December 12, 2019

There's A New Grilled Chicken In Town: Chicka Chicka Chicken House - Bridgetown Libis QC

I laughed so hard when my friend James tagged me along to try this new grilled chicken restaurant in Libis, Quezon City. My foodie friends and I have been eating chicken dishes for weeks now; I told him, “Chicken nanaman?” (Chicken again?) and he jokingly retorted “Hindi tayo titigil hangga’t di tayo nagkaka-pakpak!” (We won’t stop until we grow out wings!)

I’m like ok, let’s do this! Who am I to turn down such invitation, because nothing appeals to me more than healthy and delicious eats, that is why I like anything grilled. I love how grilled food is simple and packed with flavor. The smokiness of grilled food is itself already a gastronomic ride. And rarely that you get to see and taste grilled food that has little to no seasoning but gives you something to revel about, and that’s just what Chicka Chicka Chicken House’s grilled chicken delivers.

Chicka Chicka Chicken House is a newly opened fast-casual, sit-down, restaurant in Quezon City, serving delicious grilled chicken, fresh salads, a variety of sides, beers and more. It opened just last October 2019 and have been becoming the favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner destination of office workers in and around the area of the business district at Bridgetown Libis.

Chicka Chicka Chicken House is the brainchild of LA born and raised Chinese-American Matthew Fong and his Filipina-American wife Evelyn. Evelyn’s family owns a poultry business locally and one of the suppliers of chicken to Filipino restaurants; and Matt has a background with restaurant business management back in LA, and combining these two aspects, brought forth the birth of their baby: Chicka Chicka Chicken House!

The store is evidently inspired by the hip and fast casual restaurants in LA, colorful, modern and with laid back vibes. The color play, contemporary industrial furnishings and splash of huge murals and colorful posters inside the restaurant is something the millennial crowd at Bridgetown, Libis can associate it with.

It isn’t too obvious, but you would also find modern takes of Filipino touches with the restaurant’s interior design. You might wonder what is that structure at the center, well Matt told us that represents a bahay kubo. There are also faux plants that ties up the “bahay kubo” with the Pinoys’ culture of having a backyard where they grow plants and take care of animals. The long and communal tables embody both the Filipinos love for dining together in big groups and also the millennial way of meeting new people (something that you would also see in hipster-ish cafes and restos).

The menu is simple but is still ever-evolving. It’s simple without overthinking. You can play up your meal by ordering additional items to satisfy whatever cravings you are having at the moment. As you read this review, you will also find that the menu is a mixture of Filipino, American and Mexican. I say Mexican because we all know that California is also highly influenced by Mexican cuisine.

What Chicka Chicka is proud of is that they guarantee their food to be #AFG, meaning “Always  Fresh Guarantee”. Their chicken is always grilled fresh as they raise all their chicken at their family farm just outside of Metro Manila. All of the menu items are prepped and made in small batches on site. There is are no pre-mixes, no flavor sachets, no MSGs and no preservatives involved with their food.

Now let’s get on to the business, here are the items that me and my friends got to try:
Breast + Wing Combo Meal – or otherwise known as C2 on the menu. This includes Breast + wing, white rice, 1 drink, 1 choice of sauce, 1 side. First and foremost, let me just say how I am so amused of their grilled chicken. I mean it looks like “I woke up like this” and ready for the ‘gram! The grill marks are on point and the grilled golden-brown color with its little sheen is just like it is being served for the purpose of a food pictorial. And this was consistent with all of their grilled chicken. As for the taste, you can tell that they are really fresh! Nothing of that “lansa” (stench) and you getting nothing but the natural flavor of chicken. The grilled skin has this taste of a little bit salty and a little bit sour. I really can’t put my fingers on what it really tastes like, but I like it. It’s a different flavor with the usual grilled chicken or the inasal.

Leg + Thigh Combo Meal – you will find this combo on the menu as C4 and contains a chicken leg and a chicken thigh plus white rice, macaroni salad/cream corn and drink. If you prefer the red meat when it comes to chicken, this is your choice. The taste of their grilled chicken is across the board, so refer to my review of C2. The chicken is tender and juicy and again, nothing of that “lansa” factor, which you would often see in other grilled chicken that sometimes also have some blood oozing (which I really hate). I can’t reiterate enough how fresh Chicka Chicka’s chickens are!

4 Pieces of Chicken Wings – this includes 4 pcs. wings, 1 choice of sauce on the chicken, 1 choice of sauce on the side. If you’re a big fan of chicken wings just like myself, you will surely enjoy this one. It’s not heavy on the tummy unlike the main meals but sure to fill you up!

Arroz Caldo – is B2 on their menu. This is your Filipino congee topped with pulled chicken grilled chicken strips, crispy chicken skin, boiled egg and chopped spring onions. This was SO GOOD! Ask my friend Pauioe, she had 3 bowls of this! Hahaha! Just love how the flavors of everything in it mixed so well together.

Chicka Pares Bowl – this is B3 on Chicka Chika’s menu. Hello, pares lovers? Care to try something new and a healthier option than the usual beef pares? Well, well, this is what you have been searching for all your life! This is rice topped with pulled chicken strips flavored ala pares! It does taste like pares, I swear. So, surprised about that, seriously. The serving is generous too, so I’m sure this will be very filling for you,  a complete meal that won’t break the bank.

Chicka Chicken Bowl – is B1 on the rice bowl section of the menu. This is one of Chicka Chicka’s dishes where you can see the influence of LA-Mexican cuisine. This is rice topped with pulled grilled chicken meat, bell peppers, cabbage and jalapeno. Looks simple, but this dish is packed with flavor! This is actually one of my faves!

Chicken Salad – you would find this as S1 in the menu under Chicken Bowls. A healthier option if you don’t want to eat any rice meal. The serving is large, and they didn’t scrimp on the ingredients. It’ll only leave you feeling full it’s as if you ate a full meal. Or you can have this as an appetizer or a side dish and share it with your pals.

Regular Loaded Fries – crispy French fries topped with loads of cheese, bell pepper, onions and pulled grilled chicken meat. Another dish that has that LA-Mexican flare if I can say so myself. Good for snacking too!

Chicka’n Rolls – can be found under Daily Meals on the menu as M3. This meal comes with white rice and soup. Ok, give me your full attention! Let me just say to you that you should try this! It’s the Filipino favorite lumpia (fried spring rolls) the Chicka Chicka way. It is filled with pulled grilled chicken meat, with cheese in it! O-M-G these were so good! I can finish a couple of these, and I won’t regret it. First because it has cheese; second although it is deep fried it ain’t that oily, so it won’t satiate you. I have nothing but love for these rolls, and I want you to try it and be part of the cult.

Jalapeno Cream Corn – offered as a side dish but you can order this in  large serving. Another dish on the menu that one can  associate Mexican-influenced LA cuisine. The subtle spicy jalapeno flavor gives this rather usual corn and cream side dish a kick! Man oh man, I really liked this! This and Chicka’n Rolls would already make me happy.

Macaroni Salad – another side dish offered by Chicka Chicka. We Pinoys love our macaroni salad, you know that all too well, it’s almost like a staple with any chicken dish and during gatherings and special occasion. The least that I like among all the dishes that we tried but don’t get me wrong, it tasted nice, it’s just that it didn’t made it on the top of my list.

Chicken Sauces – although most restaurants don’t showcase their sauces, Chicka Chicka takes pride of their original sauces that they create in small batches and on site to ensure the quality and taste. From left to right: Classic Chicka, Chili Chili, Honey Mustard and Garlic Pepper. They told us the best seller is the Classic Chicka, but I loved the Chili Chili for that spicy kick. Their grilled chicken is already great tasting that these sauces is somehow not needed, really. But if you want added flavor and some more twist to your grille chicken, better try one of these, it comes with your every meal so you can choose a variant of your liking.

I love discovering new places to eat, especially near where I work or where I live. And even better if the price points of food offered is within my budget. I mean, I know I earn enough to support my lifestyle and what-nots but getting a bang for my buck most times is always nice. And that is what Chicka Chicka Chicken House delivered.

IMHO, I was a bit unexcited at first, I’ve tried tad too many grilled chicken dishes in my life and so far, they all tasted ok for me. But I was like, okay, have an open mind Jen, see what Chicka Chicka has to offer and maybe you’ll be surprised. And that’s exactly what happened! I enjoyed every bit of my visit there!  See, I came expecting nothing much, but I left with nothing but ravings about Chicka Chicka’s food and with a smile on my face and happy tummy!

Want to try Chicka Chicka Chicken House, but don’t have the luxury or enough time to travel to Libis Quezon City or perhaps you are too lazy to get your butt moving, well you can enjoy their great offerings by ordering via FOOD PANDA! Click on this link: Chicka Chicka Chicken House on Food Panda for you to directly land to Chicka Chicka’s page on the Food Panda website or app. The list and prices of their dishes are all there so you can order what you fancy and please get that Chicka’n Rolls and Jalapeno Cream Corn together with your Grilled Chicken Meal! You won’t get disappointed, I swear my life by it with all the chicken gods on my side! LOL!

Craving for something else? Check out Food Panda's Online Magazine: to find what will satisfy your cravings!

Unit 4, G/F Robinsons Zeta Tower, Bridgetown,
Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Quezon City
Contact Nos: 0917 176 3026

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