March 23, 2020

Secret Bar: Alibi Manila

People have different ways of coping with stress. Some do arts and crafts, some read, some travel, some go to the spa or do pampering, some sleep and some go out for a couple of drinks. With the current situation of the world, it’s not hard for us to get easily stressed and agitated. With all the city lock downs happening in the world, people are finding ways on how to spend their time while in community quarantine.

For some people who find it de-stressing through social drinking, this lock down accompanied with the state-wide liquor-ban, that doing social drinking and even drinking at home would be impossible. Plus, doing so might be very insensitive on your part. Because you know, people are worried and as much as possible they want to rest at home and get some peace and quiet. Plus, any gathering outside of your house (like drinking on the streets which is a common Pinoy thing), would be a violation of the quarantine.

I know many of us are itching to do some social drinking and we can only imagine or hope for it at the moment. At least, we have something to look forward to, right? When all this is over, I want to suggest that you visit this secret bar/speakeasy that I discovered with my foodie friends just a month ago, it’s called Alibi MNL.

Alibi MNL is a speakeasy and secret oyster bar at the basement of Geonbae Modern Korean Bar & Grill (which I blogged about a couple of days ago, check it out here: Super Sulit KBBQ at Geonbae - Tomas Morato). I mean I know, if you’re going to eat some unlimited samgyupsal, you’ll be so full, but if you want some good drinks after, just look for the neon sign of Alibi inside Geonbae and that will lead you to the stairs down to the basement and there you’ll find this newest speakeasy in Quezon City.

Alibi MNL has this tropical Havana feels with another huge neon sign of the brand. When you get there, the first thing you’ll see is the bar. Alibi has a two-page menu which consists of a bar list with a reasonable list of cocktails, beers, wines, hard liquors and other alcoholic beverages and a page for the bar food that they offer.

Let’s start with the drinks, Alibi offers a variety of imported wines and we got to try some of their signature cocktails as well, which includes Tomato Quila (their version of tequilla), Hello Kiwi, Yakuroto Vodka and Lychee Mojito.

Variety of Wines

Tomato Quila – Alibi’s version of tequila which contains tomatoe juice, pear juice and jinro grapefruit

Hello Kiwi – kiwi, aloe vera, absinthe and vodka

Yakuroto Vodka – cherry, peach and vodka and yakult

Lychee Mojito – lychee, mint leaves and rum

As for the food, the main star of Alibi is their Weekend Oyster Bar. You can order these oysters from Aklan at PHP 50 per piece and you can have it cooked or just the raw version. If you want it cooked, you can choose with these two flavors: Miso Bechamel or Pesto.

Raw Aklan Oysters - only salt and lemon are added

Miso Oyster – baked Aklan oysters topped with Miso bechamel sauce

Oyster Pesto – baked Aklan oyster topped with pesto sauce

If you want to munch on something while drinking, Alibi also offers dishes which includes:

Tuna Sashimi – sliced fresh tuna meat

Salmon Sashimi – sliced fresh salmon meat

Salpicao – Hanger seak, roasted garlic, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes

Alibi Fries – thick cut fries, cheese sauce, katsu sauce and katsuboshi

Oyster Sisig -

Pork Sisig -

Mini Sausages -

Country Style Fried Chicken – deep fried battered thigh fillets with gravy

Baby Back Ribs – grilled ribs and coleslaw

I hope everything gets back to normal soon so we can return to our normal activities and we can do some socializing which this national quarantine has prevented us from doing that. 

Btw, Alibi MNL is the eleventh secret bar that I discovered, if you want to know the other 10, you can check out these blog posts: 

115 Scout Delgado Street,
Sacred Heart, Quezon City

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Alibi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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