and a patty in between.

Here in Asia, burger has also been a daily food staple and Asian countries have put their own spin to it. For example, is the Japanese burger brand M.O.S. Burger. M.O.S. stands for mountain, ocean and sun. 'M' stands for Mountain - dignified and noble, 'O' stands for Ocean - wide and vast and 'S' stands for sun - vibrant and life-giving.

MOS Burger was founded in Japan in 1972 and the great taste of these Japanese burgers, which are individually prepared by hand for each order has expanded throughout Japan and to nine countries and regions worldwide.

It’s a given fact that the Japanese people do everything better than everyone else. I mean, if they can innovate something to make an experience better, they will do it. When I received the burgers I ordered, I noticed that the wrapping is different compared to the usual wrapping of burgers from other fast food chains. Little did I know, that the burger wrap is designed to hold the burger better so that fillings won’t fall out while eating. Cool huh?

I visited the first MOS Burger joint in the Philippines at Robinson’s Galleria a few days after its grand opening and the lines were still long. Good thing that waiting time for placing and getting your order didn’t take that much time. The staff were efficient and friendly.

So, I tried a couple of what MOS Burger has to offer:

MOS Cheeseburger – one of the Natsumi burgers and is a classic. Super juicy patty with creamy cheese, tomato-based sauce, a slice of heirloom tomato sandwiched between two fluffy buns.

Yakiniku Rice Burger – one of the finest creations of MOS Burger which proved as a smash hit when it was launched in Japan in 1987. The MOS Rice Burger uses a bun made of rice mixed with barley and millet filled with beef yakiniku strips, caramelized white onions, lettuce, daikon, and seasoned with soy sauce.

MOS French Fries Set – legit freshly cut and fried potato then deep fried with a drink of your choice. This set is an upgrade for each burger order.

MOS Karaage – bite-size chicken thigh dusted with potato flour and deep-fried in hot oil.

MOS Burger has other note-worthy burgers on their menu that I still have to try, but overall, I enjoyed the ones that I get to eat. The MOS Cheeseburger is a nice alternative for the common burger that we usually have, plus the burger patty is packed with nice umami flavors, really juicy! The Yakiniku Rice Burger is really an innovative burger that I’m pretty sure will appeal to Filipinos because we love rice s much as Japanese do. I love their French Fries, it’s not the conventional fries that we get from other fast food chains, they are made legit potatoes and not processed. MOS Burger’s karaage is one of the best I’ve tried, super juicy and flavorful!

Even though I’m not a burger lover, I’m sure I’ll visit the store for whenever I’m in Robinson’s Galleria since I’m eyeing that Wagyu Burger that they are offering. Moreover, I also want to try their sweet potato fries and desserts.

Level 2, Robinsons Galleria,
Ortigas Ave, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:  
MOS Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I tried this while I was in Japan and I must say that they were able to bring here the same quality and execution. I am not a fan of burgers but this Yakiniku burger is really right up my alley so I would be back for more.

  2. super love the yakiniku rice burger of MOS and yung roasted sesame sauce for the salad. oh my nakaka crave tuloy now. will definitely go back to MOS when all this is over

  3. Oh, the foods looks delicious but the yakiniku rice burger caught my interest, how does it taste? I wanna try it too. Though here it's like the same with the Bab burger (rice burger) here with different variants too but never tasted it.

  4. Burgers and fries are my to-go snacks and this flagship store is worth a try! The place looks cozy and not crowded. I really love the interior so much! Thank you for this post.

  5. Would agree that Japanese really put their best foot forward in any aspect, hence, the quality of recipes are topnotch. To share, Japanese cuisine is my favorite international cuisine. Inclined now to indulge with MOS Cheeseburger after reading this article. Can't wait to sunk my teeth on that mound of goodness.

  6. Naku, I can't wait for this ECQ to be over. Nakakagutom naman ito, looks like their side dishes na fries and karaage are yummy din!

  7. I totally agree when you said, Japanese people do everything better than everyone else! I like that their packaging is really functional. I've been to Japan but I haven't tried eating in their fast food. I'll definitely try the MOS Burger after the quarantine!

  8. Di ako mahilig sa burger pero if ever na kakain kami sa MOS Burger gusto ko yung fries at karaage. 😅

  9. Here in Japan, this is my favorite burger! I am not a hamburger person but not with MOS! They have here MOs chicken din.Yumm!!

  10. Now I know that 'MOS' means something, I was wondering before what MOS meant. Their Yakiniku Rice Burger is interesting, like you, I think Pinoys would love it since we are rice lovers. :)

  11. Matagal na ko hindi nagagawi sa Robinson's Galleria. Yung mga ganitong klaseng pagkain (burgers) ang magugustuhan ni partner. Looks yummy!

  12. MOS Burger is huge in Japan, just like Hungry Jacks in Australia. I wonder if it got the save quality with Japan burger. I should try it when we come back.

  13. We have a Mos Burger here in Seoul, too. I hope when the lock down is finished there, the store will do well again.

  14. Madaming friends ang nagsabi sa akin na masarap nga itong MOS burger. Hopefully matikman ko ang yakiniku rice burger nila, pangalan pa lang nakakatakam na, lalo na nung nakita ko picture, mouth watering!

  15. I learned a lot from reading your blog thanks. I'm super curious now about japan's take on burgers and in what way they tried to innovate it. Haha. Hopefully i get to visit and find out soon!


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