December 31, 2019

Varra Restobar - San Juan's New It Place

I can’t remember a time when I would consider going to San Juan for a night out with friends. Shopping, yes, because of Greenhills shopping center. But many of us don’t realize that even before BGC or other gastronomic destination ever existed, San Juan has been a stable area for food finds and I'm not only talking about restos in Greenhills but also neighboring vicinity like Wilson St., Annapolis St., P. Guevarra St. and Little Baguio.

I recently discovered a newly opened restaurant along P. Guevarra that will be surefire hit to Boomers, Gen Xs, Millennials, Gen Zs alike: Varra Restobar. Although it is a restobar, their menu can cater also for families as they both offer familiar and contemporary local and international dishes. It's perfect for millennials and the way younger generation because they also offer an array of libations.

Varra is located on the third floor of the building that stands on 333 P. Guevara St. There’s no elevator to get to the third floor and you have to go inside the carwash/car shop to locate its entrance. The climb up may be tedious for some, but I personally like its furtive location making the place away from too much noise from the street below. It’s like you’re in a different place altogether. There are 3 things I’ll highlight for his post for Varra: The Food, The Speakeasies and The Essentials.

The Food. Varra is both familiar and new and encompasses a lot of cuisines that will surely appeal to its variety of clienteles. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a dish that is your favorite or your comfort food. It maybe the same with the ones you’re accustomed to or it’s similar but with Varra’s own twist to it. 

Varra’s Sizzling Sisig – classic crispy sisig topped with egg, calamansi and chilis

Messy Fries with Beef Cheese and Garlic Aioli – crispy potato fries topped with loads of beef, cheese, cheese sauce and garlic aioli.

Chicken Pesto Marinara – pasta with chicken breast in pesto marinara (tomato) sauce.

Crispy Shrooms Oyster and Enoki Mushrooms – munch on these crispy mushrooms, they're fun snack with beer or liquor and as an appetizer.

Spam Chips with Garlic Aioli – everyone's favorite luncheon meat transformed into delicious thin chips dipped into delish garlic aioli.

Varra's Steak Salpicao – tender and juicy beef steak cooked on a sizzling plate with loads of garlic and mushrooms. This was everyone’s favorite!

Soy Garlic Chicken Poppers and Coleslaw – breaded chicken with Korean style soy garlic sauce served with rice and coleslaw.

Beef Tapa and Salted Egg and Salsa – classic Filipino all-day breakfast meal which includes tender beef strips, salted egg salsa, sunny side egg and rice.

Classic Carbonara with Poached Egg – quintessential carbonara: pasta, cheese, egg and pepper. How legit carbonara should be.

Soy Garlic Chicken Wings Basket – crispy chicken doused in Korean style soy garlic sauce. Oh btw, they have a promo for unlimited serving of these wings!

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings Basket – crispy chicken covered in chopped garlic and parmesan sauce. 

Varra's Nacho Overload – nacho chips doused topped with loads of cheese sauce, beef, tomatoes, onions, peppers and olives.

The Speakeasies. If you don’t know it yet, I love speakyeasy bars and I have been searching for secret bars in and around the metro and have documented each here on my blog (You can read all about the speakeasies I’ve discovered here: Shhh... Don't Tell: Some Of Manila's Coolest Speakeasy (Hidden) Bars. So when I learned that Varra has TWO and not just one hidden bars inside its premises, I got pretty excited! Although, Varra has not named their two secret bars, unlike the ones that I've been to.

The first one is adjacent to the main dining hall and looks vintage unlike the modern industrial interiors of Varra. This area can accommodate up to 40 persons which if you will rent it is priced at PHP 35,000 and fully consumable for food and drinks!

The second secret bar is hiding behind a door with an artwork depicting John Lennon holding a Jagermeister bottle. Inside is like a lounge straight up a 1920’s mafia movie and can house 20-30 people. This VIP section can be availed at  PHP 20,000 and is also fully consumable.

The Essentials. I titled this part as the essentials having in mind a society that lives in the age of technology and can’t live without our electronic gadgets. Everyone’s guilty about it, but it is what it is. Our life is run by technology whether we like it or not. And running on empty battery or no internet connection can bring anxiety to some. At Varra, you have no excuse that your phone’s battery got empty or that you have no data because there are so many power outlets around the restaurant where you can plug your phone and other gadgets. Plus, they have free wi-fi in there too! It's one of those restaurants that it's not only their interiors and menu that is well thought out but also the variety of customers they want and can cater to.

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All in all, I enjoyed my visit at Varra and so did my foodie friends. I wish we could stay longer to down some liquors, but it was a Sunday and some of us has work the following day. But I will definitely go back to Varra for some chill night with my friends or a quiet family dinner.

3/F, 333 P. Guevarra St, Little Baguio,
San Juan City
Contact Nos: 0916 587 0345

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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